3D Touch in iPhone 7: What Can You do With This Feature?

3D touch in iPhone 7 - 3D touch in iPhone 7, maybe most of the users of this cellphone don't know that there is a feature like this on their cellphone. And if they know, this is one of the superior features that must be used on the iPhone. 3D Touch could be just what iPhone owners need.

iPhone was first launched by Apple in 2007. At that time, this phone managed to become a small device that made a revolution in the world of mobile phones. No need for a lot of buttons and menus when sending messages, just enough with the touch screen on the phone.

3D touch in iPhone 7
3D touch in iPhone 7

Since then, the attention on the iPhone has grown and is considered a transition period that every human being needs. Not only that, the iPhone continues to evolve with this touch screen to present many excellent features. One of them is the 3D touch.

Still relying on the touch screen feature, iPhone phones are now available with a screen that can see pressure sensitivity. This means that the phone can detect how hard you press the screen and present other options. So, very responsive and precise for today's era.

Is 3D Touch in iPhone 7 Really Useful?

3D touch is a feature that measures the pressure your finger exerts on the screen. In short, the way it works is by adding a new layer to the device, namely the pressure sensor. You will notice the effect of 3D touch by feeling the vibration of the phone.

When it comes to usage, it has a lot of functionality and it fits into almost all applications. You will feel the details for yourself when you know how to use it. So in our opinion, the iPhone has rightly included this 3D touch feature on its newest cellphones now.

The Settings You Can Make on 3D Touch in iPhone 7

After you know that this feature that has been included by Apple on one of its main devices is very useful, surely you now want to try activating the feature. If you want to use it, then follow this method so that the features can be active, including:

  1. Turn on the iPhone and launch the Settings App
  2. Tap on the Accessibility menu and click 3D Touch
  3. On the toggle, set it to on
  4. Set the 3D touch sensitivity by sliding it to Light, Medium, or Firm
  5. Go back and try tapping a certain app to see the 3D touch functions

Other than the iPhone 7, Which Versions of the iPhone do Have This Feature?

Previously we mentioned that this feature was issued for today's iPhone phones. But you also certainly don't know what phones are available to experience advanced features like 3D touch in iPhone 7, but it was first introduced on the iPhone 6.

This means that phones released before the iPhone 6 will not receive this 3D touch software update. Indeed for most people, this is not very useful. But for those iPhone users, we mention below, you can try using 3D touch right away:

  1. iPhone 6S
  2. iPhone 6S Plus
  3. iPhone 7
  4. iPhone 7 Plus
  5. iPhone 8
  6. iPhone 8 Plus
  7. iPhone X
  8. iPhone XS
  9. iPhone XS Max
  10. iPhone XR
  11. iPhone 11
  12. iPhone 11 Pro
  13. iPhone 11 Pro Max
  14. iPhone 12
  15. iPhone 12 Pro
  16. iPhone 12 Pro Max
  17. iPhone 12 Mini
  18. iPhone 13
  19. iPhone 13 Pro
  20. iPhone 13 Pro Max
  21. iPhone 13 Mini

What Can 3D Touch in iPhone 7 Make?

So, what exactly is the main function of 3D Touch? As we mentioned earlier, if iPhone 6 and above mobile phone users are required to use this feature, then you also need to know first what is presented. The main functions of this built-in Feature on iPhone are:

Keyboard as a Touchpad

Your keyboard can be a touchpad just like on a Mac! For those who ask how the keyboard can become a touchpad, then try holding down the space bar on the iPhone keyboard first. After holding it, try to point it anywhere and it has become a touchpad.

Activate Quick Actions on Home Screen

The Quick Actions feature is also one of the main functions of 3D touch in iPhone 7. This is related to when you tap an application, there will be an immediate choice. For example, tap on the camera, then there will be option like “Take a Selfie’.

Switch Between Apps

The next convenience that is presented on iPhone phones thanks to 3D touch is the ease of switching applications. If previously you had to go out to the homepage and press the main application, now all you have to do is use 3D Touch.

Peek and Swipe Up

This is still related to gestures and Quick Actions. Certain on-screen gestures will make 3D touch in iPhone 7 give you another tab. For example, if you use the 2-finger down gesture, then a new option will appear in the application.

Play Live Photos

If you're scrolling through the gallery, but lazy enough to open one photo at a time, then the 3D Touch feature in iPhone 7 will be very useful. You can hold a few milliseconds on the screen and the photo will appear and show the Live Photos.

Other Functions of the 3D Touch in iPhone 7

Previously, we explained a lot about the main functions of 3D Touch, but this is not all. We also want to give you a new experience of 3D Touch by using the application. Each application has its own 3D Touch function.

Therefore, now you immediately activate the 3D touch in iPhone 7 and start trying this feature even further. Starting from the 5 main functions that we previously mentioned, and now you try to use them in the application directly. The main 3D Touch applications are:

  1. The Camera
  2. Facetime & Phones
  3. Messages
  4. Download
  5. Pressure-Sensitive Drawing

iPhone never runs out of ideas in providing new features to users. All iPhone users become very comfortable and don't think about looking for devices from competitors. One of them is the almost perfect 3D touch in iPhone 7.

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