Are iPhone 7 Waterproof? What People Should Consider for a Waterproof Smartphone?

Are iPhone 7 Waterproof - People are looking for updated specifications for their smartphones. More sophisticated features will attract many users and the next buyers. It is common for brands to rate the smartphone higher in line with the specifications offered. On other hand, the producers are trying to present specifications such as a waterproof phone. Apple also tried to keep up with other competitors in producing the waterproof smartphone through iPhone 7. So, are iPhone 7 waterproof? How can believe it? 

Are iPhone 7 Waterproof
Are iPhone 7 Waterproof

Water-Resistant or Waterproof? 

Some sources and reviews state that iPhone 7 might be not waterproof. It is precisely called water-resistant. Claiming iPhone 7 as waterproof will be very costly. However, we can check the data to make sure those reviews be the consideration if we want to buy iPhone 7. 

Let’s start with the clear differences between waterproof and water-resistant devices. You may have a raincoat at your home stored in your vehicles. You usually use it when the rain comes. It is a waterproof raincoat. 

It protects you from the water, the normal condition of rain. It would not work well in thunderstorms or rainstorms. It is in line with the waterproof iPhone 7. If you are still curious about whether are iPhone 7 waterproof? It may be true for the normal watery conditions and certain cases. 

However, waterproof devices are less right to say than electronic devices. It should be water-resistant since waterproof does not connect to the quantity. You can check that this specification always has boundaries, terms, and conditions. We need to read the manual and guidelines first. 

Here is what iPhone gives the limit for the condition that might happen. Apple has tested the products under laboratory control and gotten the certification in IP67 rated. It means it can survive under the water, a splash of liquid, and dust. It is claimed as water-resistant. However, it all depends on your iPhone 7 condition at that time. Are iPhone 7 waterproof? It is based on the normal splash, water, or dust that happens to the product. 

The manufacturer gives caution to not plug the device into electrical sources in wet conditions, no more guarantee given to liquid damage. If there is damage due to high liquid content in the product, then this is not covered by the warranty. So, you have to be careful in using it even though there is a water-resistant claim.

Are iPhone 7 Waterproof? Rechecking the Waterproof Specification in iPhone 7

This breakthrough however brings many impacts on users and the next customers for the iPhone selling. People are curious about how are iPhone 7 waterproof since the competitors have launched similar specifications even with higher certifications. First of all, we need to understand the clear meaning of waterproof and water-resistant. Yap, iPhone 7 is water-resistant precisely than called as waterproof. 

This claim comes from the factory, Apple. It is said that iPhone 7 is water and splash-resistant. We have already known that it has the specification for IP67 which has the meaning for those values. The first number represents the resistance to the solid things such as the dust while the second number goes to the liquid matter. This phone can survive (in emergency conditions for example) at 1-meter depth. Please take note, that this will only last for a short period. 

If we have an interest in phone specifications, this value however is the lowest that the other competitor. But the producer is still confident since this phone has loyal customers in worldwide selling. The good news is when you are deciding to purchase this phone is that iPhone 7 does not have many ingress points. It means there are not many methods waters could enter the phone’s body.

The significance of the change is the replacement of the headphone jack. In this way, Apple can manage the production cost and decide to not make the product waterproof. You still will find the biggest hole in this phone. The screen frame is the big challenge to completely making iPhone 7 waterproof. 

So, it is completed with the adhesive. Even though the appearance may be so tacky, it is very helpful. This black substance constructs the phone water-resistant. Later, it also helps keep water and dust out of the phone as the claim for iPhone 7. Furthermore, the charging port is also an obstacle where it is protected by 6 different screws. Precisely, it keeps the phone water-resistant. The great effort was to make sure it is tight enough toward the phone’s frame. 

Every small component in iPhone 7 is protected with a port ribbon so that those will be safe if water or a splash of water comes to this phone. This includes the port for charging the phone, it is designed well to resist the water. The thin mesh protects the hole for the speaker. So, when the device immerses or brings to the pool, for example, it would work and minimalize the damage. In conclusion, all the components have the protection to maintain the Apple claim about water-resistant phones. 

What Can You Do and What Kind of Help Can We Expect from Apple if Our Phone Does Get Wet?

The feature of being water-resistant does not have an underwater using purpose. It is limited to a small amount of splash and water. Although some iPhone 7 review videos test the persistence under a meter of water for up to 30 minutes in length. The official Apple never suggests such activity. 

As they claim the specification, so the phone is designed to have resistant to splash, water, and dust. Moreover, Apple gives some solutions ‘if’ someday, your iPhone is accidentally got issues and damage in case of water. Maybe this is one of Apple's efforts to convince its customers because this series dares to carry a water-resistant concept.

So, what if your iPhone 7 gets wet? What the attempts you can do? Bear in your mind, never consciously submerge your phone into water. Apple never guarantees this case, since they have an indicator to evaluate the damage. 

  1. Plug of the connected cable includes the charging cable. Let it dry totally. You cannot open the sim tray; it only gives more chances for the water to take inside.
  2. Use soft clothes only to help the device dry. Wipe off it gently and do not force to dry the port hard if you do not want to get the serious damage. 
  3. Please be patient to wait for it to dry completely. You are not recommended to soak it into the rice or use the hair drier to make the process faster.

After all the trying, you can regularly check the performance of your device. Check the software and hardware. If it does not work well, you can go to an official service center for iPhones to ask for help. 

So, are iPhone 7 waterproof? It is more precise to define it as a water-resistant device. There are still many terms, conditions, and cases that would be the boundaries for it to be waterproof.

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