How to Unblock a Number and the Steps

How to Unblock a Number and the Steps - Smartphones support your privacy with the ability to block and unblock contacts as you wish. This allows you to choose which contacts can call you, or send messages to your iPhone, and which contacts can't. On the other hand, iPhone’s how to unblock a number is also available when the treatment for a particular contact is to be changed. After all, the relationship between smartphone users is very dynamic. If today you want to block a certain contact, maybe you want to unblock the same number another day.

How to Unblock a Number and the Steps
How to Unblock a Number and the Steps

Before discussing how to unblock a number, let's learn about what will happen when you block a certain number, so think about unblocking it later. In this article, we'll also cover everything you need to know about blocking contacts, and how to unblock them.

Why are You Blocking Someone's Contact?

There are various, very personal reasons when one person intends to block another's contact. So, are you maybe the contact in question is too annoying and terrorizing, to disturb privacy. As a form of self-protection and fighting for comfort in using your iPhone, you can block it at any time.

Even so, you should not block contacts or messages carelessly. Using this feature wisely will help you maintain a good relationship with all the contacts stored on your iPhone. Use realistic reasons when you want to block, for example for reasons of safety from terror or other dangerous things. Don't let it be just because you hate it, you just block people so it's hard for them to contact you for help, or other needs.

Some applications on the iPhone can be used to block someone on the iPhone. Among them through the Messages application, FaceTime, or Your Phone. You can even do a complete block. Contacts you block will not get notified about your actions. So, maybe they will just wonder, why you are not answering calls or messages sent.

Things You Need to Know about Blocking Contacts on iPhone

Before knowing about the iPhone and how to unblock a number, of course you must first do the blocking. What will be unblocked, when not a single number is blocked? Here are the steps and some things you need to know about blocking contacts on iPhone:

How to Block Messages on iPhone

If you do not allow certain contacts to send messages to your smartphone, then start by opening a conversation, then tap on the name or number of the contact in question. Next, click the info "i". Reselect the conversation or number you want to block, then scroll down to find the "Block This Caller" option.

Once the process is complete, the system will automatically prevent the blocked contact from texting you. If they're iOS users, they can't even get a "Sent" notification in their messaging app. Or even if there is a conversation bubble on their smartphone, you still can't see any messages on your iPhone.

Incoming Message Filter

The messaging app on the iPhone also allows you to filter out senders and text messages that aren't in your contact list. Messages from unknown numbers will still come in, but they are put separately in the "Unknown Senders" folder. You won't even get notifications of incoming messages from unfamiliar numbers. This might be a better way to keep you from getting confused with a large number of messages from foreign senders who offer online loans or other scams.

How to activate the message filter is quite easy. You can start by opening Settings, then selecting "Messages", then clicking "Filter Unknown Senders".

Blocking Contacts from Calls and FaceTime

Start by tapping the info icon with an "i" next to the contact, then hit "Block This Caller". Once you have finished blocking, you will no longer receive incoming calls from that particular number. If they try to contact you, the call will be routed to voicemail. You can iPhone how to unblock a number at any time after a certain number is blocked.

Guide about iPhone How to Unblock a Number

You can unblock a contact in various ways. Among them through messaging applications, calls, and other ways. Let's see the following description to find out the steps:

Unblock Contacts on iPhone Completely

You can start by opening Settings, then selecting the "Phone" or "FaceTime" option. Next, click the blocked contact, then swipe to find "Unblock"

Unblock Incoming Messages

Blocking incoming messages aims to prevent certain people from sending messages to you. But you can unblock it at any time by going to Message settings, then selecting the message, and scrolling down to find "Blocked Contacts". Next, swipe from right to left to unblock.

Unblocking Through Certain Companies

Blocking and unblocking is very easy and can be done yourself. But in certain situations, some people use the services of certain companies to block some contacts or cancel them. This is usually done by those who manage certain businesses and allows them to block the contact of rogue customers, or who have the potential to disrupt the smooth running of the business.

Blocking techniques that use the services of certain companies may vary. It's the same when you want an iPhone to unblock a number or several numbers. You must contact the company in question to unblock certain contacts.

Finally, you should care about privacy and comfort in using the iPhone. For this reason, the use of the block and unblock features of contacts and messages can be used at any time. But you should use it wisely. Don't let blocking contacts ruin your friendship or business relationship. Because when you want to unblock a certain contact, it doesn't guarantee that that person will still contact you.

Using the block feature wisely aims to protect you from terror or other safety disturbances. The rest, how to unblock a number for all numbers can be done anytime when you feel safe and comfortable again. Hopefully, this article is useful for you and can be a clear solution guide.

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