iPhone XS Max Resolution, Is It Still Worth Buying?

iPhone XS Max Resolution - Who would have known that the iPhone XS Max resolution could be the main reason why many still want to buy this phone. Even though if you look at the year of release, it's been 3 years and the 4 latest iPhone series has passed. But is it really still worth it?

iPhone has always had a secret weapon to make its phones sell well in the market. Not only with the branding, but also with a number of features that make it even more interesting. Especially the design that is out of the box, no other competitor uses this.

iPhone XS Max resolution
iPhone XS Max resolution

The cellphone screen has become one of the most essential things if you want to use it as a daily driver. For example, when you are bored and want to watch Youtube videos, a sharp screen with a high resolution will give an impression of “This is Cool!”

It's different today, but the resolution is still the same as 10 years ago. Less than 5 minutes and people watching the video will feel bored. And this also makes us feel that for the purchase of the iPhone XS Max, the resolution of this phone is still the champion.

Details of iPhone XS Max Resolution

Regarding screen resolution, the iPhone XS Max is quite decent, or we might say it's one of the best for now. With a 6.5-inch size, iPhone XS Max can produce a resolution of up to 2688 x 1242 px. About the aspect ratio of the screen itself is around 19.5: 9.

Regarding pixel density, the iPhone XS Max Resolution produces 458 ppi and is equivalent to an OLED panel. It's still not AMOLED, but blacks are made darker, and bright colors are made more prominent. And about color, you can still rely on the iPhone XS Max.

Including for edition or regular viewing purposes, the iPhone XS Max screen is able to reproduce as many as 16 million more colors with a contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1. It's even cooler because it has been added with Dolby Vision Support and Wide Color Support.

Other iPhone XS Max Resolution and the Specifications

From the specifications of this all-screen OLED screen, are you more interested in buying the iPhone XS Max now? We recommend not to be too hasty, there are many other things regarding the specifications, particularly, so that you don't regret buying it.

Moreover, the iPhone XS Max has been launched in September 2018, which for most people is no longer sufficient. Apart from the iPhone XS Max Resolution, other specifications are still very supportive for productivity, and you can see for yourself:

The Design

  1. Width: 77.4 mm
  2. Height: 157.5 mm
  3. Weight: 208 g
  4. Thickness: 7.7 mm


  1. Resolution: 1242 x 2688 px
  2. Screen Density: 456 ppi
  3. Screen Size: 6.5 inches


  1. Battery Capacity: 3174 mAh
  2. Non-Removable


  1. Front Camera Resolution: 7 MP
  2. Main Camera Resolution: 12 MP
  3. Main Camera Video Resolution: 2160 px
  4. Optical Zoom
  5. Optical Stabilization: Yes

With Its iPhone XS Max Resolution worth Buying?

From here, can we conclude that the iPhone XS Max is worth buying? In terms of price, the value is still very varied, especially since the iPhone XS Max is almost impossible to get items in 100% new condition, Apple Factory no longer produces them.

The purchase price of the iPhone XS Max is in the range of 4 million to 6 million, and this depends on the condition of the phone as well. With that price and you've got an Apple product, then we think it's still very worth it. 

iPhone XS Max is suitable if consumers demand a decent iPhone at a cheaper price. The design is also still very compatible with the typical style of today's iPhones, only nots in the middle. But again, this is worth buying for those who want to try using the iPhone.

For Those Who Wanted to buy iPhone XS Max, Here’s How to Get Full Experience

The screen alone is not enough if you want to experience the perfect use of Apple products. This iPhone XS Max resolution is indeed superior, but don't just use it for watching movies. You can use mode to optimize Apple products’ experience by doing these!

Master Portrait Mode

There is nobody that can doubt the iPhone's camera. But to get the full experience of it, you need to try the portrait mode. It will give you the best photos you have ever seen with the focus on the main object being so clear.

Use Depth Control

iPhone XS Max Resolution can also be used to view clearer images. Especially when you want better photo editing, you no longer need to use Photoshop. Just using depth control can be good.

Maximize the Notification Center

The screen resolution and the experience of using the iPhone will be useless if you can't maximize the features provided. When you're watching a movie, a lot of notifications can be annoying. So just use the notification center.

Maximize the Resolution by Split View

iPhone XS Max Resolution will still be maximized if you use a split view. This means you can still work on something else while watching a movie or video. Don't worry, the screen resolution will not decrease even if you use a split view.

Always Use Facetime

The iPhone experience is perfect if you use a video-based calling service with Facetime. This service is much more fun than if you use Whatsapp or others. Just try to contact friends via Facetime.

Use Siri

If you want to set your iPhone XS Max Resolution to a lower one to save battery life, then you can also use Siri. Siri is a tool on mobile for all options. This is the feature that helps the job the most.

Don't Forget to Update the iOS

iPhone XS Max will continue to receive the latest iOS updates for the next 2 years. This is one of their superior values as well compared to Android phones which only get the latest update in 3 versions. So, don't forget to update iOS to make it more optimal.

iPhone users no longer need to be busy looking for cell phone alternatives that create experience and productivity. iPhone has always provided that, so every detail on their phone is always max. Included with the incredible iPhone XS Max Resolution.

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