Where iPhone is Made and How to Detect It?

Where iPhone is Made - Have you ever been curious, about where the iPhone is made? Apple fans don't just buy for reasons of superior functionality and quality. Admit it or not, iPhones and other Apple products come with “prestige”, where ownership of this brand might make you feel classier and cooler than those who don't.

Where iPhone is Made
Where iPhone is Made

Facts about the originality of the iPhone are not enough for some people. Some are curious about where their smartphones come from, and which countries produce them? Why should there be such a question, when all iPhone products are guaranteed quality under a license from a reputable company?

Getting the answer about “where iPhone is made?” is not just to answer curiosity, or add insight. Knowing where your iPhone comes from allows you to use it for certain purposes, especially when it comes to buying a used iPhone. In this article, you can also get information on how to detect the origin of the iPhone that is currently in your pocket.

Why Be Curious about the Origin of Your iPhone?

Everyone knows that Apple's headquarters is in California, United States. But not all Apple products, including the iPhone, are produced and imported from there. The high demand for iPhones around the world makes this company cooperate with companies and manufacturers in many countries, to meet the demand of about 1 billion consumers every year.

Although the company has set standard quality standards, it is undeniable that there are many differences caused by differences in the origin of the factory. There may be hardware adjustments, as well as features that agree with government requirements in certain countries.

For example, in 2018, you can find iPhones with Dual SIM card slots 2018 for the iPhone XR and XS Max models. But this kind of model you will only find on iPhones manufactured in China, Macau, and Hong Kong only. Knowing about where the iPhone is made is useful to make it easier for you to detect the special specifications on the iPhone. In addition to dual SIM cards, you may also find iPhones that use eSIM, or other specs.

Another benefit is related to the business of buying and selling used equipment. You can find several countries that enforce strict quality control when manufacturing iPhones and other Apple products. One of them is Japan. This is what makes many people choose iPhone from Japan when they want to buy a used iPhone or one that has been modified.

How to Browse where the iPhone is made?

Whatever your motive for wanting to know the origin of smartphones, this is not a difficult thing. After all, knowing facts and data about the manufacturer of the iPhone can add insight, and can be information that may be needed when you want to sell it. Here are many steps that you can apply to find out the origins of iPhone production:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone, then select the “General” menu, then select “About”.
  2. After selecting the correct menu, select the next option, “View Model Number”.
  3. Two letters will appear before the slash indicating the country code, where the iPhone was made. For example, country code A for Canada, B for Ireland and the United Kingdom, E for Mexico, and F for France. Of course, there are many codes for other countries according to the origin of the manufacturer that issued the iPhone.

It's important to understand, that regardless of which iPhone is manufactured, you will get fair service in terms of both quality and warranty.

Interesting Facts about iPhone Production

Knowing about where your iPhone was made may spark further curiosity, where are these smartphones manufactured and how are they divided? Here are some interesting facts that might answer your curiosity about where the iPhone is made?

  1. Apple has officially confirmed that most iPhone components are manufactured in the United States, especially silicon chips and chips. The company also appoints many manufacturers that specialize in making certain components such as specialist cameras, lenses, focus screens on displays, and other components.
  2. The company appointed China as one of the countries that produce iPhones not because of the consideration of cheap labor wages. China has long excelled in quality and skills, so it deserves to be chosen as one of the countries partnering with Apple.
  3. Some components or about 178 of them are manufactured in different countries. Even so, quality standards are always applied consistently. For example, the manufacture of cameras is entrusted to Sony, which is headquartered in Japan. But this company also has production sites in many countries such as Europe, Latin America, Australia, and South Korea.
  4. Accelerometer manufacture is entrusted to Germany-based Bosch Sensortech. On the other hand, gyroscope components are made by STMicroelectronics. These two companies have production locations spread all over the world, including the United States, United Arab Emirates, China to South Africa.
  5. US-based Corning was appointed to manufacture glass screens. The company also operates in other countries such as Australia, the Philippines, Turkey, Denmark, India, and Japan.
  6. United States-based Broadcom and Murata manufacture touchscreen controllers and Wi-Fi chips. The company's production sites are located in Japan, the Netherlands, Brazil, Finland, Thailand, and Singapore.
  7. China-based Sunwoda Electric specializes in iPhone batteries, while the A-series processors are manufactured by Taiwan-based TSMC.
  8. While iPhone components are almost ubiquitous, they are shipped centrally to two companies, Foxconn and Pegatron. This Taiwan-based company is responsible for assembling the device. Trusted for many years, the company is consistent with its performance in several locations including South Korea, Czech, and the Philippines.

The search for where iPhone is made leads to the possibility of the complex production flow of this prestigious smartphone. Apple coordinates with many companies around the world to produce smartphone units that can support the activities and communications of its users. Of course, information about the origin of your iPhone can be accessed transparently because it is one of the rights of the customer. 

So, regardless of which manufacturer your iPhone is shipped from, you should no longer worry about the guaranteed quality.

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