Record iPhone Video Screen If the Default App is Not Working

Record iPhone Video Screen - So right now, your record iPhone video screen app is not working? Try to mention, what apps are you using, is it the default from Apple or is it a third-party app? If your default app is not working, then try to use those features on the other recording app.

Actually, there's nothing difficult about using Apple's default application for screen recording. In fact, it must be admitted that this is the easiest way to record whatever the phone screen shows. But before that, you should also know that the default app has problems.

record iPhone video screen
record iPhone video screen

If this problem occurs to you, then there should be a solution so that when you need it later, you don't panic even more. If before there were problems with the record iPhone video screen, you already knew an alternative application, then you can download it immediately.

Sometimes, what is in this alternative application is actually better than the one in the Apple default, especially in terms of functions and features. From now on, you just try the applications we recommend and download the most suitable one.

How to Activate and Set Record iPhone Video Screen Using Default App

Previously, you also need to know first how to actually record the iPhone screen with the default app, or an application that has been provided by Apple. If it's the first time you know that iPhone can record its app automatically, then here are the steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Scroll down and try to find the Control Center menu
  3. Tap the Green icon of “+” beside the Screen Recording menu
  4. Go back to the home page and get into the apps that you want to record
  5. Scroll down to the Control Center and click the round button
  6. The recording will start after 3 seconds
  7. Tap the icon again to end the recording using the default app

Here's the App for Record iPhone Video Screen

If you have used the recording method correctly using the default app, but when recording there is a problem, then that is a problem with the application. As a solution from us, it is highly recommended that you use other apps, and this is what we recommend:

  1. Apeaksoft iOS Screen Recorder
  2. X-Mirage – Screen Record from iPhone to Windows
  3. Reflector
  4. Record It!
  5. DU Recorder
  6. Screen Recording Video Capture
  7. Go Record
  8. TechSmith Capture
  9. AZ Screen Recorder
  10. V Records

The Disadvantages of Not Using Default Record iPhone Video Screen App

But obviously, if you are not using the default application from apple, then there is a problem. This problem can also interfere with your productivity and needs. The record can still run, but the results may not be what you expect.

Usually, if you use the record iPhone video screen app, which is free from another developer, the resulting resolution is much smaller than it should be. Not to mention this small resolution will be coupled with lagging in the somehow inconvenient application.

If there is a time limit, there are certain apps that provide a recording time limit. This is obviously a disadvantage too, especially if you need to record for a long time. But the most fatal and disturbing in common applications like this is the watermark.

Tools and Features that are Needed to Record iPhone Video Screen

So that all the problems that we mentioned earlier don't happen to you, then what you need to know first is the characteristics of the applications that are compatible with your device. In addition, the non-default application must also meet the following criteria:

Voice Recorder Audio

First is being able to record audio as well. Both audio in the app and enabling the microphone to record your voice is very important. Audio is one of the main components of a more attractive iPhone video screen record.

High Definition Videos

You also need to make sure that the third-party app provides the option to record the screen in HD quality, if possible more. Even though it will take up more storage space, it will be much better than not being able to enjoy the recording.

Editing Tools

Record iPhone video screen should also provide features such as editing tools in the application. Starting from cropping video duration or can also provide editing brightness and saturation. This will complete your needs regarding recording.


The screenshot feature while recording is also needed. Especially for those who are recording school lessons, there are a number of important points that you need to screenshot, even though they have been recorded.

Compress the Size

You clearly know that the recording will take up a large amount of storage space. It would be better if there was a compress the size feature so that the video capture did not cause memory to be full. But if you want perfect quality, there is another solution.

Cloud Storage

The solution to record iPhone video screens with perfect quality is cloud storage. The characteristics of recording applications that match today's needs are those that provide cloud storage. So, the record results have special storage.

Share the Video Links

Wouldn't it be a brilliant idea if the record app had direct tools to share the links? For example, if you have finished recording, there is no need to wait for the upload to another cloud storage, then share. There should be a special feature.

Why do You Need to Record iPhone Video Screen?

So, what is the purpose of this screen record app so that it can get a lot of support and users? In our opinion, the reason the record app is so popular, especially in today's era, is that everything is online.

Starting from schools where the material is explained online until most of the meetings are online. And some people are not familiar with this system so need to learn it again and again. As for other reasons for iPhone video screen records are:

  1. Improve your Understanding
  2. Review
  3. Understand the Error and Solve the Problem
  4. Multitasking

Record iPhone video screen can be used for many functions. If you are a user to record activities on the phone by default, then you can start learning how. Or when the iPhone video screen app record is problematic, use another developer's application!

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