How to Change Message Colors on iPhone Easily

how to change message colors on iPhone - Some people are interested in how to change message colors on iPhone and it Always becomes a super interesting topic to know. So, are you one of them too? 

Apple-made iMessage users will definitely find there are certain texts of different colors. One time It is wrapped in a green bubble, another occasion it is wrapped in a blue bubble.

how to change message colors on iPhone
how to change message colors on iPhone

Actually, it is made by a reason. The short answer is that blue is a text sent and received using the iMessage app while green is a traditional one or SMS. But is it just that simple?

If you look further, users will find that there are also users who find green shade even though they are actually exchanging messages with fellow iPhone users. However, we won’t talk about that today. 

In this article, you may find the answer of how to change message colors on iPhone easily. So, grab your note and find out the complete steps below. 

By using a Free Application 

The platform is integrated into the "Messages" application and differs from the classic SMS with a "bubble" color that changes from green to blue. But what if we want to make it black? Or pink? Or a purple one? 

Well actually there is a free app available at the AppStore. To do so, here are the lists which you have to do orderly in how to change message colors on iPhone, check this out. 

  1. Open the "Messages" app
  2. Start a new conversation by pressing the write button in the upper right corner
  3. Enter contacts who have iMessage (their name, number, or email address must be blue instead of green)
  4. Press on the text writing bar and select, in the list of apps above the keyboard (click the App Store icon if the list does not appear automatically), the application you just downloaded "Color”
  5. Remove ads that appear
  6. Continue with «Write personalized messages» below
  7. Enter the text to be sent
  8. Change the color by clicking the same bubble icon to the left of "Text"
  9. Select the key "Send" 
  10. Remove ads by clicking "Later" at the top right

Those are not finished yet to answer your question about how to change message colors on iPhone. At this point, the created bubble will appear as a sticker and can be sent and used as such. 

Besides that, all created messages can be saved as favorites to avoid repeating the procedure at any time. To do this, all you have to do is tap the heart icon when creating the sticker. 

At any time you can make a complete purchase to remove ads and unlock new colors. It will make this activity is more interesting than before. 

How to Change Message Colors on Iphone By Downloading the Fancy Bubble App 

The second way of how to change message colors on iPhone is by downloading an app called the Fancy Bubble. If you are interested in using this way, follow the steps below. 

  1. Open the App store from Appld
  2. Search this app or fancy bubble and then download it properly
  3. Wait for a complete installation. 
  4. After that, you should open the iMessages application 
  5. If there is an existing conversation, please open that. If it doesn’t, you should start the new one. 
  6. When typing a text, the icon of Fancy Bubble will be seen on the app bar or keyboard 
  7. After that choose from the options given, especially about the colored bubbles messages.
  8. Type a text, send and you are done. 

Since that is quite easy, you are able to try it as soon as possible. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry since there are still some others to try. 

How to Change Message Colors on Iphone Into a Dark Blue Shade

Somehow maybe the way in how to change message colors on iPhone above is not working. If that was happened on you, it is recommended to change the shades into dark blue option because it looks cool as well. 

It has been used by so many users and maybe you also want to have that. If it is the Case, below are some easy tricks which you may follow. 

  1. Open the setting option on your iPhone device
  2. Find and choose the accessibility menu from there
  3. After that, click the display and text size which is placed under the VISION menu
  4. Then turn on a toggle there for increasing the contrast 

The explanation above may answer your curiosity, but that is only for a dark blue shade. It is so simple since the users don’t need to download any third Apps or jailbreak the device.

Is the Color Really Changed with the Ways Above? 

After knowing about how to change message colors on iPhone above, maybe you think that the shades are changed. However, no, it is not like that. Based on a default settings, the bubbles have 3 different colours. 

Those are green, grey, and blue. The fact is that users are unable to change it without jailbreaking the phone. This action, as we all know, is against and violating the guidelines. 

The next question is that; what is the functions of some ways above? The methods explained above may make the users think that They send a customized message, but actually it doesn’t like that

These kinds of apps make an image with text which you have typed. They made it into a customized message Bubble. After that, it is sent as an image form.

In the other words you may say that it is a picture which contains your text. However, still, the ways on how to change message colors on iPhone above deserve to be tried. 

Why? It is because so many users are getting bored with the old blue and green shades all the time on it’s device. That is why; being able to make It is more cheerful will be better. 

In fact, that is so cool and make the user wants to text more Where people usually love to do that than making a call. So, the methods on how to change message colors on iPhone must be tried. 

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