How to Video Record Screen iPhone, Prepare for the Problems!

Video Record Screen iPhone - On the iOS operating system, there is one of their mainstay features, namely the video record screen iPhone. Screen Recording can be done with Apple's default application without the need for help from other developers for record the screen.

When using a cell phone from iOS nowadays, you will definitely feel that this phone offers a lot of conveniences. From features to settings, everything is for the convenience of the user. So this is also the reason why the iPhone has no fans.

Video Record Screen iPhone
Video Record Screen iPhone

So, what phone are you currently using, or the latest iPhone series? If you require a screen recording now no longer need to bother. You don't need to also install unofficial applications and only fill storage because there are features from Apple.

Screen record itself can be done to record all activities carried out on the cellphone. When playing games you can also record this so that other people can watch it. So we believe that there is a Video Record feature on the iPhone, it will be very helpful.

The Easiest Way to Video Record Screen iPhone

Because these features already exist, what you need to do now is find out how to make this screen perfectly recorded. If you need steps from the beginning until the screen record is successfully recorded perfectly, these are the way:

  1. Turn on your iPhone and go to Settings
  2. In Settings, scroll down and look for Control Center
  3. Tap the Customize Controls menu
  4. Scroll down again and click the “+” button for Screen Recording
  5. Go back to the video screen that wanted to be recorded
  6. Swipe down to see your control Center again
  7. Tap the circle icon and your recording will begin after 3 seconds
  8. Tap Microphone On if you want to set it to Audible
  9. Once you are done, scroll down to Control Center again and tap the Circle icon to end the recording

Why the Video Record Screen iPhone Can't Record During Playing Game

One of the most common reasons why many people use screen recording is because they want to record while playing games. Maybe to show off that his abilities have improved or want to see replays again after the match in the game.

But the most common problem with the video record screen iPhone is not being able to record games. Some games are not working with the screen record tools. And this is definitely one of the things that drain the emotions of the simultaneously mobile users the most.

Therefore, if your iPhone can't record during game time, you can reset it in Settings. Then go to the Screen Time menu, and select Content & Privacy Restrictions. Select Content Restrictions and Game Center, then go to the Screen Recording menu and click Allow.

Do I Need to Update iOS Version to Get Video Record Screen iPhone?

One of the reasons that screen recording won't run is that the iOS version is not optimal. This time its a version of iOS 15, and if you're still using iOS 12, then it's likely that this screen recording feature won't work on your iPhone anymore.

In some cases, there are phones that can still run screen records on phones whose iOS version is outdated. But it would be better if iOS is always up to date. Updating your iOS can ensure that screen recording problems don't happen again and again.

Problems that Might Occurred During and After Video Record Screen iPhone

The last point we discussed was the screen recording problem, and there are a number of common problems and issues that occur on iPhone phones during and after screen recording. As for several problems that might occur when doing screen records are:

No Sound

The first and most sought-after issue is No Sound. When video record screen iPhone, many expect that the sound in the game or video will also be in the recording. If not, then select Microphone On so you can record sound.

Screen Record Directly Shut Down When Screen Mirroring

Screen Records also cannot be done when you are doing a screen mirror. Both need the same software so that when you do a screen mirror or even share the screen, the screen record can stop immediately.

Take Up Your Storage

You also need to know that every time you video record screen iPhone, a lot of storage capacity will be used. Screen Recording won't work if your storage is full. So, make sure there is still plenty of capacity so that it doesn't end up suddenly.

Nowhere to See the Recording Result

There are also those who experience screen recording problems because they do not know where the recording results are stored. Some think that the recording file will go to the document folder. But if you're looking for it, then it's in the Gallery.

Ways to Fix the Video Record Screen iPhone Problems

It doesn't stop there, problems can appear again and again when you do a screen record. But take it easy, every time there is a problem with screen records, the iPhone always has a solution. If you're looking for a way to fix these problems, then here's the solution:

Install a Third-Party App

There's nothing easier than solving video record screen iPhone problems with third-party apps. You just have to install it in the App store screen recording app that assumed was the best. And after that, the iPhone will be used again smoothly.

Restart Your iPhone

There may be a minor bug issue that causes the iPhone to overheat or an error occurs. You just have to restart and we guarantee that all functions will return to normal. If it's still not resolved, there are still effective ways that can be used.

Turn Off the Low Power Mode

The trick is to turn off the Low Power Mode. This function is to save battery and make the phone background not run. And because the low power mode feature is also what makes the video record screen iphone is not optimal.

The phone will be optimal if we take care of it. Otherwise, there will be many problems that arise if we don't understand how things work first. Just like for the video record screen iPhone, you must first know what the problem is, and the solution must be there.

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