iPhone Two Factor Authentication and Why You Need It

iPhone two factor Authentication - iPhone two factor authentication is something that is important and always needed. It deals with personal data and important information, especially those on mobile phones. And luckily if on the iPhone, there is already this authentication feature so it becomes practical!

Two factor authentication (2FA) is a layered security system. There is a special process when logging in to ensure that the identity of the mobile user is the same as the one who is accessing it. This keeps the user's username and password protected.

iPhone two factor authentication
iPhone two factor authentication

It uses electronic systems only to ensure user accounts are secure. Usually, there is a combination that determines the online account and all the processes so that they are always safe. If on the iPhone itself, usually, this security system will protect the Apple ID.

If two-factor authentication is turned on, then Apple ID can only be logged in on trusted devices. There will be a special code sent to the initial device to make sure it is you. People who know your password can't just access it anymore!

What Is iPhone Two Factor Authentication and How Does It Work?

As we mentioned earlier, this relates to the security of Apple ID and personal data on the phone. It's like a second level of the security so that when a device wants to log into someone's Apple ID, the owner knows and provides the code.

For example, your Apple ID is known to other people, and they can guess the password until they find the right combination of letters and numbers. Once they manage to get the password, there will be iPhone two-factor authentication that secures it.

From the email or SMS, a 6-digit code will be sent which you need to enter again into the device trying to enter it. Never tell anyone else about this number. And when there is a notification like this suddenly, we suggest you to change the password.

How Can You Turn On or Off the iPhone Two Factor Authentication?

So, actually, the advantages offered are extraordinary. You can more securely enter credit card and personal data in the iPhone if you turn that feature on. So, if you are already interested and will rely on this feature, then here's how to turn it on and off:

  1. Turn on your iPhone and open Settings
  2. Click on your name menu at the top of the screen
  3. Tap the Password & Security menu
  4. Once you get in, scroll and look photo Two-Factor Authentication
  5. Set the toggle to green, and your iPhone is protected by the Two Factor Authentication

Types of iPhone Two Factor Authentication You Need to Understand

Seeing the advantages that have been presented from this two-factor authentication system, it would be strange if there are people who still ignore this one feature. But before that, you also need to know that these security systems are much more varied, such as:

  1. Hardware – The digital code if there's another device connect with iPhone with the wire
  2. SMS and Voice – Authentication code using text or voice message
  3. Software – Every installation code
  4. Push Notification – Code to be Filled in particular websites
  5. Biometrics – Using biometrics or something physical about the owner to verify
  6. Location – Could not be accessed outside the registered area only

Is iPhone Two Factor Authentication Really Secure?

We think, for now, the Two Factor Authentication system is the most secure. There isn't a system that's more sophisticated than two-factor authentication yet, but there certainly will be. We also do not guarantee 100 percent security, but this can avoid the cybercrime.

Moreover, your main phone will get a notification if someone else tries to log into a certain account. Except for hackers, they can completely bypass the 2FA system. But for ordinary people, two factor authentication is the most secure.

Sites that Need Your iPhone Two Factor Authentication

Actually, this system should not only exist on one platform, or your phone. It will be much safer if this system is used in a number of important applications. What we mean by important applications to be much more secure from cybercrime are:

Apple ID

The first and most common is Apple ID. This is very mandatory for you to turn it on the iPhone two factor authentication options. All personal data and files on iPhone need access to Apple ID, so it becomes one of the most vital roles.


Facebook as a social media that many users also need security. You can visit this application and enter the settings menu. Select Security and Login, then click on the Use Two Factor Authentication menu, so it will be enabled on your FB App.


Gmail is also a mandatory place for a layered security system to be installed. iPhone two factor Authentication and Gmail are one package. So, every time someone wants to access your email profile, they have to fill in the verification code first.


We recommend Instagram users to always try this one security feature. Especially on Instagram, you and your friends interact a lot. If you don't want hackers or other people to read the message, just turn on the security system.


Twitter is almost the same as Instagram, and the way to turn on this system is also similar. iPhone two factor Authentication needs to be turned on on Twitter to prevent other people from using tweets for anything unusual.


Paypal is an application that is engaged in the payment sector. If the balance that you have entered into PayPal is not taken by someone else, then use this system instead. Other Rangers become unable to send money carelessly through your account.

Online Marketplace

You also don't want to suddenly buy a lot of goods, even though you weren't the one who made the transaction, were you? Especially if the price is expensive and you need to pay for those unexpected expenses. So, use a layered system!

Now, you immediately follow the methods that we have mentioned earlier so that your phone can be more protected from all kinds of dangers on the internet. Hacking to other cybercrime, iPhone two factor authentication is a weapon to prevent that from happening.

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