Playing Youtube in the Background iPhone with These Apps

Playing Youtube in the Background iPhone - You may wonder if we can playing youtube in the background iPhone. Of course, this is not impossible because from the research we did, there are several methods that can be used to play YouTube on iPhone while doing other work there.

Youtube, who is not familiar with this one platform. In the Youtube application, there are millions of videos that can be watched at any time and make the audience more relaxed. This YouTube video is also growing over time, growing rapidly.

Playing Youtube in the Background iPhone
Playing Youtube in the Background iPhone

Starting from new features such as the next 10 seconds to now being able to play youtube videos without having to full screen. This means that on a cellphone that is used to watch Youtube videos, it can still be used for other activities. 

Or it could be because we don't subscribe to a music platform, many songs can be listened to via Youtube. But if you open Youtube in the usual way, then you can't use your phone for other activities anymore. Therefore, there is play in the background.

Here's How if Want to Playing Youtube in the Background iPhone

If you have thought about using Youtube services, but will still use the iPhone for other activities at the same time, then what you have to skip is to subscribe to Youtube Premium. It's sure to work, but you have to pay for it.

We will also explain in detail about playing youtube in the background iPhone with Youtube premium, but we still have several other ways. If you're already curious and can't wait to try it, here's the best way you can try it for now:

Subscribe to Youtube Premium

One of the features and selling points of Youtube premium is Playing Youtube in the Background iphone. Regarding the price, you need to pay around 180 thousand per 1 account, and it is guaranteed that you can play videos in the background.

To play YouTube in the iPhone background, after subscribing, you just try to open one of the videos you want to watch. Then you exit the Youtube application and the video you watched earlier will still run. You can just open the voice too!

Playing in Certain Browser

Many browsers can be used to playing YouTube in the background iphone without having to pay. We will also describe some types of browsers that can be used, but what is certain is that Safari does not support this activity.

Play the Video in Special Apps

In addition to browsers, there are also non-official additional applications that can be used for those of you who want to know how to play YouTube in the background. Just try to find it on Appstore, and they provide tools in the application.

Play with Pop-Up Window

Now, you first install Enhancer for Youtube and start looking for what videos you want to watch from the background. Enhancer for Youtube is also on the Appstore. But the way it works is different from downloading external applications as usual.

For playing youtube in the background iPhone with Pop up Window, allow Enhancer for Youtube to access your Youtube application. Later after that, there will be a new tool next to the Settings button on the video, and it is used to pop up.

Browser for Playing Youtube in the Background iPhone

Now you know a few ways and still feel that playing youtube videos from additional apps and software isn't the right idea. But with access to YouTube via a browser, it is considered more sophisticated and even less quota is issued.

If this is what you are thinking, then we will also prepare several browsers that you know to help you playing youtube in the background iPhone. Many browsers that we mention below are also available on the Appstore, so just download them:

  1. Chrome Browser
  2. Minimize for Youtube Play in Background
  3. Stream
  4. Free Music for Youtube Player: Red+
  5. Free Music for Youtube
  6. Firefox
  7. Dolphin Browser

Advantages of Playing Youtube in the Background iPhone

There are still those who ask what are the advantages of playing YouTube in the background iphone. Even though in appearance, it is smaller and does not make the impression of watching YouTube maximally. But actually, the benefits offered are also much more.

By using the iPhone's playing youtube in the background feature, you no longer need to open and close the YouTube when you want to reply to a chat or scroll through social media. Videos will still be enjoyed with a smaller display but can be two jobs at one time.

In addition, when you are bored with meetings and want a little entertainment, you can still appear on cam in the meeting application, but you can also enjoy more fun videos on Youtube. It's a new way to enjoy entertainment without being caught by others.

If you're a YouTube content editor, you can use this feature to see video flaws while running iMovie for editing. But in our opinion, a feature like this will be very helpful when you want to work on notes online.

For example, suppose you are used to using your cell phone to take notes, and the material you want to learn is on Youtube. Then you can split screen or play in the background while running note-taking applications such as Microsoft Word at the same time.

Disadvantages of Playing Youtube in the Background iPhone

However, this feature is still lacking. Especially if you use an external or unofficial application, the youtube video that is played is not optimal. There is a crash or even between the sound and video, there is a delay, which is very annoying.

Certain browsers will also provide a large number of ads because you are using their application for free. Suddenly an ad appears in the video that was not previously on Youtube or the duration of the ad is long, and can't be skipped.

Playing youtube in the iPhone background is also a threat to concentration. For example, you are doing work but instead focus on the video. Even though it's small, our brain and eyes know which one is more interesting so it will become a distraction.

Youtube videos have always been an interesting means of entertainment, and this is undeniable. By watching Youtube videos, we can be more relaxed. And now, there is a way to playing youtube in the background iPhone so that you can do other work.

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