Have Difficulty on How to Change iPhone Sim Card? Follow This Simple Tutorial

How to Change iPhone Sim Card - A sim card stands as an identity referring to a person in a series of numbers. With this card, we can do some crucial things, especially in the case of communication. iPhone users sometimes get difficulty on how to change the iPhone sim card since it sometimes has a different location for the sim card tray. So, what should you do when you are facing this situation? Here is the answer.

How to Change iPhone Sim Card
How to Change iPhone Sim Card

We know the function of a sim card in every phone. It has been so familiar for us since we use this every day. By using networks available from the providers, we can text a message to relatives and friends, make a call or conference, share the information (attach the texts, images, and videos), and more. To get the services, we usually get the charges based on what we've done using the networks. So, we can say that this part is significant for the smartphone ignoring the type and model.

How to Set the Sim Card on iPhone

For those of you who are using an iPhone-like smartphone for the first time, you may be a little confused about where the SIM card should be inserted. Different from most smartphones before, usually the SIM card slot along with the battery can be found by opening the back cover.

How to change the iPhone sim card is much easier, but requires the help of additional tools. You can use it with the sim ejector or sim tray pin. If you bought this phone, you would get the tools free. However, using similar objects such as safety pins or needles is also recommended. So, what is the step for doing so? Let’s check it.

  1. Find the small hole in the SIM card slot on the right side of the iPhone. The location of this slot may differ on some types and models of iPhone. Learn the anatomy of your smartphone first or you can also find out through the manual book.
  2. Prepare the sim ejector then press the hole hard until the sim tray bounces out.
  3. Pull out the tray containing the sim card slot carefully. This sim card slot is where you put the sim card that you have prepared.
  4. Insert or replace the sim card, adjust it to the slot provided, then re-insert the sim tray.

You will often find this method of opening an iPhone card on smartphones with a unibody design or the battery part cannot be removed. There are many reasons why vendors are now starting to carry unibody designs, one of the reasons is security so that the components used are truly original.

This is indeed somewhat impractical because you can't just change SIM cards if you don't have these tools. Even so, it shouldn't bother you at all, unless you change cards a lot.

How to Change the iPhone Sim Card Without Using the Sim Tray Pin

Generally, when we want to replace our sim card, especially on smartphones, we need a sim tray pin. Because of its small size, this item is easy to lose. Sometimes, we also forget where to store it when we need how to change the iPhone sim card. So, here are some alternatives that you can try at a certain time without a sim tray pin.

The first item is a sewing needle. At home, it's easy to find this thing, just ask grandma or mom then start changing the sim card by opening the tray using a sewing needle. Use a sharp part to open the sim tray. The location of the sim tray on the iPhone will be different, for example on the iPhone 7 it is located on the left side of the smartphone body. plug in the lock of the sim tray with the tip of the needle, once it is open, pull the sim tray and replace the sim card in it. Easy, isn't it?

The second is to use a safety pin. Generally, this object is used to combine two or more objects such as cloth. Safety pins are also used to complete the makeup on the hijab. Well, did you know that safety pins are also useful in how to change iPhone sim card? Yes, the sharp end can replace the sim tray pin. The same as using the previous sewing needle, the way to open the iPhone sim tray is very easy. So, stop worrying about not being able to replace the sim card if you lose your pin.

Well, the next object still has the same concept, which is sharp and sharp at one end. If you have dressmaker pins at home or in your room, you can use them to replace the sim card. In essence, objects with sharp ends have a precise diameter that matches the sim tray hole you can use. Is there anything else you would suggest?

The Effects of Changing the Sim Card Frequently

Although it is easy to replace a sim card wherever you are, maybe not many of us are aware of the dangers or impacts of changing sim cards frequently. Then, what are the effects that will occur if you do that? Here is the explanation.

  1. Maybe some of you must have experienced the cellphone restarting itself. But it's a common thing to happen with cellphones because cellphones must have a period of fatigue. If your smartphone has turned off frequently and turns on itself, this should be suspected. It could be the effect of changing your favorite smartphone SIM card too often.
  2. If you don't have a smartphone SIM prime card, you won't be able to contact anyone automatically including connecting to the internet. This will happen if the cardholder is often used to replace. The object will experience looseness and over time it cannot be used to place your smartphone's SIM card.
  3. It could not access the network. Apart from damaging the holder or sim-tray, the effect is that the SIM card will experience depletion.

Therefore, rather than having a worse impact as a result of changing smartphone sim cards, it's better for you to each have one SIM so that it doesn't have an impact on your phone. However, be wise when you need to get how to change your iPhone sim card. Later, you can focus more on other things instead of messing around with your broken phone later.

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