How to Move Contacts from an Android to an iPhone

how to move contacts from an Android to an IPhone - Do you want to know about how to move contacts from an Android to an iPhone? Both of them come from the different company and moving the contacts may need several steps.

Since they come from the different brands, the ecosystem is also not the same. However, thanks to the Google account since it can be a together space which my help you to do several actions. 

how to move contacts from an Android to an iPhone
how to move contacts from an Android to an iPhone

Those are like moving data, documents, up to the contacts. Besides that, there are also some other tools which can be used to do these things. 

So, due to the how to move contacts from an Android to an iPhone, there are some options. Read the information below to make sure everything and choose the best one. 

Small Explanation about the Method

The android user can transfer their contact to IOS device by using the different methods. The example is like using a mover app to IOS which is developed by Apple to help you transferring the data. 

This application can be used when you maintain the iPhone. However, another option is by using a Google account or using a VCF FILE. It is beneficial to transfer the numbers manually. 

Furthermore, another recommended step in how to move contacts from an Android to an iPhone is from your SIM card. Each of them have the different steps and methods which need to be understood. 

Is it difficult to do? Actually it is a little complicated, but not that hard. As long as it is followed properly, the results can be great.

First Method: Using a Google Account 

Another way to how to move contacts from an Android to an iPhone is from the google account. If you already used the android phone with Google account for a long time, try this way. 

It is because there is a possibility that the whole cellular contacts have been synchronized to that account. So, make sure that you have already backed up your device and do the steps below:

  1. Open the setting menu in your Androidphone and choose the “accounts and sync” option there 
  2. Insert your detail GMAIL account and Activate the synchronize. Now, the synchronized process will be started as soon as possible. 
  3. The next tutorial is opening your new iPhone key and open the settings part. 
  4. Tap account and password menu to add the GMAIL account. 
  5. Make sure that the whole contacts are activated for that account. 

So, it is done. You are able to try this method, but remember the requirement that a GMAIL account must have been connected for a long time.

The Follow Up Steps with the Google Account 

Related in how to move contacts from an Android to an iPhone with this account, there is a follow up action. It is done to ensure the process is functioned properly in the future. You should consider to do these things. So, check the complete tutorials below:

  1. Go to the setting menu
  2. Find the menu of accounts and passwords and then choose add account, do that by clicking more and Then click the “add card DAV account”
  3. Now fill the box with your detail information. For the server part, please type the “”.
  4. Press the NEXT icon which is located at the upper part of the screen 
  5. Last, make sure that the contacts option is ON. 

After this preparation process, open the contact’s application in your device and synchronize will be started automatically between the iPhone and your Google account. 

Every time you manage any smartphone, this Google holds the keys to whole numbers. That is why; it is essential to learn about this process. 

How to Move Contacts from an Android to an iPhone: use a vcf file

Maybe you don’t want to be annoyed by everything related to cloud. There are some ways to move the numbers manually to the IOS devices. The only thing to do is making a VCF file.

After that, transfer that file to the IOS phone and open to take the whole Data inside there. Below are the easy steps to follow:

  1. Open your Android device and continue to the “contacts” app
  2. Tap menu button showed by the three dots symbol or signs
  3. Then choose the import /export option, click the export to the storage.
  4. The ways above are to making the VCF file. Now, save it in your device.
  5. Get this file in your iPhone and sent it there through an email
  6. Open that and the IOS device will ask you to add the whole numbers

Just follow how to move contacts from an Android to an iPhone and everything will be finished in a minute. 

Using Your SIM Card

Another simple method is by using your SIM card. It is a beneficial way and also easy to do. It is especially for those who are having any troubles with the google account, getting offline, or etc. 

However, users may use Yahoo mail to send the VCF file to email and open the contact with VCF file in your IOS device. Before that, open the application first to find that phone number. 

Last but not least of how to move contacts from an Android to an iPhone is easy. Everything is based on your device manufacturer because the tutorial can be not the same. 

The example is like Samsung where a user should tap OK the manag contact first and then click the export / import option. Then export to your SIM card after that.

Mean while, another manufacturer such as Huawei must open the settings menu first, and so On. After you entered the SIM card and turn the IOS devices on, Do the steps above in order to use this card. 

After that, a transfer process will be started as soon as possible. The tutorials above are worked and it has been proven by many users. Now you know how to move contacts from an Android to an iPhone and choose the best one.

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