The Making of Your Phone, Where iPhone is Manufactured?

Where iPhone is Manufactured - Did you know where iPhone is manufactured? You can even identify your iPhone model where it is and its country of origin from Settings. But before doing so, you also need to know a lot about the iPhone manufacturing process to be more amazed.

So all this time you've been using the iPhone? But have you also known a lot about making this phone? Some models from certain countries also have differences, such as those from Hong Kong, there is a Dual SIM Card cellphone option available.

where iPhone is manufactured
where iPhone is manufactured

iPhone is also known for its simplicity, so it looks almost exactly the same. The difference may only be a matter of quality control during manufacturing or in terms of warranty claims. Try it now, you first find out where your phone is actually made.

That doesn't mean you have to visit the manufacturer in person and be asked. But there is something different in terms of the Model Number, there is a special code that indicates where your phone is made. If you don't believe me, just try checking from Settings.

iPhone Manufacturing Process: The Making of Your iPhone

First and foremost, we will give you a new understanding of the iPhone manufacturing process. By knowing this manufacturing process, you can also find out what the difference is between each place where iPhone is manufactured. And this starts with sourcing.

This sourcing is when Apple factories look for manufacturing components and is usually done on a large scale. The components referred to at this sourcing stage are memory chips, screens, casings, cameras, and components do not have to be manufactured by Apple.

Sourcing is mostly done in countries that are well-known for the production of technological goods, such as South Korea, China, Germany, and India. After sourcing on a massive scale, all the components will be taken to where iPhone is manufactured afterward.

The assembly and manufacturing processes will be carried out. It's like in this phase, the production has reached the quality standard that Apple wants. This is not only done in one place but there are many factories spread across many countries.

This iPhone manufacturing process makes the components assembled and finally can be delivered. Apple Manufacturer will deliver iPhones produced to meet the global supply chain. Some are delivered to where you bought your used iPhone now.

Things You Need to Know for where iPhone is Manufactured Answer

So the point is here, where your iPhone is delivered, does not mean that it is the place of the manufacturing process. There are hundreds of iPhone components that have to be looked for. In fact, you need to know is that Apple has cooperation with its competitors as well.

This collaboration is related to components, for example, the Battery in our iPhone, it is made by Samsung, as well as the small Processor in the iPhone that is currently used. Where iPhone is manufactured there is also a collaboration with Sony, on the camera.

The screen that is on our iPhone is also not factory-made by Apple but collected from the Corning company scattered in many countries. This LCD panel that iPhone users are proud of because it's very sharp is also made by Sharp and LG, not by Apple itself.

So actually, this iPhone only sells a matter of interface and chip. In terms of casing and accessories, they are not made by themselves, but Apple only assembles them to become the phone we are currently using. And there's a special code too!

List of where iPhone is Manufactured Codes

Regarding the fact that the iPhone is manufactured, you already know that Apple only assembles those components to become the devices we use. But this is also not a problem, as long as all manufacturers and manufacturers do it according to Apple standards.

But in the process of making this not only done in 1 country but spread in almost 40 countries. And from all these countries also, of course, there are differences, although minor. Therefore, try after this you see if in settings and find out where iPhone is manufactured:

  • A & C: Canada
  • AB: Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar
  • B: Ireland & UK
  • BG: Bulgaria
  • BR & BZ: Brazil
  • BT: UK
  • CH: China
  • CM: Croatia & Hungary
  • CR: Croatia
  • CN: Slovakia
  • CZ: Czech Republic & DM: Germany
  • E: Mexico
  • EE: Estonia
  • EL: Latvia
  • F: France
  • FB: France & Luxembourg
  • FS: Finland
  • GB & GR: Greece
  • GH: Hungary
  • GP: Portugal
  • HB: Israel
  • IN: India
  • IP: Italy
  • J & JP: Japan
  • IP: Italy & Portugal
  • ID: Indonesia
  • K: Sweden
  • KH: South Korea & China
  • MY: Malaysia
  • PY: Spain
  • QB & RP: Russia
  • SU: Ukraine
  • TA: Taiwan
  • TH: Thailand
  • TU: Turkey
  • VN: Vietnam
  • X: Australia & New Zealand
  • ZP: Hongkong & Macau

How to Find uut Where iPhone is Manufactured

You might think that the Model Number on your iPhone must come from Indonesia. But as a matter of fact, there are very few iPhones with serial ID. Or if you have a dual SIM card, then it must be made in Hong Kong & Macau.

Instead of getting confused about where iPhone is manufactured exactly, there are several ways you can check the Model Number and adjust it to its code. In terms of the functions are pretty much the same, but you can look for them here:

Use the Settings

If the easiest way and definitely can be used on all types of iPhones is to check in Settings. Follow the steps we explain below and adjust it again with the Country of Origin Code, namely by:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down and look for General
  3. Click the About
  4. See the Model Number

Check it From the SIM Tray

For iPhone 8 or later, there are other ways that can be used if Settings are in error or want to see if the model number is the same or not. This time using the SIM tray or where you put the SIM card, namely by:

  1. Use the Sharp PIN to open the SIM tray
  2. Turn it Upside Down
  3. There are codes and Model Numbers down the SIM Tray

So, where is the iPhone you're using right now made? If the centre is actually in California, you must be familiar with the words "Manufactured by Apple in California". But each phone has its own where iPhone is manufactured in a specific place.

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