How to Get Water Out of a iPhone Speaker & What Will Happen?

How to get water out of a iPhone speaker - Wait, wait wait, your iPhone gets into the water and you are looking for the answer on how to get water out of a iPhone Speaker? Don't worry, your phone won't be in any danger, as long as you act fast. We have several methods you can use.

It's not uncommon for people to panic when their phone gets water in them. Even though their phones are waterproof, getting water in them is something we can't all ignore. Surely we immediately find a way so that there is no worse problem.

how to get water out of a iPhone Speaker
how to get water out of a iPhone Speaker

Especially if the iPhone, we would really want the condition to be 100% maximum. If you accidentally enter the water, you don't need to panic, and just do what the treatment should be. And always remember, not all ways you can do it, some actually make it worse.

It would be even worse if water got into the speakers. The place where the sound is emitting may make a strange sound, such as a cracked bass or even an unpleasant sound. If this is the case, follow our guide to getting all the water out.

Here's What You Need to do First on How to Get Water Out of a iPhone Speaker

The key is not to panic, because there are many ways and methods that can be used to get the water out of your iPhone. Not only that, you certainly don't want to continue to hear unpleasant sounds coming out of the iPhone's top and bottom speakers.

Recognizing that many often drop their phones into the water, there are also more ways to get water out of the speakers. If you are also experiencing something like this, this is the How to get water out of a iPhone speaker very quickly:

Use the Sonic V App from the App Store

First, you just need to use a special application, namely Sonic V App. You can get the Sonic V App on the App Store and specifically, its function is to get water out of the devices. If you want to try this method, here's how to do it:

  1. Download and Install the Sonic V app from the App Store
  2. Once it's done, launch the App
  3. On the home page, set the toggle to Speaker
  4. Increase your volume to maximum and set the speaker facing down
  5. On the app, click on the Start Cleaning options
  6. There will be some sounds and songs that will help the water to get out
  7. Try it again if there's still the buzz sound on the speaker

Use the Rice Method

Rice is known as one of the tools for those of you who are looking for ways How to get water out of a iPhone speaker. It's not completely effective, but it's worth trying. So, these are the steps to do the rice method for speakers:

  1. Take rice and put it in a big bowl
  2. Fill the rice in the bowl completely
  3. Take your phone and plunge it down in the bowl
  4. Make sure there's no part of your iPhone that can still be seen
  5. Wait for it to dry and it will take about 24-48 hours
  6. Take your phone out and try the speaker again
  7. f it still doesn't work properly, put it in again for more than 24 hours

Use the Silica Gel Packs

Instead of you being busy looking for rice and it takes a long time, there is an alternative that is considered more effective, namely silica gel. This gel can absorb water as well as dirt in the speaker. With this, you only need to do this:

  1. Buy silica gel
  2. Hold down the speaker for a few seconds
  3. Hold that and pull
  4. See if there's still water in it or not
  5. If there's still water there, repeat it

Use Water Eject Shortcut

iPhone also has a special Shortcut for those who are still looking for the answer on how to get water out of a iPhone speaker. The shortcut is an application on the iPhone that provides easy access to its users, just with these steps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Look for Shortcuts
  3. Set the toggle to on and Allow Untrusted Shortcuts
  4. Go to the Shortcut app and add Water Eject
  5. Until it is set to your iPhone, tap My Shortcuts
  6. Tap the Water Ejects and set your iPhone volume to Max
  7. Begin the water ejection

Using Fan or Blower

There is also another way and surely all of them already exist, namely using a fan or a blower. But this is attempted to be done after all the above methods do not work. This method is also quite easy, to point the speaker down and blow the speaker.

Before Get Water out from Speaker, We Suggest You Do These Things First

And all of the above methods should also not be done carelessly. Some are even more damaged because they do not follow the right procedures. What you should do first before how to get water out of a iPhone speaker are:

  1. Switch Off your iPhone
  2. Pat-Dry It
  3. Remove SIM Card

Don't do this on How to get water out of a iPhone speaker

Our advice is, never to do all of these procedures with the cellphone still on. This liquid damage is very dangerous, especially for the phone's internals. Not to mention that your iPhone's LCD can look like there are bubbles.

Another don'ts on how to get water out of a iPhone speaker is don't use the phone first. Better to leave it to dry on its own and never plug the charger in. It is difficult to remove the water on the charging port, so do not directly insert the power tool.

Go to Apple Store or Tech Genius If None of Those Can Help

And as a final piece of advice, if you want the safest way, then we recommend that you try taking the phone to an Apple Store. Or not, at least just go to Tech Genius to fix it. The risk is less, but as a result, the phone is saved.

iPhone is a device that is already waterproof, but every user will feel worried if their phone gets wet. Therefore, just as a suggestion from us, you don't need to panic. Use the correct method of how to get water out of a iPhone speaker.

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