Make a Group Call with iPhone Complete Tutorials

Group Call with iPhone - Doing a group call with iPhone is really possible and it is not hard to do that. For this action, a user doesn’t need any jailbreak for his IOS device. The conference communication like this is really fun. 

Conference is a talk through the telephone which can be done by more than two people. You are able to add the other people to join this communication or even stop them. 

Group Call with iPhone
Group Call with iPhone

That is why; usually people will use this service for several purposes. The examples are like for an office meeting in this pandemic era, family reunion, and many more again. 

However, making a group call with iPhone must be done properly. Besides that, there are also several requirements and policies which you should understand. Here is the further explanation.

How to Use Conference in iPhone

Apple gives it’s permission for you who want to make a call to 3 or even 5 more people at the same time. Then it will combine the whiole members in a group talk facility. 

That is possible for you to add the other users in that conference, especially those who have been saved in your phone contact. For this case, you don’t need to dial any numbers. 

However, please ensure that you know the detail steps to make a group call with iPhone. Below are the ways to be followed:

  1. Make a call like usual by using a phone type 
  2. After that, inform your friend that you are making a conference 
  3. Next, tap the add call button displayed at the screen of your device
  4. If the connection can be done properly, click the mergecall menu there. It is done to make the first caller can be connected with the second people and you. 
  5. For this case, the members are listed at the top part of your smartphone screen
  6. To add anothet members, you may use the point 2 and 3. Use the “merge” point to combine every call 
  7. Usually, the add call featured will be showed then. 

Here you can tap in the contacts button to add the other members on this group call with iPhone. If it has too many members, it is recommended to use a speaker so that you may talk without need to hold the device. 

How to Add the Incoming Caller

The amount of members in a conference talk and The other abilities such sd joining, merging, or cutting of the telephone will be based on your operator. Call then to get an information About it’s details and the options. 

Usually, only the one who started a discussion can see the name of the whole members. However, if members want to add the other people, they can see the name and another people who started the talk. 

If you cannot see any options to merge the talk, this option is maybe not supported by your operator.Now, how to add the incoming Caller on this group call with iPhone? If you are in a conference talk and someone is calling, here are some ways to add that caller easily:

  1. Click hold and accept button
  2. Wait until the phone is connected and then merge the talk  
  3. If you cannot see any options to merge, maybe your operator doesn’t support this facility.

Besides that, it is also possible for you to delete the members. Below are the tutorials to follow:

  1. In an existed group call with iPhone, click the information button ( )
  2. Click “end” which is located at the side of a member which will be deleted. 

If the option is unseen, once again, it is maybe not supported by your operator. That is why; you can ask them for a confirmation before or after the talk. 

Doing a Group Call with iPhone Through an Application 

In fact, this activity can be also done by using an application. One of them is Face Time. This app can let you to talk through a phone with some members at the same time. 

To use this Face Time and start a video call, you need an IOS with 12.1.1 version or the newer ones. Get the complete information from apple first about the versions which are able to do that. 

After make sure about everything, below are some ways to start a conference from your IOS device with Face Time:

  1. Open the setting menu and then choose “Face Time”. Make sure that this application is always actibr
  2. Then click the video camera icon or the new face time button
  3. Enter the contact numbers that will be called
  4. Click the audio sign or facetime

On a group call with iPhone through this Face Time, someone is able to add up to 32 people at the same time. It is so helpful, especially if you need to make a meeting suddenly during this pandemic era. 

Join a Face Time Group

There are some ways to join a talk in a FaceTime group which is started by another person. The way to do that is really easy where you may follow the steps below:

  1. Click notification from the notifications center or the locked screen. After that click the FACETIME symbol
  2. To join a faceTime group from the message, click upper part of the screen.
  3. Join from a group discussion is also able to do

Well maybe you also want add someone in a group call with iPhone through this application. The steps are so easy. Just tap the upper part of the screen and then choose add.

The symbol is like a plus sign. Then add the contact’s name, telephone number, or email. These tutorials are so simple and easy to do even if you are a beginner user.

When someone is added into this FaceTime, he is unable to be kicked from that conference. It means that he must end everything by himself to stop the talk. 

Using this way (by applying an app like Face Time) is so simple. You may use this method as well to do a group call with iPhone.

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