Set up Voicemail Password on iPhone and How to Change It?

Voicemail Password on iPhone - There are many things about Apple products that you need to know, and one of them is about voicemail password on iPhone. Did you already know about this or was it the first time you heard of it? The advantages of voicemail are many, so you need to set it up.

Voicemail, this is one of the voice mail delivery services. In contrast to ordinary telephone calls, voicemail is usually a letter, but using audio facilities. The recipient can listen to the voicemail sent at any time as long as the message is still valid.

voicemail password on iPhone
voicemail password on iPhone

To prevent the use of the wrong voicemail password on iPhone, in the iPhone there is a special service to send it, and there is a password to protect it. Every time you want to send a voice message, you must fill in the password requested by Apple so that the delivery is not arbitrary.

When you forget your voicemail password later, maybe things will be a little more complicated. You need to take the phone to a service center to recover the forgotten password. But now, there is no need for manual service anymore.

Why You Need to Know the Voicemail Password on iPhone

Before we talk about how you can set up voicemail on iPhone, we want you to know what this service actually is. Voicemail itself is a service that has been around for a long time. But it is gaining popularity for a variety of reasons, some of which are:

You Don't Need Someone to Act Like a Receptionist

You don't need to hire someone to be a receptionist. Maybe as the person who takes every call or has a long chat with a potential client. With this voicemail password on iPhone, you can answer the message at any time.

Can Prepare the Responses

The reason why you need to know the voicemail password on iPhone is that you can prepare for answers before you give responses. For example, the voicemail sender wants you to negotiate, so you can think about when the time is right.

It Offers Convenience

And I have to admit that Voicemail is much easier and more fun. It is what convenience meant to be in today's because it is much more practical. You don't need to be online on your phone at any time and can answer voice calls when you have free time.

Detailed Messages

The information conveyed using the voicemail service is also more detailed. You need to know the voicemail password on iPhone to deliver detailed information regarding landlines and voice messaging, and the information is much more prepared.

Get Rid of On-Hold Calls

When you receive a call, you are often asked to "wait for a moment". This will also make the information you want to convey hang. But if you rely on voicemail, you can convey all the information immediately.


In terms of efficiency, it is also related to time. You don't need to take a special and long time to receive other people's phone calls. All you need to do is send a voicemail password on iPhone, and wait for the other person to reply or not.


In terms of cost, we will also assure you that Voice mail is much cheaper. In fact, you only need an internet network to send voicemail on iPhone. So, you no longer need to prepare special money to send voicemails to other people.

How to Set Up Voicemail Password on iPhone?

Now, those of you who understand these advantages can't wait to set up voicemail on your iPhone. We clearly support the plan to set up a voicemail password because of the advantages it offers. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your iPhone and go to the Phone App
  2. Below, you will see there are 5 options, and choose the Voicemail menu
  3. Once up tap it, then will show pop up that contains this message “To retrieve a voicemail, first set a password and greeting”
  4. Click set up now
  5. Enter your Voicemail password and reenter it
  6. Click Done and try to send any voicemail messages through the iPhone app

What If We Forget the Voicemail Password on iPhone?

With you knowing this, now what needs to be done again is to memorize the password that was previously filled in. Don't forget if you don't want to go through a series of processes until you have to go to the Service Center. But if you have forgotten, follow this:

Change It on iPhone

  1. Turn on your iPhone and launch the Settings app
  2. Click Phone on the search bar and choose the Change Voicemail Password
  3. Enter your current password, but if you forgot, try those numbers that are common for you
  4. Once it is prompted, click Done
  5. Now, enter your new password and reenter it again
  6. Click done

Reset the Password if you Forgot

  1. If you really forgot the password, go to Settings and choose the Change Voicemail Password
  2. Click the “Forget Password?” options
  3. Verify using the Apple ID and Password
  4. Once the verification is done, you can set the new password
  5. Save the password in a safe place, so you no longer forget about it

Use the Line Operator

  1. Go to your line Operator's official websites
  2. Tell them that you forgot the password of the voicemail
  3. Follow the instructions and set the new password
  4. You will get notified when the new password is set

Use the Third-Party Software

  1. Look for an app that can be connected to your iPhone Voicemail
  2. Sign Up and Log In
  3. Click allow to connect with your phone apps
  4. Choose the "forget Voicemail password" menu
  5. Follow the instructions and you set to go

Voicemail Password on iPhone and Its Common Problems

But this is not all because when using voicemail later, there are problems. Problems that can be faced are there is no notification when voicemail comes in until the voicemail password on the iPhone suddenly changes. So, anticipate this problem.

Voicemail is one of the best services Apple has ever brought to mobile users. Voicemail can be used to get voice messages without having to communicate directly. But, always remember the voicemail password on iPhone so it's not complicated.

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