The Things to Do If You Are Not Receiving iPhone Text Message

Not Receiving iPhone Text Message - If you get difficulties receiving message texts from iPhone users, iMessage Apple may be wrong, especially moving from iPhone to android. This problem often happens if you move from iPhone to another smartphone. You may not receiving iPhone text message. If you have an iPhone and a new telephone number, you can register it to iMessage Apple. 

Not Receiving iPhone Text Message
Not Receiving iPhone Text Message

Why Does iMessage Apple Get In the Way? 

The application of Apple Messages tries to be smart. If the users of the iPhone open a message application and try to send a message text to a telephone number, you may regard iPhone only send a message text. However, it never happens. The message application will check with Apple to see the number registered to the iMessage Apple service. If it is registered, the Message application will not send a standard SMS message. It will send an iMessage to change it. 

The users of the iPhone can’t select to send a message through iMessage or a standard SMS. It automatically happens. One indication for iPhone users is sending messages through iMessage in blue. Meanwhile, they sent messages through a standard message in green color. It is designed to be a smooth experience for iPhone users. If you send a message to someone, they will use your iPhone. The message will be sent through iMessage. If someone doesn’t use iPhone, the message will send it to be a standard text message. 

Moving to Android 

This system may cause problems. It often happens if you move from iPhone to android. Even, after you leave your iPhone, a telephone number will stay in the Apple system and be registered to iMessage. Thus, when the users of the iPhone try to send you a message, a Message application will send iMessage. It is only put on the Apple server and doesn’t make you not receiving iPhone text messsage anymore. A message application will mention the message successfully sent. iMessage server will receive. Thus, they will know if you don’t get it. A message text is sent from iPhone which looks to fade away from the emptiness. It has potential and even no iPhone. For example, if the telephone company will give you a new telephone, it is still registered to iMessage. 

How to Deregister Your Telephone Number and Deactivate iMessage 

 To handle this problem, you only take out your telephone number from the iMessage Apple service. Apple starts to offer a tool to do this after facing legal threats. To remove a telephone number from iMessage, you can visit the website site of Deregister Apple and turn off iMessage. Then, enter a telephone number. Apple will send a message text to your telephone number. Input a confirmation code from a message text on the website page to confirm whether you have access to the telephone number or not. Apple will delete telephone numbers from the iMessage system. 

When the users of the iPhone try to send your message text, a message application will see that it is unregistered on iMessage anymore. Then, it automatically will send you an SMS message. Based on Apple, some hours must make it applicable. If you have an old iPhone, you can conduct it from your old iPhone. If you use a daring tool, you don’t conduct it because it is only an alternative method. 

Insert your SIM card into your iPhone and open the application of Settings. Click a category of Message and deactivate the slider of iMessage on the top screen. Back and click a category of facetime. Then, deactivate a slider of Facetime. Now, you can delete a SIM card from your iPhone. Insert it into a new telephone. All will function. It seems to be the general knowledge on some sides, especially after all the controversy and legal threats from years ago. However, it is a common problem. Unfortunately, the people don’t realize it with iMessage when they turn. They may not connect spots and realize that the people not receiving iPhone message text. After you identify the problems, it is easily fixed with the Apple website site. 

The Problems of Not Receiving iPhone Message Text 

There will be some problems occurring when your iPhone can’t receive your iPhone message text. What are they?

Cellular Problems 

Before you continue a problem solution, it discusses the reasons why your iPhone won’t send a message text. iPhone has no cellular signal and it gets difficult to send your message text. iPhone has no services for sending messages. The cellular number will be a problem if you change a telephone number. Some contact numbers are the same so that you handle it correctly. Aeroplane mode is activated so that it breaks the ability to send messages and text. You can turn off the aeroplane Mode which will repair specific problems quickly. You can access aeroplane mode through a control centre. It is very clear when a message text is not sent. You will see a red small sign meaning that it is not sent. 

Restart or Reboot iPhone 

Reboot iPhone is enough to fix this problem. You just hold on Power button and Home until the Apple logo appears on the screen. When iPhone turn on, you can try to send a message text. 

Make Sure SMS Setting Active 

Most iPhone users activate iMessage. However, some turn off SMS. You can open an application of Setting and open Messages. You can find a slider to Send as an SMS. Turn it to be a green or ON position if this message is active. Then, turn off it for ten seconds and turn it on. Back to the application of the message and send it back to the message text. If the message delivered is deactivated, you can only see the iMessage that you send. It means that it has android telephone users or Windows to contact anyone without iMessage. You can activate iMessage through a message text. 

Those are some things to do when you are not receiving iPhone message text. You can apply those steps to get the message from your iPhone to your smartphone. 

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