Your iPhone won’t Connect to Internet? Here’s How to Fix It

iPhone Won’t Connect to Internet - So, your iPhone won't connect to internet and it distracts your productivity? The Internet has indeed become a vital part of someone's daily activity. Therefore, if there is a problem with this internet network, we have the most effective and guaranteed solution!

Connectivity problems on mobile phones, especially iPhones, are becoming more and more common. Especially after the iOS update, there have been many reports regarding connectivity and network issues for almost every iPhone. But this usually does not last long and can be resolved immediately by itself.

iPhone won't connect to interne
iPhone won't connect to interne

But the problem is, if these errors occur at the time we need the cellphone, it will obviously be annoying. Suddenly mobile data and Wifi can't be connected, making work disrupted. But we want to help every iPhone users fix this problem.

Take it easy, the method that we present will not disrupt the experience of using this Apple HP. HP can still be used optimally without changing settings massively. But before you do this problem fixing, there are things that need to be done first.

What to do before try any iPhone Won't Connect to Internet Solution

As of today, every type of iPhone user tends to see their notifications as quieter. But it's not because nobody's texting or anything like that, but the internet on this phone gets interrupted frequently. So that sending messages, emails, and video calls, all do not go directly.

Even though the internet is so compulsory in today's era. Everyone would be confused about what they would do if there was no internet. But there's no need to worry because every time there's an internet problem, you already know how if you read our information.

But before following the method that we will provide, the first phase that must be passed is to backup your device data. This is not a suggestion, but an obligation so that your iPhone won't connect to Internet problems and do not lead to other problems such as data loss.

You need to back up every piece of data in your iPhone in whatever way is considered the easiest. Can use iTunes, iCloud, and many other tools. This is the first phase so that when using effective solutions to fix internet problems, there are no other issues.

The Most Effective Solution if Your iPhone Won't Connect to Internet

You must also be impatient about what can be done when problems with this popular device occur. Especially if your iPhone device is not able to use the internet and you have to use another device to find a solution so that it can be overcome.

If this is the case for you, we have 7 suggestions and we guarantee the most effective. All problems when you want to use the internet but can't connect can be solved in these 7 ways. So this is the best solution if your iPhone won't connect to internet:

  1. Restart the Device
  2. Forget WiFi Network and Reenter the Password Correctly
  3. Reset Network Settings
  4. Try to Turn Airplane Mode On, then Set It Off
  5. Use WiFi to Update iOS Version
  6. Turn On Other Network Services that Affect the Internet
  7. Contact Apple

What to Know if iPhone won't Connect to Internet, Wifi, and Cellular Data

When you try to restart your iPhone, all the settings on the phone will also be refreshed, including your cellular data or wifi. But this does not necessarily work because sometimes the problem is on the network that is not connected properly.

Knowing this problem too, we suggest the most secure way is to reset network settings. So when your iPhone won't connect to internet, the network will forget every connection before, and start it up after you connect again.

But because this is also caused by an iOS update problem, you can wait until Apple provides the latest minor update so that this connection bug is resolved. It usually doesn't take long, maybe 2 days from the problem report, and you update right away!

Not to mention other connectivity problems such as Bluetooth to location services, it turns out that they also have an effect on the internet that we use today. Rarely knows, but every time our iPhone won't connect to internet, we always turn off wireless services.

This method is also quite successful, and only a few are still experiencing minor problems with this connectivity. But if there is no other solution, then contacting Apple directly is the most appropriate solution. It doesn't take long, they will fix the issues immediately.

More iPhone won’t Connect to Internet and other Connectivity Issues

Previously, we have touched on broader connectivity issues. And indeed there are a number of problems in terms of connectivity, not only not connected, but the effect is the same as disturbing the activities we do. We will also explain with effective solutions.

This problem is related to Bluetooth connectivity that doesn't want to connect, signals that go up and down when it's in use until a connected Wifi network suddenly disconnects. Not only your iPhone won't connect to Internet, but with these issues too:

Bluetooth not working

Bluetooth is the result of modern technological developments and all devices can connect to the iPhone only relying on Bluetooth. But if Bluetooth is not working optimally, you need to immediately force restart your iPhone.

Signal Keeps Dropping

If the problem is that iPhone won't connect to internet, it could also be because the signal keeps dropping. If the signal keeps dropping, you need to find a place with a stronger signal. But you can also turn on airplane mode and turn it off.

Wifi Network Keeps Connected

If the Wifi is connected, but a few moments later it is immediately disconnected, then this is a problem with your phone signal broadcasting. Your current wifi connection can also be a problem. So try to find out the source of the problem first.

These iPhone problems are usually minor, but they often happen at the wrong time. Like when you are working and want to use the internet, suddenly there is a signal problem. If your iPhone won't connect to internet, we have prepared the 7 best ways to fix it.

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