How to Solve Contacts Duplicated on iPhone

Contacts Duplicated on iPhone - Contacts duplicated on iPhones are one of the problems that are often experienced by cell phone users with the apple logo. As a device that is almost relied upon in many types of communication, you are bound to store some, or maybe many contacts on it. If more than one contact is duplicated, even more than five with the same contact, this will be a hassle and become an obstacle that must be overcome.

Contacts Duplicated on iPhone
Contacts Duplicated on iPhone

Duplicate contacts will not only make your storage memory full quickly. But you will find it difficult to scroll to find the contact you need. You can just use the quick search field. But in some situations, a contact search by checking the list one by one must be done. If there are a lot of duplicate contacts, this will be a waste of time and energy.

Why Do Contacts Duplicated on iPhone Often Occur Outside Your Control?

Management of contacts, addresses, and important information about colleagues should be under your control. But why can duplicate contacts occur and even get out of hand? This is often caused by a third-party app installed on your iPhone. For example, Facebook, Gmail, Outlook, and others are permitted to import contact details to smartphones.

You may not realize when you agree to a sync decision, then the contacts of your friends from those apps are automatically entered into the phonebook. This is what causes duplicated contacts which can be troublesome in the future. In detail, here are many things that can cause contacts to duplicated on the iPhone:

Trouble Source from iCloud

iCloud is a repository for photos, files, passwords, notes, and other data provided by Apple to users of iPhones and other devices. This storage system is very secure and constantly updates automatically. Though rare, incorrect settings can cause iCloud to duplicate your contacts. To determine the source of the problem from iCloud, you can check your iCloud account to see if there are contacts duplicated? If so, please contact Apple Support to resolve this issue.

Source of Problem from Microsoft Exchange Server

iCloud basically doesn't change the data it syncs with any app or server, including Microsoft Exchange. This is usually caused by you unknowingly agreeing to the sync settings to your iPhone. If you do this, you will get a lot of duplicated contacts on your iPhone, especially when your network of relationships is very large.

Source of Trouble with iTunes and iCloud Sync

Contacts duplicated on iPhone can also occur when you sync iTunes and iCloud. But this only happens if you are using a version of iTunes that was released before iTunes 11. To solve this, you just need to upgrade iTunes to the latest version so that duplicate contacts can be deleted automatically.

How to Delete Contacts Duplicated on iPhone

After detecting the source of the dual contact problem, you should start looking for the best solution. The dual contact problem may sound trivial, especially when the contact list in your phonebook is still small. It can be very inconvenient when your contact list is very large, all of them are duplicated and there are more than two in number. Here are some ways that you can do to start dealing with contacts duplicated on your iPhone:

Manually Deleting Contacts

It's very easy to do this when you only have a few contacts in the phonebook list. Duplicate contacts may be accidentally created manually and you can delete them manually as well. The steps are quite simple. You can start by clicking the contact you want to delete, then select the “Edit” menu in the upper right corner.

Next, scroll down to find the “Delete Contact” option at the very bottom. Double-tap the button to make sure the contact is deleted. The first tap is a confirmation prompt to confirm, are you sure you want to permanently throw the contact in the trash.

iTunes upgrades

The manual method can be very inconvenient and tiring when you have to delete a lot of contacts. The next way to solve contacts duplicated on iPhone is to upgrade iTunes to a version higher than version 11. But you must first determine the source of the problem from applications that have been synced but haven't been upgraded.

Quick Erase Using Mac

A handy way to solve the dual contact problem is to delete it using a Mac. You will go through various stages to be able to delete quickly and automatically. Let's follow these steps for the guide:

  1. First, sync your iCloud contacts to your Mac. You do this by clicking the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen, then clicking System Preferences. Check whether the contact is ticked indicating that the synchronization is active. Exit settings immediately when you've made sure your iCloud contacts are synced to your Mac.
  2. Click the Command + Space bar to enter the Contacts app on Mac. Another way to quickly get to the Contacts app is to search by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. You'll find all the names, contacts, addresses, and other important information in the phone book on your iPhone. At the top of the screen, click on “Cards” and select “Search for Duplicates” to find all contacts duplicated on iPhone. Later, a result will appear in the form of overlapping contact options, or whether you want to merge the same contacts. Choose the option according to your needs. Don't forget to check your contacts so you can make sure you're not wasting any important data.

Because in some cases, there may be two different contacts, but the name is the same. To prevent merging with different people, go into each person's card and then use a different name. Instead of manually deleting multiple contacts, which takes time and energy, the Mac solution is very practical and you can still be selective when it comes to checking for specific duplicates.

In addition to the methods above, there are also special applications that you can rely on to solve the problem of duplicate contacts on the iPhone. Especially when you're not using a Mac, a good app might help. Even so, you must remain selective in choosing an effective and safe application.

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