Expert Guide: How to Send Video by Email on iPhone?

How to Send Video by Email on iPhone - For iPhone users, it will be difficult to share videos with non-Apple users. However, there are still many ways to send videos to other users, one of them is sending a video by Email. Electronic mail (often known as e-mail) is a way of sending and receiving messages ("mail") among persons who use electronic equipment. 

How to Send Video by Email on iPhone
How to Send Video by Email on iPhone

Typically, email messages are encoded in American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) code. Non Text data, such as visual pictures and music files, can be delivered as digital stream attachments. Android devices have easy options for users who want to attach photos or videos when sending emails. Usually the way that users often do is (1) click the "Share" icon on the selected photo in the photo/video album or (2) click "Attach File" on the pin icon next to the "Send" button in the new email view. Then what about iOS-based devices?

Most people believe that email is a valuable way to interact with individuals and groups of friends or coworkers. It allows users to easily transmit and receive documents, photos, links, and other things. We can use email to send videos for iPhone users to other users who have email. That's why it's important to know how to send video by email on iPhone. Here are the ways to email videos on iPhone.

Sending videos directly via photos 

Photos and videos from the Photos app can be shared in Mail, Messages, or another app you have installed. Photos even choose your greatest image from an occasion and advise who you should share it with. When we choose a video, we usually need some time to watch it. To avoid the incorrect send, you can simply choose the video you wish to transmit and share it by email. You may transfer the video you want directly from the Photos app. Here is the way.

  1. Open apps photos on your iPhone
  2. Select the videos folder that you want to share
  3. Click the video you want
  4. Wait a while for loading
  5. Press the video share button in the lower-left corner
  6. Select mail
  7. It will be automatically entered into the draft send email
  8. Write the email recipient's address, cc, email subject and email body
  9. If everything is filled in now, the video is ready to be sent
  10. Press the send button in the top right corner
  11. Then the video that you will send will reach the recipient

Sending videos using Mail App

iPhone has a built-in application for email, namely Mail apps. You can use mail apps to send and receive email. Therefore this application can also be used to send videos, unless your file is larger than the maximum size permitted by your email address, use Mail Drop to send it instead. Here are the steps to send a video using mail. 

  1. Open the Mail app
  2. Look for the + sign to add a new email
  3. Complete the recipient's email address, CC, Email subject and email body.
  4. Click in an empty area, then select pictures or image files to insert the desired video
  5. If you want to create a new photo or video and email it to yourself: Take a new photo or movie by tapping the Take Photo or Video button above the keyboard. To enter it into your email, press Use Photo or Use Video, or tap Recapture if you wish to recover it again.
  6. Select the desired video
  7. Press the send button in the upper right corner
  8. Then the email containing the video has been sent.

Sending videos using Gmail App

Gmail is one of the greatest widely used online email services. If you have a Gmail account, getting it put up on the phone allows you to read and respond to emails at any time without having to sit in front of a computer. Here is the way to use gmail to send videos.

  1. Open Gmail installed on your iPhone
  2. Look for the compose email option
  3. Choose compose email
  4. Fill in the recipient's email address, CC, Subject and email body
  5. Look for the attachment button on the top right
  6. Choose videos from photos or files or your iCloud or click browse for more
  7. Wait for a moment
  8. Press the send button in the top right corner

Sending videos using mail drop

Mail drop is a giant video transmission method that uses an iPhone app. Mail Drop uploads a file to iCloud and just sends an attachment to the recipient. They will be able to read the link and create the file. The best part is that it has no bearing on your iCloud installation. If you decide not to use Mail Drop, emails with large attachments may reappear and remain unread. Attach files directly within the Mail app or via the iOS Share Sheet.

  1. Click the Mail app and create a new message or reply to an existing one. Tap the photo or file icon, or touch an empty space and select Insert Photo, Video, or Attach File. Now, select the files (left image below). Please keep in mind that this procedure will almost certainly compress the movie.
  2. Open Photos, Files, or another program > choose the images/videos/files you want to send > hit the share button > Mail (right image below). Please keep in mind that this procedure will not compress the movie.
  3. Enter the email address, subject line, and email body of the recipient.
  4. Press and hold the blue send button.
  5. A popup will appear if the attachment's size is too large. Select Use Mail Drop. When you don't see it, it implies the files are tiny enough to be delivered by email simply.
  6. The email will be sent after the files have been posted.

Those are the ways that you can use to send videos via email on iPhone. For now, having an email is important when it comes to social media, as well as business, work, and education. The very useful email function should also be utilized. One of the essential things is knowing how to send video by email on iphone , which is supposed to make it easy and practical to share. Now sharing videos to all devices is very easy, just send an email and you're done.

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