How to Setup Find My iPhone and Use It to Locate Your Phone

Setup Find My iPhone - As an iPhone user, you must be familiar with setup Find My iPhone. Find My is a very helpful feature that you can use to locate your iPhone. It can be used for any Apple products, including your AirPods. Even if you think you won’t need this feature, it is best to set it up properly because you never know when it will come in handy.   

Setup Find My iPhone
Setup Find My iPhone

What Is Find My iPhone?

Find My Phone app is a feature that is mostly used to track a lost iPhone. This app also can be found in any other Apple gadgets, such as Mac and Apple Watch. When the feature is enabled, you can use it to track the last known location of your iPhone in case it gets lost or stolen. 

Find My is a great safety feature because it makes an Apple device basically useless if it is stolen. Once the feature is enabled, it is impossible to unlock the device without putting in the original iCloud password. As a result, anyone who find or steal your phone will not be able to resell or even use the device. 

Apple had given a great update to this feature in iOS 13. Now the Find My iPhone and Find My Friends features are combined into one versatile application. It means you can now use the Find My feature to locate your friends or family. But please note that this is not a spying app. You and the person you want to track must give permission by turning on the setting so that you can find each other’s locations.

How to Setup Find My iPhone

We all know how great this feature is. But many people still don’t understand how to set it up. In fact, one of the most common questions iPhone users ask is: where is find my iPhone in Setting? If you have the same question, you have come to the right place. Let’s find out more about setting up Find My feature in your iPhone.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap [your name], choose Find My.
  3. Tap Find My iPhone. You will see some toggles, read each option carefully before you decide to turn them on or off.
  4. Turn on the Find My iPhone feature.
  5. Turn on Find My Network if you want to be able to locate your device even when it is offline.
  6. Turn on Send Last Location if you want the system to send the last location of your phone when its battery is critically low.

Turning on Find My iPhone is easy and it only takes a minute to do so. If you want to take one more protective measure, make sure to turn on your Location Services. This way, the location of your iPhone will be shown on the map. To turn on this feature, simply go to Settings ­čí¬ Privacy ­čí¬ Location Services, then turn the toggle on. 

When you setup Find My iPhone, you also can turn on Share My Location to allow your family and friends know your location. The Share My Location feature is located on the same page as the Find My and can be turned on in the same way.

How to Use Find My iPhone

Now, let’s find out how to use Find My feature. Let’s say that your iPhone gets stolen, or you simply misplace it and can’t remember you put your iPhone. If you have activated the Find My feature, you can easily locate it. You can use Find My iPhone on computer or another Apple device that you have. 

If you use a computer, go to and sign in. If you have another Apple device with the same ID, simply open the Find My iPhone app. After that, choose your phone from the list of devices and you can see its location from the map. If the map doesn’t show the location of your phone, it means that the Location Services on your iPhone has not been turned on. And if you can’t find your device on the list of devices, it means that the Find My feature has not been activated on your lost device. 

Don’t forget to mark your device as lost. It will allow you to lock your phone remotely with a special passcode. As a result, nobody can mess with your personal data. Furthermore, nobody wants to purchase a locked iPhone. If you have Apple Pay, this action also will disable it. In addition, you can set a custom display message so that anyone who finds your iPhone know how to contact you and hopefully return the phone to you. 

Now, what happens if you forgot to activate the Find My feature? You are still able to take some measures to protect your data, but it will be almost impossible to locate it. The first thing you need to do is to change the password of your Apple ID as soon as possible. After that, don’t forget to change the password of your other accounts and social media. You also can contact your wireless carrier or banking provider to disable your accounts. Last but not least, remove the device from the list of your trusted devices. You might not be able to find your phone, but at least these steps will help protecting your personal data.

How to Disable Find My iPhone

It is best not to disable this feature as long as you use your phone. But if you want to repair your phone or sell it, then you need to disable Find My iPhone. To do this, simply repeat the steps to activate the feature, but this time make sure you turn the toggle off. Go to Settings ­čí¬ Your Name ­čí¬ Find My iPhone ­čí¬ Turn off. To turn this feature off, you will have to input your iCloud password.

Remember, this feature is very important so you need to know how to setup Find My iPhone. It is best to just turn on all the safety features to prevent anything bad from happening to your precious data. 

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