How to Use the WiFi Hotspot with iPhone Fast and Easily

WiFi Hotspot with iPhone - How to use the WiFi Hotspot with iPhone? Tethering WiFi is opening the internet connection access through the wireless network is a common feature to find in smartphones. Well, iPhone is, of course, one of them.

WiFi Hotspot with iPhone
WiFi Hotspot with iPhone

Generally, the feature works by turning a smartphone into a hotspot device to produce the internet connection through the WiFi network. The connection comes from the active internet data. For some smartphones, the feature of WiFi tethering usually has automatically appeared in the network setting option. The option is namely the Private Hotspot, Mobile Hotspot, or something like that.

Unfortunately, such an option is not available by default on some iPhones. So, if you cannot find it on your iPhone, it means you must set it up yourself. How is it? Follow some steps below.

How to Set Up WiFi on iPhone

First of all, turn on your iPhone and go to the Home menu. You can directly enter Settings by tapping the gear icon.

Second, tap the Cellular option to access the Network setting. Scroll down the screen until you find the option Cellular Data Network. Tap it.

Third, there is an empty form to fill in and you can submit some data including the Access Point Name (APN) so that your internet data on the iPhone can access the internet connection.

Fourth, on some parts; Cellular Data, LTE Settings, and Private Hotspot, fill in the APN column with the name Internet. Meanwhile, your should empty other columns such as the Username and Password.

Fifth, after filling in the form, you can go back to the first page of the Settings menu. Wait for some seconds until the Private Hotspot option appears. Finally, the Private Hotspot on your iPhone is ready to use.

How to Connect the iPhone’s WiFi to Other Devices

Of course, the main function of activating the WiFi connection or Hotspot is that you can share your internet data with other devices. It helps others who cannot access the internet connection by themselves. It is also an easy way if you want to use the internet using other devices you have like the laptop.

So, how do connect those devices to the iPhone’s WiFi? It doesn’t take too much time anyway. More importantly, make sure that you have active internet data. As has been mentioned before, the internet connection in the WiFi tethering feature is produced by the internet data.

To get the iPhone’s internet connection, turn on the device to connect. Next, choose the option Private Hotspot and set up the WiFi password as you want by clicking the column of WiFi Password. Tap Finish.

Well, the process has not been over yet as you need to shift the Toggle to tap Access Permission to start the tethering process using the iPhone’s WiFi. Now, your iPhone can share its internet connection through the WiFi network.

Benefits of Using the Private Hotspot on iPhone

Generally, the benefits of using the private Hotspot on the iPhone are not different from those of using other types of smartphones. Yes, the main benefit is that you can share your internet data with other devices whether the devices are yours or your friends. It is much cheaper than buying all the devices their own internet data.

It is also more practical as you don’t need to buy a modem or a specific device to produce the internet data. By utilizing your smartphone only, you can share the internet connection with others. As information, the Hotspot device is commonly not cheap also mainly if you choose the high-quality ones. Meanwhile, the Private Hotspot on iPhone had been tested and it works very well.

Setting up the Hotspot or Private WiFi is also very easy on smartphones rather than in the Hotspot tool. You can just follow some simple steps mentioned in the previous point. Even in some iPhones, the Hotspot icon has been available on the feature bar by default. Therefore, the user only needs to set up the username and password.

Lacks of Using Private Hotspot on iPhone

The benefits of using a private Hotspot are easiness and practicality. Of course, it is also very portable as a smartphone must be a device you will carry around anywhere. However, it doesn’t mean that this type of Hotspot doesn’t have any lack at all including on iPhone.

The first lack is in the use of internet data. As the Private Hotspot on the smartphone uses the internet data, it may be used up more quickly. Moreover, it is if you connect the Hotspot to many devices at once. Not to forget, if the device connected uses it to stream video and movie apps, the internet data are getting more improvident.

As a solution, you choose an internet data product that is not easily used up. It is better if there is also a product that can support your private Hotspot activity. Being wise in choosing apps to open when using Hotspot is also important to make sure the internet data is not wasted on unimportant things.

The second lack is related to the battery. Yes, the battery of your iPhone is also easier to use up and empty when you activate the Hotspot. Similar to the internet data thing, the more device to connect, the easier to use up it is. Moreover, it is common also for users to still use the iPhone when activating the Private Hotspot.

So, what is the solution? After using the iPhone for the Private Hotspot, you should leave it for while. Don’t use it for anything, just let it be. It is also to prevent the battery to heat after “hardworking” like Hotspot tethering. If it is possible, turn the iPhone off for at least 15 minutes. Then, check the condition of the battery. If it is almost empty, recharge it immediately.


The Private Hotspot feature undeniably gives many benefits to iPhone users. However, not all iPhone series provide  the feature in default so that you need to activate it first. Don’t worry since the activation process is easy and it only takes some minutes. So, are you interested to use the Private Hotspot with iPhone?

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