The Ways to Fix Apple Screen Stuck on iPhone

Apple Screen Stuck on iPhone - Apple screen stuck on iPhone become a common problem. It is a difficult problem for some users of iPhone. This problem makes the users can’t operate iPhone devices. Even the users can’t enter a home screen menu when the iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo. If it happens, you should know some ways to handle it. 

Apple Screen Stuck on iPhone
Apple Screen Stuck on iPhone

The Causes of Apple Screen Stuck on iPhone

There will be several causes of Apple screen stuck on iPhone. What are they? 

Operating System 

It is usually caused by the operating system failure when a booting runs. You need to reboot the system to handle a stuck problem on your iPhone. 


In addition, this problem occurs due to these problems. Apple stuck on iPhone is related to the damage problems of hardware or iPhone components. It can make this iPhone stuck and unable to open the home screen. 

Crashed Operating System 

The next problem is a crashed iOS. If you get hurried in installing the application or do a jailbreak on your iPhone, it will make files or applications corrupt and damaged. Thus, you need to reset your devices to reboot. The ways to do a hard rest on iPhone are easy. For the new series, you can press a button of volume down and sleep/wake together. Meanwhile, in an old series, you just press a button of home and sleep/wake together. Press both buttons until the Apple logo on the screen. 

Empty Battery 

An empty battery may cause the Apple logo to appear on the iPhone. It can’t turn on and the Apple logo appears. The causing factor may be an empty battery. The reason looks so careless. However, many users often face this problem. Unfortunately, the age of devices gets older making the capacity of the battery lack accuracy. If you have tried to do a hard reset but it doesn’t influence devices, an empty battery is a problem of this Apple stuck on iPhone. It means that you need to recharge. You can let your iPhone until the battery is full. 

iPhone Battery Needs to Change 

Many users of the iPhone require a durable handphone. It is only a wish. The use and durability of the battery decrease. The durability is shorter and makes it damaged. Thus, if you use an old device, the damage to the battery can be a factor causing the iPhone to be stuck on the Apple logo. Thus, you need to change your iPhone battery. iPhone battery is sold free. You can’t find it in some online stores. If you are not sure how to fix devices, you can visit an iPhone service centre of iPhone. 

Ways to Fix Apple Screen Stuck on iPhone 

There will be several ways to fix the problem of the Apple screen stuck on the iPhone. What are the things to do? 

Force Restart 

The first thing to do is Force Restart. This way is different based on the used iPhone model. For iPhone 6s or older, Force Restart can’t be conducted by pressing and holding on a power button and home button together. You can remove it after the Apple logo is displayed on the iPhone screen. For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, you can do Force Restart by pressing and holding on the volume down button and power button together until the Apple logo. For iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12, you can press and release Volume Up. Press and release Volume down. Press and hold on to the side button until the Apple logo appears on the iPhone screen. 

Connect to iTunes

If the first way is unsuccessful, you can try to connect your iPhone device to the installed iTunes computer. If it is still unreadable, you can restore it via iTunes. A restoration process via iTunes will make iPhone devices reinstall. All data removed and back to the early setting. If you have conducted a backup, a restoration process via iTunes is finished. You can continue by doing a process of restoring from backup. 

Hard Reset 

It seems to be a simple option but it is effective to turn on your iPhone device with the Apple logo. It is a simple method that you can try and test. It enables you to function through some small disturbances and problems. For iPhone 7 plus, you can press and hold a volume down button together. Then, for iPhone 8 or newer, you can press and release the volume up quickly. Then, you press the volume down together.

Restore and Reinstall iOS

If both ways are unsuccessful in making your iPhone normal from an error stuck on the Apple logo, you can do the third way. You can enter Recovery Mode before doing a restoration via iTunes. You can do the following guide for recovery mode. If you have an iPhone and iPad with a home button, you can press and hold the power and home button. You can connect a data cable to iTunes. Remove a button after the screen shows a recovery mode. If you have iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, you can press and hold a power button and volume down. You can connect a data cable to iTunes. Remove a button after the screen shows a recovery mode. If you have an iPhone 8 or a new one, you can press and remove the volume. Then, press and remove the volume down. Press the side button. You can connect the data cable to iTunes. Remove a button after a screen shows a recovery mode. 

After you enter recovery mode, it has a notification shown on iTunes. If it is completed, you can use a restore mode and the iPhone device will do a reinstallation process. A restoring process will require an internet connection on a computer device to download the latest iOS application for iPhone devices. If three ways are not successful, your iPhone may have a hardware problem. To fix those problems, you can go to the Apple store, service center, or Apple Authorized service provider. 

Those are some ways to fix the Apple screen stuck on iPhone. You can choose one of the ways to handle that problem. 

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