Youtube iPhone Play in Background without Any Payments

Youtube iPhone Play in Background - Youtube iPhone play in background can be done without having to pay. Indeed this is one of the main features of youtube premium, but it is a shame if you have to pay for it. But don't worry, we will give you a free method.

Watching youtube is an activity that people always do when bored. Even when you are eating and without this entertainment service, it will feel very boring. But there are times when we have to do other activities on our iPhones while watching Youtube.

Youtube iPhone play in background
Youtube iPhone play in background

But unfortunately, most people's needs are still not met by Youtube. They still put the special terms and conditions for those who need to see Youtube iPhone play in background, so they have to pay a subscription fee. And the price is quite expensive actually.

Therefore, there are various ways that people can use these features and services for free but do not need to spend money. You can try this feature right away, and we are sure that what is presented will be very helpful for you.

Youtube iPhone Play in Background Using the Safari

First and easiest, you don't need to look for other apps. You can use what is provided by the built-in browser on the iPhone, namely Safari. Safari has to be admitted as your go-to browser, but did you know that it can be used for background play?

If this is your first time knowing this service, then you can immediately try the method that we will explain. Don't worry because this doesn't need to make any payments. For details on how iPhone play in background using the Safari, then these are the steps:

  1. Open your Safari app
  2. Load the sites
  3. Click Sign In and sign your account in it
  4. Search the video you want to play in the background and play it
  5. Enter the full screen mode by tapping on the small button on the right
  6. Once it shows the full screen mode, return to the home screen by swiping up the home button or pressing it
  7. Now., the picture-in-picture window is shown and you can use it on the other app

Youtube Premium Offer the Benefits of Play Youtube Video in the Background

As we mentioned earlier if you need to subscribe first to Youtube Premium. This service was previously known as Youtube Red. This paid service will provide much special access for subscribers of this service.

There are two packages offered, namely Youtube Premium Individual and Youtube Premium Family. These two services still provide the freedom of Youtube Play in Background. Not only that, but all the videos that you are about to play are also free of ads.

By subscribing to this package, you will also get a free service to Youtube Music. There is also service to a number of Youtube Original series. But it must be admitted that most people use the YouTube Premium service to play the video in the background.

You Don't Need to Pay for That, Try This Youtube iPhone Play in Background with the Free Trial Options

Since you don't need any other services and only want to use the background play feature, there's no need to pay. You can try first whether all that is provided is needed or you don't need it at all.

To try it, you don't have to pay hundreds of thousands to try it. You can use the free trial service first for Youtube iPhone Play in background. To try the free trial package, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Open the Youtube App on your iPhone
  2. Sign in to the Google Account
  3. Click your profile picture that is located on the right-hand side of your screen
  4. Click the Youtube Premium Options
  5. Tap Try it Free
  6. Provide your payment method (We suggest the one you do not use anymore
  7. Follow the prompts and complete the Youtube Premium Registration

Best Apps to Use for YouTube iPhone Play in Background

If after 1 month you feel that it is useless to subscribe to YouTube premium because it will only use background play, then don't continue the subscription. We suggest you to use another way to watch Youtube.

We've got a way that you can use to watch Youtube iPhone play in background. But this time, the method is simpler because you only need to use another app. The applications that we recommend that you download on the Apps Store are:

  1. Floating Tube
  2. New Pipe
  3. Brave Browser
  4. OG Youtube
  5. Free Music for Youtube: Stream
  6. Ymusic
  7. Google Chrome / Firefox

Youtube iPhone Play in Background isn't working, here's how to Solve it

We always recommend these 7 applications because they can work really well. But one more problem, that is not always youtube videos can be played completely smoothly. For those of you who have problems when playing background, then this can be done:

Check the Membership

One of the problems, when you can't use this service, is because this service has expired. That is, you have to pay first so that Youtube iPhone Play in Background can be used. And that means, you still have to spend money.

Sign Out and Re-Sign In

You can also try to sign out first from the account that is connected to the YouTube Apps. After that, wait a few moments and sign your account in it again. Usually, there is an error that makes Youtube unable to run background mode, so just try it first!

Update your YouTube App

There's also the reason that you haven't updated your youtube app. There is a youtube version that is no longer supported by background mode or even closed access. Therefore, update the app first, and youtube iPhone play in background properly.

Mobile Data Settings

Or maybe, the cause is in Mobile Data. It could be that your data services have run out, and you need to fill in again so that the youtube video can be played. Moreover, YouTube must have fast data services so that there is no buffering in videos.

Youtube is one of those video-based services that has always had a huge fan base. Youtube also has a service called Youtube Premium. But if you only want Youtube iPhone Play in Background, just use the free alternative method.

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