Is the iPhone 12 Pro Max Waterproof? Should I Change My Older iPhone?

Is The iPhone 12 Pro Max Waterproof - The waterproof feature is one of the favorite specifications for smartphone users. This could be very helpful for those who are working on water flow. In case we can use this phone even in rainfall. It would be safe and work well when our phones accidentally got the splash. 

In iPhone, the waterproof claim is not a new project in this product. iPhone 12 pro max is not the first model with this specification? However, users or the next buyers would think is the iPhone 12 pro max waterproof? If we had already gotten the waterproof smartphone, should we change or buy this iPhone?

Is The iPhone 12 Pro Max Waterproof
Is The iPhone 12 Pro Max Waterproof

Test On the Water: How is the iPhone 12 Pro Max Waterproof? 

One of the advantages that buyers are most looking for is how this smartphone can survive in water. Those who like Apple products, especially the iPhone, will be very familiar with the features offered in each series. Following the claims offered, the latest iPhone 12 Smartphone is indeed resistant to spills or splashes of water, but what if you accidentally fall into a pool and drown?

This iPhone 12 series has several types. All four phone models in this series, are iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. They are equipped with IP68 certification, which means the device can survive up to 6 meters in water for 30 minutes. This certification is also owned by the previous generation smartphone, the iPhone 11, which was previously also tested for durability, and many users have provided reviews.

In a review, even the two iPhone 11 models far exceed the limits provided by Apple because they can survive at a depth of about 12 meters. Similar to the previous series, many people are also interested in testing the iPhone 12 pro max. In this test, the iPhone 12 was submerged using an underwater drone capable of diving up to 300 meters. This may be one extreme test to answer is the iPhone 12 pro max waterproof?

In addition to providing claims, Apple also provides warnings about things that are allowed and not recommended to be done. The user should not intentionally drown or swim with his iPhone, or take it to extreme temperatures. However, to provide recommendations to potential buyers, some content creators wanted to test the limits of the phone's durability.

The most important thing in this test is to test Apple's claim, namely IP68 certification. In the review, the tester positioned the iPhone on a mount facing the drone's camera with the screen set to stay on, so they could see if anything happened to the iPhone while underwater.

Well, this iPhone 12 will be tested at a depth of 6 meters with a temperature of 11 degrees Celsius. After 30 minutes had elapsed, the reviewer took the phone out of the water and dried it with a cloth before then seeing if the phone worked or not. As it turned out, it proved the touchscreen was fine and the volume worked as expected. It's quite amazing the results of this test.

How about the performance of this iPhone 12 pro max camera? The three cameras remain clear without fogging as well as the photos look normal. We also recorded a voice memo before dipping the phone in and could hear that after the first dive, the speaker sounded a bit muffled, but it's hard to say if that will improve after letting it dry for a bit longer.

A Further Test for the Features of Waterproof Smartphone for iPhone 12 Pro Max 

It's not enough at a depth of below 10 meters, this test will be carried out by bringing the phone to a more extreme depth. We submerged the phone up to 20 meters, more than three times the maximum required depth rating. The water temperature at this depth is about 10 degrees Celsius. With a timer running on the iPhone 12 pro max screen, we can see how much time has passed since sinking the phone.

After reaching 30 minutes, then decided to let it soak a bit longer, just to see what would happen. Finally, the reviewer slowly pulled the drone out of the water after 40 minutes had passed and ran the same test again.

Surprisingly, everything went as usual. The screen is responsive, the volume and power buttons work, and both cameras work great. The speakers still sound submerged when playing back voice memos, but still audible.

More Tests and the Decision to Buy or Not

After having them dry for 72 hours, the team wanted to do one final test to see if there was any long-term damage from the extreme underwater test. The phone was completely dry, but its three lenses were ultra-wide and wide on the back, and the front camera had been fogging.

On the last check, the power on the phone had run out. after making sure it was dry, we try to charge it. once the screen turns on, there is a crash notification on the device. the exact cause is not known. We predict that the device may have been submerged in water for too long or been subjected to extreme temperature changes. even so, the iPhone 12 pro max is tough after passing several tests.

So, if you accidentally spill liquid on your iPhone then your iPhone will be fine. Even if you take it diving by accident, and do proper drying it will still work. It's just that, in this test the speaker does not function normally. However, repairing the hard device is not a serious problem.

So, if you are interested in iPhone 12 pro max, then you can buy it now. Is the iPhone 12 pro max waterproof? As far as the tests that have been done, this tends to be water-resistant. Because this claim also has many limitations, it's wise to first understand what Apple means by waterproof. Keep in mind if the damage due to drowning in water, for example, is not covered by the warranty. So, as a user, you still have to be vigilant and take good care of it.

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