How to Move iPhone Icons and Steps

How to Move iPhone Icons - Have you ever wondered how to move iPhone icons? You may find that your screen is cluttered with various app icons, but don't know how to tidy it up. Maybe you're a new iPhone user. Or have you become a loyal customer of Apple products, but you just realized the importance of cleaning up your screen recently.

How to Move iPhone Icons
How to Move iPhone Icons

There are no fixed rules in the technique of tidying up the smartphone screen display. Everyone has their style to reach certain applications quickly. Some people are more comfortable grouping application icons in separate folders, while others separate them into on-screen slides.

Whatever your style is in tidying up the appearance of icons on the iPhone, it should be able to support your effectiveness and performance in using smartphones. Most importantly, you must know how to move iPhone icons correctly and practically. Let's continue to follow the following article to get more information.

Easy Ways to Move iPhone Icons

Moving iPhone Icons on the main screen is very easy. You just need to press and move them one by one in the position you want. But this method may not be practical for some people. You don't need to worry because the system on the iPhone also provides a practical way so that you can fix the appearance of icons on your iPhone more quickly and practically. But this will also adjust to the type of iPhone you are using.

Method 1: Drag and Drop

This is a manual method that you can do in your spare time. How to move iPhone Icons in this way starts by dragging the desired icon, then dropping it in the position you want. You can set which app icons to place on the home screen, and which to place in the dock. Here's a breakdown of how to tidy up icons on the iPhone by dragging and dropping:

  1. Press and hold the icon of your selected app until the other apps don't vibrate.
  2. Drag the target icon to the desired position, then release.
  3. To save changes, click “Home”. For iPhone X, complete the transfer process using the “Done” button

Method 2: Create a Folder

Some people do not like the appearance of the home screen filled with application icons. To them, it may seem cluttered and make the background image on the homepage obstructed. If you are one of these people, let's create folders, and organize the application icons on the screen by grouping them into special cabinets. To apply how to move iPhone icons by creating a folder, follow these steps:

  1. To create a folder, drag the icon of a particular application on top of another icon. It's like you're going to stack the two.
  2. Later a folder that has not been named will appear. Please rename the folder by clicking the folder name. Another way is to click the cross icon. The folder name can be adjusted to your taste. For example, for a game application icon set, you can name it “Game”, and so on.
  3. Drag more application icons according to their groups, then put them in separate folders.

Method 3: Creating Multiple Home Screen Pages

Creating folders may not be practical enough for some people. Don't worry because there is another way to group app icons using slides on the main screen. This way, you don't have to group icons into separate folders. You only need to create a new screen, and how to find the icon in question can be done by sliding the screen left or right. Here's how to move iPhone icons using the page slide on the main screen:

  1. To create a new page on the home screen, drag the app to the right edge of the iPhone screen.
  2. Next, a row of dots will appear above the dock. Highlight the dot indicating the page where the icon will be saved. To position it the way you want, drag the app left or right to place it on the page where you want it.

Method 4: Rely on iTunes

iTunes is a device whose main function is to back up data. But it can also be used to tidy up the app icons on your iPhone home screen. To use this method, we recommend first checking if you are using a version of the iPhone that allows saving app icons via iTunes. If you can't, we recommend using another method. Let's follow these steps to move iPhone app icons with iTunes:

  1. Open iTunes on the computer, then connect it to the iPhone. Next, click the desired icon, then select the "Applications" menu
  2. Make the move at will under the application tab. All the icons set here will automatically move too on your iPhone home screen. How to move iPhone icons in this way even allows you to create folders or choose the home screen according to your taste in a very practical way.
  3. Make sure you are using an iPhone before iTunes version 12.7.

Method 5: Using AnyTrans

Setting the position of the icon on the iPhone can also be done in a very practical way, namely with AnyTrans. This is software that can be used at any time and can provide the best advice on moving iPhone icons on an iDevice. Here are the steps to fix the icon screen display on the homepage by relying on AnyTrans:

  1. Download AnyTrans from your computer, then activate it immediately to start using it.
  2. Connect iPhone to computer, then select “Home Screen Manager”. Later, another menu will appear, select the "Arrange Home Screen" option to start the changes.
  3. Click “Set up home screen” to start the customization, or reset apps on the iPhone screen. You can also preview to make sure the icons are positioned and look the way you want.
  4. After all the settings are done, click “Sync to Device”.

Among the ways mentioned above. Choose the one that best suits your taste and of course the easiest. Especially if there are too many app icons on your iPhone and they fill the entire home screen. When the manual method is considered impractical, many other ways are faster and easier.

Most importantly, how to move iPhone icons cannot be compared from one user to another. Some icons are accessed most frequently, and they should be positioned in the most accessible places.

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