iPhone Set to Vibrate for Notifications and Alarms

iPhone Set to Vibrate - Do you often make your iPhone set to vibrate for every notification or event alarm? If you are a fan who is more silent, then using the vibrate feature is much better than having to listen to loud voices. So, here's how!

iPhone, we deserve to say that everything is complete. Starting from features and services, anything is number 1 in the gadget business. One more thing that you may not know much about, is that the iPhone you are currently using can vibrate for notifications.

iPhone set to vibrate
iPhone set to vibrate

Maybe most people only know that this feature can be activated for calls. But other facts prove that ordinary notifications and alarms can also be set to only vibrate. As a result, the entire room does not need to hear a very loud ringtone.

Now, what you need to do is to find out how to actually set the vibration to HP. After that, you can also freely customize any ringtone and vibration. So, take a look at all the information we mentioned below:

How Can Your iPhone Set to Vibrate?

Before discussing too much, you must have been confused about how a cell phone that looks like it doesn't have a vibrator can suddenly vibrate. Even when in silent mode, there is absolutely no vibration on the iPhone even though there are notifications.

If you're curious about how everything from iPhone to vibrate works, we'll also explain to you below. In short, there are 2 methods so that the iPhone can vibrate, namely off-center mass and also resonance which makes the iPhone set to vibrate.

The first is due to rotation with an off-center mass. You may be hearing this word for the first time, but you should know that it is the most commonly used system on all iPhones. It is small, only 10 mm long.

Although small, this tool is also what makes the iPhone set to vibrate. The driving motor in the middle of this tool makes the phone sound like a buzz. Despite its very small size, the resulting rotation reaches a speed of 100 times per second.

If this Resonance is different from the Rotation of Off-centre Mass. This resonance makes the device vibrate but not vibrate. This is more of an up and down movement, and what causes this up and down movement is the magnet and coil wire.

This resonance is much more reliable than using an off-center mass vibrator. The size is also not large, but it uses an electrical system that makes this up and down movement quite fast. So, almost the same as the usual vibrate system.

Whose iPhone Set to Vibrate and What are the Advantages?

Some feel that why the cellphone is set to be vibrate, even though there are many ringtones available. But basically, this is not far from the taste of people, who want to get notifications by sound or motion. 

Therefore, the iPhone set to vibrate is increasingly popular in today's era for various reasons. Not that the ringtone provided by Apple is not good. But the reasons why more people choose to have this vibrate installed on their phone include:

No making Any Sound

The first is because the vibration doesn't make any sound. Especially in places where there should be little noise such as a movie theater or office, as this can be distracting to other people. So, your phone can stay quiet everytime.

Keep Notified Even in Crowded Area

If you are in a crowded place and only use a sound system without vibration, then we guarantee that you will not notice. Therefore, the iPhone set to vibrate in a crowded area. For example in the market, you know when a call comes in.

Safe Your Battery

Did you know that actually every incoming call is a threat to your cell phone? It pushes your phone's energy and moves it down. Safe your battery by changing notification and alarm to vibrate only will be better.

Not Distracted to See the Notification

If you're focused and suddenly hear any notifications, then you'll have a strong desire to check them out. This is clearly a nuisance. Therefore, you can be free from distractions by setting your iPhone silent.

iPhone Set to Vibrate is Also Work for the Alarm Clock, but How?

As for the alarm clock, you can actually do that, but are you sure you can wake up when there is no alarm ringtone? Maybe you've put your phone in your pants pocket, maybe you can wake up. Thus, iPhone sets to vibrate to alarm in this way:

  1. Open the Clock application on your iPhone
  2. Go to the Alarm tab and click the “+” button to add an alarm
  3. Set the alarm clock as you desire and go to Sound
  4. At the top of this menu, choose Vibration
  5. Go back to the sound and click None
  6. Tap the Back button and click Save
  7. Your alarm will set to vibrate at the time you decide

How Can You Make Your iPhone Set to Vibrate for Every Call and Notification?

Now, you know how to set it to alarm. But for notifications and calls, you actually need to know first. If you want to know how to set your iPhone to vibrate for every call and notification, this is how you can set it:

  1. Turn on your iPhone and go to the Settings app
  2. Scroll down and look for Sounds & Haptics menu
  3. Set the “vibrate” toggle to be on and switch it to Vibrate on Silence
  4. Next time you get any calls, it will just vibrate, not making any sound.

You Can Custom the Vibration as Well

And actually you can also set or custom vibration on your iPhone. This is probably still rarely known, but if you don't like the current vibration model, you can choose the iPhone set to vibrate as you desire, and this is how;

  1. Go to the Sounds & Haptics menu again in Settings
  2. Tap Vibration
  3. Choose the “Custom” menu
  4. Select “Create New Vibration:
  5. Set the pointer to when it should vibrate
  6. Then click apply to all alerts

Vibration mode is one of the most popular services right now. No one will refuse to get this vibration help because it can keep you notified in all conditions. iPhone set to vibrate can be started with a strategic multistep.

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