Restore a New iPhone from Backup: Three Simple Ways

Restore a New iPhone from Backup - How to restore a new iPhone from backup? For those of you who use an iPhone and want to restore your backup to your new iPhone, you better find some way. You can use official Apple methods or you can also use third-party applications or software to help you.

Restore a New iPhone from Backup
Restore a New iPhone from Backup

Restore a New iPhone Using Itunes

To restore a new iPhone from backup, you can choose to use iTunes. This way, it can be done when you have already made a backup. You just need to use this official method by using iTunes. You can try some steps here.

  1. You will need to launch iTunes first on your new iPhone.
  2. You can plug your iPhone with a USB cable into your PC. After you connect your iPhone to the PC, you will get a message on your iPhone screen asking you to "Trust this PC". You may need to enter a passcode and then follow the directions on the screen.
  3. You can click the device icon that you will find on iTunes.
  4. You can click "Restore Backup."
  5. You can check the backup now and you can pick the one that you want to restore to your new iPhone.
  6. After you select the backups that you want to store back, you can click Restore. You need to enter the password and then start to input the password.
  7. You will need to wait for the restore process from the PC to your new iPhone. You should not unplug your phone until the process is finished.

Restore Backup by Using iCloud

You can not only restore your backup to your new iPhone by using iTunes, but you can also use iCloud to restore all backups. It can be used as an alternative way to restore it easily. It is very simple, and what you need to do is follow these simple instructions.

  1. You can turn on your new iPhone. You find the Hello screen on your iPhone.
  2. You need to follow the directions and then find the apps and data.
  3. You can tap Restore from iCloud Backup.
  4. First, you need to log in to your iCloud.
  5. You can choose a backup list and then choose the backup files that you need to restore to your iPhone.
  6. If you need to sign in to your Apple ID account, you need to sign in first. You will be able to restore all your files and apps after you sign in to your account.
  7. You will need to wait for the restoration process. It will take a little time to restore everything from iCloud to your new iPhone. It will depend on the internet connection that you have.
  8. When everything is done, you can continue the setup process.

Restore the Backup by Using iMyFone iTransor

The third way to restore a backup is by using the iMyFone iTransor. This method gives you more advantages. By using this tool, you can select pieces of files you want to restore. How to use this tool to restore all backup files? You can get guidance on how to use this third-party application below.

You need to download this app first from the Apple store. You don’t need to worry because finding this application is very simple. You can download this application and then install it on your new iPhone. Here are some steps that you must take after you install this app on your new iPhone.

  1. You need to open the iMyFone iTransor application on your iPhone.
  2. You can click "Restore Backup to My Device."
  3. After that, you will see all the backups that you can restore. This will include iTransor backups, iTunes backups, iCloud backups, and other things that you made previously. You can select the one that you need and then continue by clicking next. For those of you who want to restore your iCloud backup but can’t find it, you can click "Download iCloud Backup" first.
  4. You can choose to restore the full backup or a partial backup. People will recommend you restore all backup files or restore the full backup.
  5. You need to continue to click "restore."
  6. You can wait for the backup restore process.
  7. Please make sure that the connection is stable until the restore process is done.

Using this application will help you control all your backups and give you the freedom to backup only partial backups of files. You can also store all your backup files in any location. It will make you more secure and more convenient. You don’t need to worry because this application is ready for you, and you can try it for a free trial.

Start New iPhone 

After you know how to restore your backup file from your old iPhone or from other devices to your new iPhone, it is good for you to know how to start your new iPhone. To start your new iPhone with better performance, you need to set your phone as a new phone. You may want to set up your new iPhone to get some advantages. Here are several advantages that you can get when you set up your iPhone as a new iPhone.

  1. It is clutter-free. You will not carry over all your things to your new iPhone. It will influence the performance of your new iPhone.
  2. You can avoid some issues. Setting up your new iPhone will fix some problems with your old iPhone.
  3. You can customize your new iPhone as you like. You can change the settings, add your background or wallpaper, and do other things.
  4. You will get a faster iPhone. Your new iPhone will run more smoothly after you set it as the new iPhone.

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages that you may experience from setting up your phone as a new phone. You need to download all the apps manually, and it may waste your time. You need to configure all the settings again from the beginning. The worst thing is that you may lose your data. You could lose your messages, data saved on your old phone, and call logs. You can get all of your data when you restore a backup. You need to be patient, and you can use your iPhone again. Now you know how to restore a new iPhone from backup.

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