Things to Know about Downloading Torrent on iPhone

Downloading Torrent on iPhone - Downloading Torrent on iPhone, how is it? Torrent is a kind of file or file extension in the protocol app that uses the Peer-to-Peer network. With this file, you can download big-sized files like videos and films faster as well as their qualities are kept well. Unfortunately, some brands and products don’t permit downloading apps to utilize a file like Torrent. The iPhone is one of them.

Downloading Torrent on iPhone
Downloading Torrent on iPhone

Why can’t Torrent be used on iPhone and other Apple products? The reason is that the use of Torrent and other similar extension files may violate the regulation made by Apple itself. The regulation is related to the use of some forbidden third parties.

However, there is always a way to solve this problem. If you are an Apple user and interested in using Torrent, you can still have it. It is by using an app namely iTransmission.

Steps to Download Torrent on iPhone Using iTransmission

iTransmission is an app that enables you to download Torrent legally. Yes, it is said to be legal as you don’t need to jailbreak for it. Besides, the process is also very easy and fast so that anyone can just do it. Below, there are some steps to do to get Torrent on your iPhone.

  1. First of all, as has been mentioned before, install iTransmission on your iPhone. For downloading and installing iTransmission, you can go to the Settings menu > General > Date and Time > Set automatically. Please reset the date anytime before June 2013. Get the app via the browser and tap it to install the app on your iPhone. After the installation process is over, you can set back the date today.
  2. Run the iTransmission app on your iOS by double-tapping it.
  3. Tap the (+) icon available to add the Torrent File to download.
  4. Choose the source you want to use. There are some options to choose from, they are the web, the magnet link, and the URL. You can choose the web if you are still looking for the Torrent file. Meanwhile, the magnet link is if the link had even available. Lastly, choose the URL if the source or the Torrent link has been available.
  5. After choosing one of them, automatically, the Torrent File is downloaded and installed on your iPhone.

Now, you are ready to use Torrent to download files. It is okay to keep the file for a long time as it doesn’t bring any problem to your iPhone or other Apple devices.

How to Download Files Using Torrent on iPhone

After successfully downloading and installing Torrent on your iPhone, this is time to try it. You may have a file to download anyway. So, make sure to prepare the browser or the link first. Then, follow some steps below.

  1. Make sure you already have the Torrent extension file on your smartphone.
  2. Install the Tracker Site. What is the tracker site? It is a site that consists of a list of Torrent files. The site works as a place to save Torrent files and it doesn’t ghost the content on their server. There are 2 types of tracker sites for Torrent, public and private trackers. The public tracker is accessible to all users. Meanwhile, the Private tracker only hosts unique files based on the owner’s interests.
  3. Next, find the content to download. The searching result often finds some files at once. You are suggested to choose a file with many seeders so that the downloading process can be faster. Before downloading, check also if you can run the file.
  4. Now, you can download the file or content. After knowing if the file is compatible with the program you have installed on the iPhone, download it. You can even download many files at once also with quicker processes.

Why is it recommended to have Torrent on iPhone?

Yes, it is clearly known that downloading files using Torrent takes a faster process than downloading them using other downloaders. If you prefer downloading big files rather than streaming them, Torrent is very useful. Besides, the files to download are as high-quality as what you expect. Of course, it is also possible to choose the resolution in case you want to download images or videos.

Maybe, you are just wondering why Torrent is that good as a download. Generally, this extension file doesn’t depend on the central server to keep the file. Meanwhile, the data from big files are kept in the device that participates in the swarm network. The network works to facilitate the process of file sharing.

The faster process is also because the P2P protocol applied in Torrent works by separating the file into some parts. Then, it moves the file from the seeder or uploaded to the leecher, or downloaded through the Torrent client. The Torrent client is another extension program that reads the entire information in the form of the Torrent file and it also connects users for the data exchange.

Benefits of Using Torrent on iPhone

Well, aside from being faster with good quality, what are more benefits of using Torrent? Here they are.

First of all, Torrent applies P2P with a decentralization process. It means that the file you download is not hosted on the central server. As has been mentioned above, the file is separated and it uses many hosts to run the download process. There is, of course, a possibility that one of the hosts is not active. But don’t worry, you can still rely on other hosts to finish it.

Second, if the internet connection is down or your device shuts down suddenly, the download is automatically paused. You can finish it when it goes back to being online. In other words, there is no need to repeat the process from the beginning.

Lastly, if you have a problem with the internet connection, it is too slow or something, Torrent can boost it. It still helps you download the file faster than using the traditional downloading process. So, are you interested in downloading Torrent on iPhone?

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