How to Backup iPhone PC With Several Ways Seamlessly

How to Backup iPhone PC - Phone backup is important and you need to know how to backup iPhone PC exactly. All data and files from your iPhone need to be transferred to other devices, so when you are trying to find that kind of file, the concept must be easier.

What's on your iPhone? Music, movies, photos, video recordings, personal files to important documents are in it. Are you sure that storing it on one device is enough or are you even thinking about using another storage media?

How to Backup iPhone PC
How to Backup iPhone PC

None of this is true, it's back again to the issue of user effectiveness only. If you want something simple, just rely on your iPhone and hope that the storage isn't full. But if you want something safe, at least there is a backup on a PC with large storage.

This is also what is called data backup, or a backup place. To back up data on your iPhone to a PC, it's not that difficult. But indeed the steps that must be passed are a bit longer and require various media, such as iTunes and iCloud.

How to Backup iPhone PC with These Best Ways

Even if you are sure you want to do a backup, don't just do it to another phone. This is the same as not maximizing the available storage. Mobile phones usually have a much less amount of capacity than using a PC's HDD and SSD storage.

By using a PC too, the interface that is displayed is easier to use. Moreover, because of its large size, it is easier for you to select which files are not needed. Therefore, we have 4 tools that can help answer how to backup the iPhone PC:

How to Backup iPhone PC with iTunes

First, we got the iTunes tools. iTunes itself is a device for combining information, files, and data between iOS device owners. It's like this is the center of the device we use, so we can easily backup in this way:

  1. On your Windows PC, install iTunes from this link
  2. Connect your iPhone to your PC with a USB Cable
  3. There will be notifications that asked your permission to Trust this Computer and fill with your iCloud password
  4. On the Home Menu, some will appear devices and select your Device
  5. Click Summary
  6. Check the Sync data box and click Apply
  7. Wait until the data backup from your iPhone is successful

How to Backup iPhone PC with iCloud

How to use iTunes to backup data is already old-fashioned because Apple itself has provided additional cloud-based storage called iCloud. If you want to use iCloud to backup to a PC, this is it:

  1. Make sure your iPhone is connected to WiFi and has enough battery
  2. Turn on your iPhone and go to Settings
  3. Click your profile and go to iCloud
  4. In the iCloud menu, scroll down and look for Backup Options
  5. Switch the Toggle to On and your data will be transferred to iCloud overnight

How to Backup iPhone PC with Mobile Trans

If the two methods above are still too complicated, then the solution we dare to give is to try with external software. Mobile Trans is known as PC software that can help the data backup process quickly and easily, namely by:

  1. Install the Mobile Trans app on your PC
  2. Connect the iPhone to the PC via Bluetooth
  3. Follow the instruction and when you get into the Home Menu, choose the Backup & Restore options
  4. Select Phone Backup & Restore and click Backup
  5. Select all content you want to backup and Mobile Trans will backup your data immediately
  6. Wait until it's finished.

How to Backup iPhone PC with Windows Photo

The 3 ways we described above are a backup method for all data and it will take your time too long. So it is not effective if it will only be used for photo backup. If you want to restore your photos only, try this way!

  1. Connect your iPhone to a PC via USB Cable
  2. Select Start and go to Settings
  3. Choose Update & Security and click Backup
  4. Add a drive and choose your iPhone name
  5. Select what photos are needed to back up

Why Backing up the Data from iPhone to PC is so Important

So now you have known that backing up data is not too complex, but you just need to be thorough. But you might have another question again about why is this important, why you need to follow our how to backup iPhone PC for now.

The main reason why you need it is can protect all your data from loss. Your iPhone will make a copy on the PC, so all data that is necessary and needed still can be accessed even though you accidentally deleted it from your iPhone.

Especially when it comes to large-size of files, often just looking at the storage used makes us want to delete it right away, even though it is very important. So this is also continued to the second function from how to backup iPhone PC, which is free up storage.

But in our opinion, with your data backup, everything is much safer. When suddenly the phone is low batt or lagging, there is no need to ask the other person to wait a long time. You can directly open it on your PC and the files displayed are also the same.

Backup iPhone PC Types You Can Use

Previously we only mentioned one type of data backup type, even though there are still many. It depends again whether you want all the data on your iPhone or just a small part. Before you use the how-to backup iPhone PC, you need to know their types first.

  1. Full Backup
  2. Differential Backup
  3. Mirror Backup
  4. Cloud Backup
  5. Local Backup

How to Backup iPhone PC Concerns and Challenges

This data backup is also not free from problems, and this makes us lazy to do backups on mobile phones to PC. Starting from the problem of Data Corruption when the backup is complete. If the file is corrupt, then we need to do a backup again.

There is also a problem when we backup phone data to a PC, even though the PC storage is not enough. Backups that suddenly stop are also annoying, so incomplete and we need to restart again. But what makes us not patient when backups are slow backups.

Backup your phone is important, and you need to do that as soon as possible. If not, you can gain data loss, and it worsens when you needed it at that time. Knowing how to backup iPhone PC is so vital.

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