iPhone is Not Receiving Text Messages, What Happened?

iPhone is not receiving text messages - There are some issues can relate to the Apple products, one of them is when iPhone is not receiving text messages. It happened on some users and that can be annoying. 

The situation will be worse because most of them don’t know about the right ways to solve that. This problem most often occurs when you switch from an IOS phone to another type of smartphone.

iPhone is not receiving text messages
iPhone is not receiving text messages

However, somehow it can happen to anyone. Even if you've never owned an iPhone, if you have a new phone number, that number can be registered with Apple's iMessage by the previous owner.

So, knowing the right solution to fix the iPhone is not receiving text messages problem is important. Below is the complete explanations. 

Why this Problem Occurs? 

Before talking about the solutions, the very first thing needs to do is understanding why iPhone is not receiving text messages? What’s wrong with that smartphone? Are there any troubles? 

The Apple Messages app tries to be smart. If a user opens the Messages app and tries to send a text to a phone number, you might assume your device will only send that. But that's not going to happen.

Then the phone number will be checked whether it is connected to Apple's iMessage service or not. If it does, the app won't send standard SMS - it will send iMessage instead.

But it is possible for this system to cause problems. This most often happens if you switch from an iPhone to an Android or another type. What are The triggers? 

There are many things which can cause it. IPhone is not receiving text messages due to several factors. Everything will be discussed here.

The Initial Action to Do

If you don’t really sure about the reason of why iPhone is not receiving text messages ,it is recommended to do the tutorials below. So, follow these steps:

  1. Restart your devices 
  2. See the internet connection. To send a text as an iMessage, you will need the cellular days or a Wi-Fi connection. Mean while, to send an SMS, the cellular network is recommended. 
  3. Ask the operator to know whether they support any types of texts which you tried to send. Those are the SMS and MMS form. 
  4. If you tried to send MMS in a group, open the settings > messages. 
  5. Make sure that your phone has enough space or storage to receive the text or video.
  6. Please ensure that you inserted the right phone numbers or email address for that contact. 

If the Waiting for Activation alert is displayed, learn what to do. If you still need help, find your problem below, then learn what to do next. These are the early detection for an iPhone is not receiving text messages issue

If some Signs are Displayed

Sometimes maybe several signs are displayed through this problem. The example is like a red exclamation marks. If that was happened, here are the solutions:

  1. Look at the internet connection
  2. Click that red exclamation mark symbol and tap try again menu
  3. If the problem still exists, go to tap the symbol again and click send as a text message. The cost of sending may be applied. Call the operator for getting a further information.

Just remember that this way to fix iPhone is not receiving text messages is only for if the red exclamation mark appear. How about the green bubble sign? 

The green bubble means that the text was sent by using an SNS or mms. In the other words, it is not an iMessage type. There are some reasons for this case. First is that a receiver doesn’t use an apple device.

Second reason is that the iMessage is off in your phone or in the other. To check whether the iMessage is active or not, open the setting > message > iMessage.

The last cause is that the iMessage which is temporarily unavailable in your devices or receivers' phone. This issue is quite common to happen. 

Iphone is not Receiving Text Messages in a Device, But Not in the Others 

If you're using an iPhone and other iOS devices, such as an iPad, your iMessage settings may be set to receive and start texts from the Apple ID instead of a phone number. 

To check if the phone number is set to send and receive any SMS, go to Message > Settings, and then tap Send & Receive. If your phone number isn't displayed, you can link the IOS number to your Apple ID.

In order to send and receive iMessages from the phone number do the steps above. You can also set up Text Forwarding to send and receive MMS and SMS on all Apple devices.

A Trouble on Receiving the Group Messages

iPhone is not receiving text messages from the group media is also a popular issue. If you're in a group conversation and no longer receive any texts, check if you've logged out of the conversation. 

Go to Messages, and then tap the group part. If you see an information that says you've logged out of the conversation, you've left the talk or have been removed from the group. 

Users can only rejoin a group message if someone in the group adds them. If you're having other issues with group chat, it might need to delete the conversation and start a new one. To delete a group chats:

  1. Go to Messages, and then search for the conversation which want to delete.
  2. Swipe left on the conversation.
  3. Tap Delete there

Usually this step worked really well to solve iPhone is not receiving text messages. In order to avoid losses, it is a great idea to capture the screen in order to save any chats there. 

It is also recommended to call the Apple Support service center if this problem isn’t fixed yet. The customer service is having the proper experience to help. 

From the explanation above, it can be known that some factors may trigger this problem. iPhone is not receiving text messages could be caused by your internet, and more. 

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