Activate Find my iPhone Set Up and Use It Properly

find my iPhone set up - It is so essential to know the find my iPhone set up as a basic knowledge of the users. If your iOS device is lost without a trace, then it is possible to track the whereabouts of that phone. 

Fortunately, Apple seems to excel in cases like this. You can track the iOS if it's lost or stolen by turning on Find My iPhone. But how to activate it?

This feature should always be in an active condition. The goal is to be on guard if the smartphone suddenly falls or disappears. This service is beneficial to get back your ios after the incidents.

find my iPhone set up
find my iPhone set up

More about this Feature

Before talking about what find my iPhone set up is, it is better to understand about it’s definition first. It is One of the products from Apple that is used to track the presence of iOS devices remotely. This tracking process is done through other devices, such as from iPhone, iPad, or PC.

This feature is available on all iOS, not only on iPhone but also on iPad, iPod, and Mac. However, of course they come with the different names, such as Find My iPad, and so on. 

The way it works is utilizing the location history or GPS and network of the device that activates it. The exact position of the phone will be easily tracked due to this feature.

By activating the find my iPhone set up, there are still some other actions which can be done. Those are as follows:

  1. Play sound is used to sound the ringtone with the highest volume. The goal is to make it is easier to search when the user is already near the location of the device
  2. Lost mode is used for the phone that are stolen or are thought to have been found by someone else. If this mode is enabled, the device will be locked and cannot be reset without entering a code known only to the original owner.
  3. Erase iPhone is used to erase all data that is on the smartphone. The goal is to reduce the possibility of miss-use of data inside the iPhone by irresponsible parties

Based on this explanation, it is clear that activating the find my iPhone set up is essential. Make sure to understand the right way for doing that. 

How to do a Find My Iphone Set Up and Activate it

Remember that it is not a default feature. The user must activate it first so that the phone can be tracked. Therefore, users are strongly encouraged to activate this setting for security reasons. Below are the complete steps to do that:

  1. Open the settings first. 
  2. After that page was opened, make sure that you have been logging in by using the Apple ID
  3. Then come back to the settings page and click the find my option
  4. Choose find my uphone option, click toggle / slider to make it actives
  5. Get the option of send last location too and do the similar action after that. Click the slider until in an ON position. 

Do the find my iPhone set up above orderly. For your information, the latest location of your phone will be always updated and it is possible to monitor it by using another device. 

However, please note that it can work effectively if the phone is active. It must be connected to the internet connection as well whether from the WiFi or cellular data. If it is not, the update will be stopped. 

How to Use it Properly 

After successfully activating the find my iPhone set up feature, users must also understand how to use it. To be able to find or track the location of the phone using this feature, users need another device.

The devices that can be used include iPhone, iPad, Android, or PC or notebook. The condition is that they must have a browser and are connected to the internet. Below are the complete tutorials to use it:

  1. Open the browser and visit the link of:
  2. You may also use a Find My application from the other devices
  3. Log in by using your Apple ID and enter the right password from that account 
  4. Click all device menu after you enter the system properly
  5. Click to the part of The missing device.
  6. The screen will display the current or latest location from that phone
  7. Users can choose one from three menus which have been described before. 

Now, how if you have already activate the find my iPhone set up but still unable to find the smartphone? If it was the cases, here are some steps you may need to do. 

  1. Make the lost mode menu actives because it is important
  2. If it was successfully done, go to the police officers and tell them That you lost your smartphone IOS. They will give you a letter of lost which describes that condition. 
  3. If your device is protected by the Apple care +, make a claim by bringing a document from that police. Make sure to bring and complete the other requirements too. 
  4. Never delete your data from a long distance if a claim from Apple care + is not agreed yet. 
  5. Call the Cellular provider to inactivate your number and ask for the new card with the same numbers. It is possible to be done by you as the real owner. 
  6. Delete the device data from a long distance by using find-my-iphone application. 

Well in fact, the find my iPhone set up is quite complicated. However, just believe that it is worth it with the results. So many users have been helped by using this feature.

The fact is that this facility may increase a possibility to find your lost phone. That is why; users will feel more secure and a lot of people want to use this kind of smartphone .

One more thing to note is that you have to understand the other requirements needed. After that A user is ready to activate this find my iPhone set up as soon as possible. 

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