The Best RPG on iPhone which Worth to Try

best RPG on iPhone - Are you looking for the best RPG on iPhone? Playing this platform can be a good option to rest for a tiring daily activity. It is because you are able to transform into a great figure there. 

The examples are like being a hero and defeating all the enemies. The senior players must be understood that the best experience is building your fantasy in making a character. 

best RPG on iPhone
best RPG on iPhone

Everything is started from a beginner who doesn’t have any experiences. At the beginning, this genre can be only played in a console or PC. However, this era gives you a different thing.

The best RPG on iPhone is worth to try. The users are able to play with the limited access, everywhere, and ever time.

The Popular Recommendation 

Let us start from the popular recommendations. These are recommended by so many users because of many factors. Here are those role play games :

Another Eden

Another Eden is the first choice which you may download. It is specially made for those who like the classic genre. There are more than 80 chapters there on it’s main story. 

That is why; every content will have the interesting way to catch the players and spend many hours to play that. Anothet Eden offers you a premium taste, but it is 100% free to download. 

This. best RPG on iPhone has a classic gameplay with the amazing story behind. However, it is still enjoyable and it also has a lot of cool characters with a fantastic visual style. 

Fate / Grand Order

Next is Fate / Grand Order as a game which can be played through the IOS device. It is one of the most downloaded app in the world which is created by a huge company, SONY. 

The story of this platform is adapted from the Fate / Stay Night visual novel series which was released in 2004. It’s gameplay mechanism is turn – based by using gacha in opening the new character or weapons. 

The thing that makes this best RPG on iPhone different is the player who plays as a master to control a group. This group consists of so many characters inside it. 

The Other Cool Options to try

If you don’t like the two games above, don’t worry since there are still some other great choices to try. These apps are also popular and addictive to play. Here are the lists:

Genshin Impact 

It cannot be denied that Genshin Impact has a heavy size. That is why; it almost impossible to play this game in the past through your smartphone devices. However, now everything is completely different.

This best RPG on iPhone now can be played smoothly even from your IOS products. Mihoyo is the maker of it and Genshin Impact is made as an open world genre with the amazing combat mechanism. 

It means that the players are able to explore the interesting large world with the great story at the same time. This game can be played for free by anyone, but you have to pay to open a gacha which has the new character and item. 

Marvel Future Revolution 

The next one is Marvel Future Revolution where this best RPG on iPhone Offers so many characters of Marvel Super hero. The mission is to save the Multiverse. 

Marvel Future Revolution is developed by Bernanke which is a perfect combination between RPG game because a solid combat mechanism and wonderful visual at the same time. 

For now, there are super heroes which could be played such as the captain marvel, doctor strange, Iron man, black widow, MagiK, and many more again. Each of them have the different battle style. 

The also have the different abilities which can be customized based on your liking. That is why; a lot of people love it because Marvel Future Revolution is beyond fun. 

Raid Shadow Legends

The next best RPG on iPhone to Play is Raid: shadow legends. It attracted so many people attentions since the beginning because it has an impressive visual for the players. 

Besides that, the characters’ design is also really cool so that players will eager to collect it. Then, Then there are some combat mechanism with turn – based basis so that this game is executed prophet. 

One more interesting aspect is that the energy used which is slowly disappeared when you play and can be filled automatically. This Raid: show legend is worth to try. 

Best RPG on iPhone with a Horror Nuance 

Playing the RPG that has a horror nuance will be an unforgettable experience and it is fun. Since it is quite unique, this kind of game is hard to find. 

Although sometimes it is quite scary, a lot of players still want to play this genre. So are you one of them? If it was so, below are the recommendations for you. 

Dark wood

Horror and R P G is not a common combination, so that there are only less giant developers enter that industry. That is why; the indie companies then take This challenge. 

One of the best RPG on iPhone with a horror taste is darkwood. As it is named, darkwood has the dark backgrounds with natural nuance. However, this platform is still enjoyable. 

Dark Soul

The dark souls series can be frustrating because it is quite difficult. In the other side, the nuance is also scary Because of the scary figures and characters inside. 

The worst part is when you have to meet the boss. He can kill the players with only some attacks. Dark soul is only for those who are brave enough. 


For some users, darksoul is maybe not that scary. If you felt the same thing, Bloodborne can be the right option where this best RPG on iPhone is developed by a huge company. 

Bloodborne Gives the same element and difficulty like in the dark souls. However, Bloodborne takes it’s set in a fiction place in the Victoria era which is haunted by monsters and lovecraftian myths. 

So, if you like the novels from Lovecraft, just try Bloodborne. If it is not, the other best RPG on iPhone is worth to try. 

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