How to do a Screenshot on iPhone 12 & Where Will It be Saved?

How to do a Screenshot on iPhone 12 - Already using iPhone 12 but still don't know about how to do a screenshot on iPhone 12? That's kinda mad, but we can inform you on how to do that. As for where these screenshots will be saved, we also have the answers you need to know.

From taking notes, taking a picture of someone's words, to capturing certain moments that show on your iPhone screen, all of this can be done with screenshots. This is a feature not to be missed on any phone, including the iPhone 12 and others.

How to do a Screenshot on iPhone 12
How to do a Screenshot on iPhone 12

Screenshot service is also available on Apple and can be done in various ways. For iPhone 12 users, you should know all these ways because they will be very helpful. For those who still don't know the right way, you must often ask Siri for help to do it.

Indeed, the “Hey, Siri” service is one of the most effective ways to be used as a screenshot tool. But if you're in a quiet room, then using Siri doesn't make sense. Use other and modern ways, and we know all the ways!

Where to Find the Result of How to do a Screenshot on iPhone 12? Can It be Shared?

If you use an iPhone and still don't know much about screenshots, you must often be confused about where the screenshots will actually be stored. We were also often confused at first, especially if it was mixed with other photos on the device.

So after you practice how to do a screenshot on iPhone 12, and are looking for screenshots, launch the Photos app again. Usually, you will be immediately directed to the Recent menu, but this time you go back again, but stay on the “Albums” tab.

There are many options there, and you just scroll down until you find the Screenshot menu. If you're looking for the latest screenshots, they're usually at the bottom. So every time you look for the result, just look in the Photos App, and go to the Screenshot tab.

How to do a Screenshot on iPhone 12 With Buttons

If you previously used the “Hey Siri” feature, the screenshots will also go to one of the menus on the Albums tab. But if you want to use another method for screenshots, then you can use a button combination that is clearly visible on the iPhone, namely by:

  1. Make sure the screen displays the image or visual you want to screenshot
  2. After the screen display the content, press the side button (power button) and the Volume Up Button together
  3. The screen will flash with white screen and camera noise sounds
  4. It will show the thumbnail of the screenshot result in the corner of your iPhone 12 screen

How to do a Screenshot on iPhone 12 Without Pressing Any Button

But if you really don't have the heart to press the iPhone 12 button, especially the new one, then don't worry, there are other ways. And even in our opinion, this way is much simpler. So, how to do a screenshot on iPhone 12 without pressing any button is:

  1. Turn on your phone and head to the Settings app
  2. Scroll down to the General menu and tap on the “Accessibility”
  3. Tap the Assistive Touch and turn the toggle switch to on
  4. Once the Assistive Touch button appears on the screen, drag it to anywhere you like
  5. Go back to the display you wanted to screenshot
  6. Tap the assistive touch and there will be another option
  7. Click on the Screenshot options to do a screenshot

More Advanced Way to do a Screenshot on iPhone 12

In our opinion, this method alone is pretty cool and helpful for screenshots. But if there is a more modern way, do you intend to try it? There is another way to screenshot on iPhone, but this time it is more modern, and sophisticated.

Not all versions of the iPhone can take screenshots this way, only iPhone 11 or later. How to do a screenshot on iPhone 12 in this sophisticated way is to tap the Apple logo on the back case of the phone. Those who just want to try it, must be curious.

First, you need to launch the Settings app again, and also go to Accessibility. Go on the “Touch” menu and click on the Back Tap menu that is located at the bottom of the page. Turn it on and look for the Double Tap or Triple tap options.

If you want to double-tap on the Apple logo for a screenshot, then click the Duble tap and scroll it down until you find the Screenshot options. The triple tap means you need to tap the back case third time, and maybe you can set that as a shortcut for other.

How to do a Screenshot on iPhone 12 for the Whole Web Page

Screenshot by default is a service for you to capture what is on the screen at that moment. But apparently, other ways can be used to screenshot the whole page. In a sense, the screenshots will be longer and more detailed, by:

  1. Launch the Safari app and go to the website you want to screenshot
  2. Use every kind of screenshot method that we've explained before
  3. Once the thumbnail of the screenshot result is shown in the bottom-left corner, click it
  4. Tap edit and choose the Full Page options
  5. Tap on the “Done” menu, and your whole-page screenshot result will be shown in your gallery

What If iPhone Screenshot Not Working Properly?

By now, you already know a lot about how to take screenshots on iPhone properly. But there is another fact that you need to know, namely the fact that this screenshot does not always run smoothly. Sometimes, some problems arise while taking screenshots.

Or there are even moments that make screenshots not work. Everything we've explained above can't be used so can't screenshot anywhere. But take it easy, how to do a screenshot on iPhone 12 can be done with this solution:

  1. Update iOS to the Latest Version
  2. Restart Your iPhone
  3. Use the Third-Party App

iPhone always provides convenience and everything can be adjusted to the wishes of the user. Including simple things like taking a screenshot, which is rarely noticed on other phones. How to do a screenshot on iPhone 12 can be done in many cool ways.

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