Is iPhone 7 Waterproof? How Can We Test It?

Is iPhone 7 Waterproof - What people need for the smartphone specifications are many things. This includes how the phone would be resistant to water or we can call it the waterproof phone. We know that iPhone is one of the top-selling smartphones with many qualifications inside. If you are an iPhone user especially iPhone 7, you may wonder if iPhone 7 is waterproof? So, let’s check this reading.

Is iPhone 7 Waterproof
Is iPhone 7 Waterproof

Short Review of iPhone 7 Waterproof Specification

The new era in iPhone smartphone specifications is marked by the presence of the iPhone 7 which has the advantage of a water-resistant body. This is nothing new, but with this breakthrough brought the iPhone still has a lot of users.

If you buy this type of smartphone, you will get the guarantee that the iPhone 7 will remain strong even though it is in the water for 30 minutes or does not exceed a depth of 1 meter. A very interesting advantage for iPhone users. Even so, there are still many people who do not believe in this claim, so many sources provide reviews and water resistance tests for this model of iPhone.

This is common for iPhone lovers because these claims are still new and the price offered is also high. The buyers certainly do not want to lose and only believe the claim for granted. Where Apple also claims that the iPhone 7 is dustproof. Then how does this iPhone 7 look? 

As previously mentioned, the iPhone 7 has the advantage of sophisticated features and specifications, evolving according to its era. The color offered is a glossy black, elegant color, and very suitable for any nuances. iPhone 7 already uses the A10 chip and the material is metal aluminum. 

Although made of metal, this phone is thin, and light but still gives the impression of being sturdy. Weighing 143 grams, the iPhone 7 Plus feels quite comfortable to hold. In addition to the glossy black color, you can choose silver, gold, and pink for a glamorous and luxurious appearance.

The advantages of the iPhone 7 Plus come with a home button that can be said to have completely changed. In the previous series, the button was designed as a mechanical button that could make a clicking sound or give the impression of movement when pressed. the most important feature is that the iPhone 7 plus can be waterproof and anti-dust with IP67 certification. However, we may still wonder is iPhone 7 waterproof before knowing the facts. So, keep reading because we have a review from trusted sources about it.

Experiments and Tests for iPhone Water Resistance 

Is iPhone 7 waterproof? This is the most common question when the manufacturer comes with the claim for it. If you are an iPhone fan, then this claim can be one of the considerations for buying or upgrading an iPhone 7. Apple has worked hard to be able to display a waterproof smartphone so as not to lose its fans around the world. 

Apple also sees that there are a lot of problems with the iPhone due to its lack of resistance to water or drowning conditions. While repair costs for this type of broken are not cheap. When the iPhone 7 came, the fans were very enthusiastic.

Even though the claim this product is waterproof the iPhone 7 does not provide a warranty in cases involving a lot of water spills or drowning. So, it all depends on your usage, you bear the risk. If it's just a splash of water, it looks like it will be safe and won't affect your iPhone's work.

Well, you can read reviews or watch videos about the iPhone's water resistance test. Apple claims that this thing has an ip67 rating. This value means it can survive submerged at a depth of about 1 meter with a duration of 30 minutes. 

A video from the well-known platform showcases this test for the iPhone 7 by submerging it in a swimming pool. By leaving it in the water for about 15 minutes, there are data obtained. The first thing that is assessed is the function of the speaker. This test proves that if there is a slight problem the speaker becomes less clear.

The sensitivity on the iPhone 7 screen is no problem, smooth like dry conditions. The home button also works well including the volume up and volume down buttons. When tested by playing a song, the top speaker doesn't work even though the speakers used are stereo. It will probably take 5 hours to dry and see if the speakers will be normal. 

At the end of the video, the creator explains that after the test and drying it for 24 hours, he retests these functions. The conclusion obtained, this iPhone 7 has a pretty good water resistance, only the speaker has problems. However, the user must be very careful and never accidentally drop it in the water. 

This test might be enough to answer whether is iPhone 7 waterproof. You should bear in your mind that iPhone 7 is water-resistant rather than waterproof. However, the result may be different for other reviews based on the duration for plunging and the depth as well as the indicators tested for iPhone 7.

Q and A and More about is iPhone 7 Waterproof?  

Many users still are curious about what Apple offers on iPhone 7 especially the claim for its waterproof. So, through this QNA you can understand more about the specification and the related information. 

If my iPhone 7 gets wet, can I change it? 

Not, please dry it first. You can first unplug all the cables connected to your iPhone 7. Connecting to electrical sources or using the accessories will only make your phone more damaged. Until the device completely dried, you cannot do this activity.

If iPhone 7 is waterproof, what are the things I can do?

That’s okay to only take a photograph near the beach or pool. However, Apple never suggests users take it swimming. If someday, you unconsciously take it to the water, you can dry it and check whether all the functions working well.

If it cannot run after the plunge out, what should I do?

You have the decision after it is dry, it may work or die forever. You are lucky if it can function again. However, Apple does not guarantee the issues of liquid damage. 

However, the claim offered by the product, it is always recommended to take care of it well. As many tests suggest being aware of using the iPhone 7. So, is iPhone 7 waterproof? It goes as the additional information since there is no guarantee for liquid damage from the manufacturer. 

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