Your iPhone App Keeps Crashing? These Are the Problems

Iphone App Keeps Crashing - When your iPhone app keeps crashing, have you know what you should do? To be fair, there are a lot of problems in terms of an app crash, but there is always a way to solve that. Not to mention each problem, we got the ways to solve that all now.

We guarantee that if you use an iPhone phone, you have experienced what is called a crashing application. This crash can be interpreted as the phone does not work properly and tends to lag. There are even applications that force a forced close.

iPhone app keeps crashing
iPhone app keeps crashing

If you encounter this problem, then there are various factors, and each of these factors also has its own solution. If you still want your phone to work optimally, then we recommend using the best way to solve that kind of problem now!

We also advise you not to go directly to the service center and try to solve it there. Because of the cost, we guarantee it will be very expensive, even though we just have to solve it ourselves. Therefore, try to follow the tutorial to solve this whole problem.

The Reasons Why Your iPhone App Keeps Crashing

First, we will discuss what can make your cellphone not work optimally or what we call crashing. iPhone crashing is a temporary error and sometimes appears suddenly. Generally speaking, this is why it crashes:

The app is Out-dated

The reason the iPhone App keeps crashing is that the installed application is outdated or outdated. Maybe you haven't updated the application for a long time so the problem is with the installed application.

Not the Official Apps / You Downloaded the Crack

If you download a cracked or pirated application, then this crashing problem is unavoidable. Crack apps are never optimal to run on iPhone. So there are many obstacles when running the application, even because of the malware.

Full Storage Issues

The reason why your iPhone app keeps crashing is also due to storage issues. If the iPhone's storage is full, the applications that are in it also cannot work optimally. Especially if there is an update, sometimes it takes large storage space.

iOS Version is not the Latest

You also need to update your iOS to the latest version if you don't want the Apps on your Phone to crash frequently. This iOS downgrade often causes instability in the cellphone processor, so the configuration is wrong and causes new problems.


Lastly, viruses can be the main cause why your iPhone app keeps crashing. This virus can appear from anywhere, one of them from a USB cable connection to a PC that does not have an antivirus. Therefore, don't just link to a PC.

Do I Need to Get It to Service Center If My iPhone App Keeps Crashing?

So, do you need to go directly to the service center if the iPhone Apps are still ongoing? We suggest that you first try the methods that we will mention below. If later you still can't, then you should go directly to the iPhone Service Center.

The service center that is targeted is also highly recommended is the best. Don't look for a service center carelessly if you don't want problems. Although it is a little more expensive, the results from the Official Service Center are more guaranteed.

Here’s How You Can Fix the iPhone App Keeps Crashing Problem

Before you finally decide to go to a service center and spend a lot of money, we have several effective ways to try first. It won't cost you any extra, and you just need to do something like this:

Restart your iPhone

Restart your iPhone to make the previously problematic Apps not. When you restart, the iPhone appears refreshed or refreshed. So that the error in the application will be reduced and the iPhone app keeps crashing is no longer happening.

Clear your iPhone Storage

You are also advised to clear iPhone storage by deleting unused applications, videos that are no longer watched, to photos that are not important. As we mentioned earlier, storage is also a crashing problem.

Update the Apps to the Latest Version

Then, if the storage is now emptier, update the problematic Apps. If iPhone App keeps crashing problem still going on right after you update it, please restart your iPhone and wait for the next configuration from the app.

Update your iOS as well

iOS has always played an important role in everything related to the iPhone. If you don't update iOS, then apps will continue to crash as not optimal with the version prepared by the app. So, updating your iOS to the latest version is vital.

Reset All Settings

We feel that your iPhone app keeps crashing has something to do with the wrong settings. Maybe you make internet data to certain applications limited. So, try resetting all settings by heading to the Settings app and selecting Reset All.

Clear Safari History and Data

Viruses can be left in the Safari history of your phone. We highly recommend that you clear the history and data inside the safari in order to make more empty storage, as well as problematic apps that do not have malware and viruses left behind.

Turn Off JavaScript

Javascript is one of the tools available on web pages, including Safari. This Javascript can be the main cause of the iPhone App keeps crashing. Open the settings and tap on Safari, then choose Advanced and turn off the JavaScript.

Reinstall the Problematic Apps

Delete and re-download the apps is one way or another you should try. Not to mention the issue, but when you reinstall it, the apps will be totally new. Tap and hold the Homescreen and delete it apps, and do the installation process again.

Set Your Device as “New”, so iPhone App Keeps Crashing No Longer Happen

You also need to know that sometimes iPhone just has a new problem, and you need a separate way so you can turn your iPhone to be like all the way new, and the crashing problem will never happen again. So, let's do this!

  1. Go to settings and tap the General Menu
  2. Scroll down and click Reset
  3. Tap the Erase All Content and Settings option

iPhone users must admit that the phone they are currently using has problems that can arise. Starting from apps that can't open, to the iPhone app keeps crashing and needs a solution so that it doesn't happen again.

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