Easiest Way on How to Block Sites on iPhone (Step by Step)

How to Block Sites on iPhone - How to block sites on iPhone is important to know, as on the internet, there are a lot of things we shouldn't know. By blocking these sites, your iPhone can no longer be used to access them. So, these blocking sites are suitable before giving your child an iPhone.

In the world of the internet, anything can be a threat. Starting from visiting a site that is full of entertainment, and informative, until there is a threat. The threat we mean here is, that some sites are not good to access for some reason.

How to block sites on iPhone
How to block sites on iPhone

By blocking certain sites as well, people who use the iPhone can no longer access them. It's like the site's data is no longer listed on the blocker cell phone search engine. And when asked what it does, security and privacy reasons are its main functions.

If you want a more massive effect, you can directly use the blocking method via the router. That is, issues related to sites can be solved effortlessly if using the system, the internet. Therefore, you can directly use this block site method on your iPhone!

Example of Websites that You Need to Practice the How to Block Sites on iPhone

Before starting to discuss the how, it's better that you first know what kind of sites you need to block from your iPhone. This usually acts as a distraction or causes iPhone security to be at risk. Anyway, you need to block time wasters sites.

How to block sites on iPhone is an online shopping site. This is a common fact that sites that contain a lot of images like online shops will harm your iPhone. It contains viruses and malware that can reduce the quality of our iPhones.

Other sites that you also need to block are those that contain Adult content or Violence. There are some people that kind of like those types of websites, but it's not something that is normal to watch. We highly recommend you block that kind of content.

If you want to be free from distractions, you can practice how to block sites on iPhone to sites like Social Media or Movie Streaming. So that every time you use an iPhone, that is pure about the productivity, not distracted by that kind of site anymore.

Why do You need to Block Sites on iPhone?

Now you know what sites you need to block, but you definitely don't really understand why. Frankly speaking, not everyone needs to block sites, but it is only recommended to block certain sites if the effect is like this:

Decrease your Productivity

The first reason why how to block sites on iPhone is needed is because it decreases your productivity. Just imagine if you access the site for 30 minutes, how much work should you be able to complete?

Hackers can Get Into your Data

If you access a site that is unprotected, hackers can easily steal your data. If you don't directly block that sites, then the hackers can easily access your private data. So block it now rather than you being hacked!


In terms of security, there are a number of sites that you shouldn't access. So this is also the reason you need to block sites, especially if the phone will be used by children or other people. They become unable to access blocked sites anymore.

How to Block Sites on iPhone from the Router

It is possible to block certain sites from the Router and your iPhone can no longer access the sites whenever connected to the internet from the router. This setting is much more effective because it makes encrypted data from all cellphones connected to the internet protected.

The internet contains a lot of content that should not be viewed, so protection from internet sources will be much better. Your kid, particularly, will n longer see any malicious content. So, this is how to block sites on iPhone starting from the internet router:

  1. Access your Wifi operator's official website
  2. Do the sign in and make sure you link to the internet from the router
  3. Change the URL Filter Configuration
  4. Add the sites you want to block
  5. Click “+” to add other sites to block
  6. Once you are done, choose the Apply option
  7. Save the Settings

Best and Easiest Way How to Block Sites on iPhone

The previous one can be used for universal block sites. But if you only want to block sites on one device, for example on the iPhone that you have, then you can activate Restrictions, FamiSafe, or use third-party apps. You can try to do this!

Enabling Restrictions on iPhone

iPhone directly provides special features to block certain sites from your device. This feature is built-in settings on your phone and you can use that without any third party. Follow these steps to block the sites.

  1. Turn on your iOS device and go to Settings
  2. Scroll down and look for General
  3. Choose the Restrictions options
  4. Click the Enable Restrictions and Set up a 4-digit Pin
  5. Tap on Websites to block sites on iPhone
  6. Go Down to Never Allow menu
  7. Add the URL of the sites you want to block

FamiSafe iOS Parental Control

In addition to the Restrictions feature, there is also a built-in Settings called FamiSafe. This can also be used to block sites on other phones, such as children's phones so they don't access any sites. This is how to block sites on iPhone using Famisafe:

  1. Install the FamiSafe official App on the App Store
  2. Register using your Apple ID and Allow the App to connect with your Family Sharing
  3. You can locate their location and block certain websites
  4. Choose the Filter Sites menu
  5. Select Manage Block Sites and paste the URL of the sites you want to block
  6. Set the Pin so if you want to unblock it one day, you still can do it.

The internet is no longer safe as there is a lot of certain content that can harmful to the viewers. Starting from the distraction sites to the violent content inside the sites. To make sure it can no longer harmful, you can use the how to block sites on iPhone tutorial.

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