How to Find the iPhone Backup Location on Mac Easily

iPhone Backup Location on Mac - The IOS users always want to know about the iPhone backup location on Mac. It is because saving your data into the other places are important. The examples are on iCloud or even the external hard drive. 

One more method to do is storing the data on your Mac computer. The question is About where to get that place of storage? Besides that, is it possible for users to find it? 

iPhone backup location on Mac
iPhone backup location on Mac

Thanks God because actually they are not that difficult to find. There are some simple ways which you can do to do this action. All you need to understand is about the process. 

Don’t forget to choose one of the iPhone backup location on Mac ways which suitable with your condition. Below are the complete explanations about it. 

Finding The iPhone Backup Location on Mac by applying iTunes 

It must be understood that the IOS devices are synchronized through ITunes as well. That is why; you can access the whole day and through this popular software. Below are the tutorials:

  1. Open the iTunes and choose preferences menu from there
  2. The box pops up after that. Next, click devices from there 
  3. You will see the currently stored documents, data, and so on. 
  4. For manipulating it, click any back ups that you want to access, archive or even delete in a finder.
  5. Choose the show in finder part and then copy the whole back ups

Those are the whole ways you need to do. Just follow the easy steps above and it is able to do any accesses just what you want to. However, it is recommended to not break the data. 

To do so and make sure this iPhone backup location on Mac process can be done properly , here are the tips:

  1. Finder and iTunes save everything to the Backup folder. The Place can be varied based on the operating system. While you can copy that, users can't move it to another folder, external drive, or network drive
  2. Do not edit, move, rename, or extract content from back up files. For example, to recover from a moved file, you must move that thing back to where it came from in the back-up folder or the file will not work.
  3. Back-ups serve as secure copies of almost all your device's data and settings. So while you can view or access the contents, that isn't usually saved in a format you can read.

Find the iPhone Backup Location on Mac

Finding the location of this data is also essential to do. Unfortunately, not all people are able to do that thing. So, you should understand about that and here are the ways:

  1. Click the magnifying glass in the menu bar.
  2. Type or copy and paste the following text: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/
  3. Choose return 

To Get the list, Tap the lists there. It can be seen that the whole points are there. Choose the ones which you are looking for. 

Due to This iPhone backup location on Mac, maybe you want to search for certain back-ups. Here are the steps, but please note that it is only for the Catalina Mac OS type or even the newer systems:

  1. Open finder and then click your Device. 
  2. Tap the manage back-ups to get all of the lists. From there, right click the backup that you want and then choose show in Finder. The other options are delete or archive.
  3. Click OK after that. 

Meanwhile, to iPhone backup location on Mac with the Mojave Operating system, or even longer than that, the steps can be a little bit different. Below is the information:

  1. Open your iTunes then the smartphone option
  2. Choose preference and click devices. From there, right click the back-ups which you want to find, and choose show in a finder. It can be deleted or archived as well. 
  3. Tap the OK button if you have finished. 

It is so easy, isn’t it? One tips is that make sure that you know the operating system. That will be easier for you to find the right actions to do. 

Deleting or Copying the Backed up In MAC or PC

To do so Do not edit, move, rename, or extract content from your back-up because they may damage the file. You can create a copy or delete that is no longer needed.

Besides that, sometimes maybe you want to copy than just knowing iPhone backup location on Mac. Just copy with the common way to do that. However, there are some steps of you want to delete it. For the Catalina or newer operating system, below are the way:

  1. Open the finder and choose your phone
  2. At the general tab, clock manage back-up to see the lists. From there, tap the ones you want to manage. 
  3. Choose the delete and confirm it. .

Meanwhile ,for the Mojave or older operating system, open the iTunes first and find your device. Click preferences, device, right click in a data you want to. 

After that choose archive or delete and tap the OK button. Basically the steps related to iPhone backup location on Mac are almost the same. 

Find and Manage the Saved Data Back-Up In I Cloud

Sometimes maybe you want to find iPhone backup location on Mac through the iCloud. It is also possible to do that. From the iPad, iPhone, or iPod, do these steps:

  1. Open the settings, your name, choose iCloud
  2. Tap on manage the storage and click back-up
  3. Choose that to see the details and do a further action. 

Besides that, if you use the Catalina operating system or newer, The steps are a little bit different. Choose the Apple menu first, system preference, Apple ID, iCloud, manage, and backed up. 

However, for Mojave or longer version, click the Apple menu, system preference, iCloud, manage, and backed up. Everything is just as easy as that, so you can even do it by your self.

The important things about iPhone backup location on Mac is knowing where it is saved. After that, make sure to understand your devices operating system. 

Then from the methods above, just choose one which is the most suitable for you. Then getting the iPhone backup location on Mac and doing another action is not difficult. 

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