Where is Locator on iPhone And Steps to Activate It

Where is Locator on iPhone - Where is locator on iPhone? This question is owned by a lot of people, especially those who are using this device. So, everything will be explained in a more detailed way here.

When using IOS for very first time, it is normal if you felt a little bit confuse about how to operate it. One of the settings is about how to activate the location equipped on this phone. 

Where is locator on iPhone
Where is locator on iPhone

Actually, there are some ways to use for activating the location there and inactivating it at after that. This action is beneficially and gives you some advantages. 

So, if you curious about where is locator on iPhone, make sure to read this from the beginning up to the end. The answer will be easily understood, including some problems related to the GPS. 

How to Activate the Location

Sometimes (or maybe all the time) you have to make the location status is active for some aims. It maybe sounds easy, but in fact several users are still confused by this setting.

Don’t let this happen to you and get the answer of where is locator on iPhone as soon as possible. Below are some steps to activate the location feature on this device. 

  1. Open your smartphone and then go to the setting menu
  2. In that part, you may choose the home screen and then click privacy
  3. When entering the next page, you have to choose the privacy services 
  4. On this page, slide the button and choose ON to make this feature actives

In the other words, you can say that the locator is located in the setting menu. Well, basically you also want to know about how to inactivate it instead of just knowing where is locator on iPhone .

To do so is not that difficult Since it doesn’t need any added application. You may do the steps from the setting menu as well. In more detail is in the location service. 

You just need to switch the cursor from on to the off position. This action will make the feature is not active anymore. One thing you need to know is that some times several problems may appear.

The examoles are like less accurate or the wrong location where it is also essential to know besides where is locator on iPhone as well. This case will be not good for the businessmen or someone who need to access this feature. 

How to Overcome some Problems on the iPhone GPS

Apple is known as one of the popular and exclusive smartphone brands. It also becomes one of the best in the market, but still there are several common problems which sometimes appear. The example is like gps and related to this thing, there are some problems to know. Below are the lists:

Less Accurate GPS

Sometimes the detection isn’t accurate, but don’t worry since it can be solved with the solutions below. So, check this out. 

  1. Go to the setting menu
  2. Then enter to the privacy option
  3. Slide your cursor to activate the GPS by pressing it to the ON position
  4. Scroll downside to show some applications which need this service 
  5. Choose the exact location option for the last action.

Besides knowing about where is locator on iPhone, you must understand that this service is not supporting all operating systems of IOs. It is especially the 10.0 version and below. 

The reason is that this exact location feature just can be enjoyed by those who use the 14.0 version and up. Make sure to know your device operating system first. 

It must be updated first to guarantee that a user is able to enjoy the whole services easily. Ask a help from the expert to make it is easier. 

Wrong GPS 

Another problem which must be aware besides knowing about where is locator on iPhone is the wrong location. This thing is quite fatal if it doesn’t solve properly, especially if someone wanted to share his location.

To solve this, actually you don’t need the other added applicationd. To do so is just inactivating the GPS feature and then make it actives again through the setting menu. 

When you made it inactive, it is better to wait for about 10 minutes before making it actives again. That will make the update is more accurate and based on your real time position.

Solve the Undetected GPS

Besides the wrong position, this problem is commonly appeared too. The bad internet connection could be the trigger where GPS is unable to read. 

However, if the internet connection has been fixed and this issue still occur, you may do these solutions:

  1. Open the setting option in your smartphone and find the general menu
  2. From the time and date section, choose automatic setting for making any changes.

With the right time setting, usually GPS will be detected really well. If it doesn’t solve the problem, you may reset and manage the network again. Then, restart your phone to apply the updates. 

This point is also essential than just knowing where is locator on iPhone. After the smartphone is restarted, do an activation with the steps above. 

Meanwhile ,to detect the signal it is better to use the WiFi so that a connection could be known properly. That is because internet has a really important role for this point. 

The Other Frequently Asked Questions

Besides the where is locator on iPhone question, there are still some others which must be answered related to this topic. First is about the location which cannot be activated in your device. 

Usually, it must be activated manually. Before doing that, please set the time and zone properly so that the position displayed will be more accurate. 

Now, is it possible to detect a device which is not active? The answer is yes, it is possible to do that. You just need to install the find my I phone app at the app store. 

However, if the GPS is inactive, finding the device can be more difficult. That is why; make sure to always makes it on and know where is locator on iPhone properly. 

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