How to Solve iPhone Stuck at Apple Screen Problem

iPhone stuck at Apple screen - IPhone stuck at Apple screen is a quite complicated problem for some users and maybe you are knew kg them. This issue makes someone is unable operate his device properly.

Furthermore, it will be hard for you to enter the home screen menu when this problem occured. Based on some sources, it is usually caused by the fail operation system when the initial prklocesd or booting done. 

iPhone stuck at Apple screen
iPhone stuck at Apple screen

That is why; a re-booting process may be done for this case. The cause could be a broken hardware or components inside the phone. A further check up is needed. 

Bootloop or stuck in the Apple logo, is a common problem on these devices. Boorloop is a condition where your IOS doesn't respond to anything that's done like sliding the screen, pressing the home button and more, and just stuck in the logo.

One thing for sure is that this iPhone stuck at Apple screen must be solved as soon as possible. Below are some easy ways which you can follow to solve that problem as soon as possible. 

Force Restart Option

It is the first thing to try. The force restart way is different based on the iPhone model used by a user. For the 6S variant or older, it can be done by press and hold the power and home button at the same time. 

You may stop to hold and press these buttons after the Apple logo is displayed at the screen. For the 7 and 7 Plus model, you may do a force restart by pressing and holding the volume down and power button at the same time.

Do this method after the logo is displayed. Actually, It the easiest and simplest option to solve the iPhone stuck at Apple screen issue. 

Please note one thing where it is important to understand what is the cause of this problem. Usually, that may lead the users for finding the best actions. 

Besides that, the experts always recommend to choose a solution based on the version of your phone. Share and have a discussion to the other people who have more knowledge to solve this iPhone stuck at Apple screen.

Connect it to the iTunes 

If the first method above didn’t work, you may try to connect the device to a computer. Before, please make sure that the computer has been installing the iTunes.

If it is still able to be read, you may do a restore via iTunes. This restore process will make your device experienced a re-installation. The whole data will be gone and back to initial setup. 

However, some people said that this method is worked to solve iPhone stuck at Apple screen. If before you have ever done a backup process, there is a step to do. 

After the iTunes Restore finished, please continue to a process called restore from backup. The tutorials are widely spread in so many sources such as internet and so on. 

Restore and Re-Install your iOS

Sometimes maybe the ways above are still not able to solve your iPhone stuck at Apple screen issue. If it was happened to you, please try this third way.

To do so, come to the mode of recovery first before doing a restore with the iTunes. Below are some steps to do this recovery mode process:

For the iPhone and iPad

For these models, the solution can be done with home button. To Do so, hold and press power + home button. Then connect your data cable to the iTunes. This is the first step and then there is still another way to do. The detail methods can make you get the best result at the end.

For the IPhone 7 and 7 Plus

For these models, press and hold the power + volume down button at the same time. Connect the data cable to iTunes after the screen displayed a recovery mode. 

8 version or newest ones 

To do a recovery mode as a first step in solving the iPhone stuck at Apple screen problem is by pressing and releasing the volume down. After that press the side button.

Connect the data cable to an iTunes and release the buttons after displaying the recovery mode. Please ensure to do the process properly. 

What to do after the Recovery Mode?

After entering the recovery mode with the modes above, there is still one more thing to do in order to solve the iPhone stuck at Apple screen. Usually, there will be a notification displayed by iTunes. 

If it was already displayed, use the restore mode and your iPhone device will do a re-installation process. This restore needs an internet connection, especially in your computer.

Usually, people can solve this problem by using one of the ways above. However, how if none of them is worked? If that was the case, maybe there is a problem with the hardware. 

To solve that, please come to the official Apple store, service center, or the authorized service provider. Their experts will help you with this iPhone stuck at Apple screen problem. 

Use the Third Party Tool to Fix Iphone Stuck at Apple Screen

You can repair yout smartphone without losing/damaging the data inside by using third-party tools. In this article using iMyFone iOS System Recovery could be a nice way to try. In order to do the whole processes successfully, please Follow some steps below and enjoy the amazing result. 

  1. Download the trial version of iOS iMyFone Fixppo for iOS system recovery tool. Connect your device to a computer. Start the program and from the main window, select "Standard Mode”.
  2. iMyFone iOS system recovery detects the iPhone version and helps you download the corresponding firmware automatically.
  3. The program will start repairing your phone as soon as it finishes downloading the firmware. Your device restarts automatically after iMyfone D-Back fixes the iOS.
  4. Use Recovery Mode to Restore the phone to Factory Settings

So, this last way deserves to be tried because it has been practiced by some users and it worked. Make sure to choose the best action for you to fix the iPhone stuck at Apple screen.

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