Common Battery Problem in iPhone and How to Fix

Battery Problem in iPhone - You may experience a battery problem in iPhone. People want to use their iPhones for a longer time. They usually do all their activities by using their iPhones. When you use the iPhone, your life will become simpler. Unfortunately, you may feel bad because of the battery problem. Because of the battery problem, you will not be able to use your iPhone to its maximum potential. A battery problem may appear because of the age of your iPhone. Some people complain that their iPhone’s battery is not charging at the right rate, draining very fast, decreasing in a short time, and some other common issues. People who use the iPhone 6s will commonly experience battery problems. For you who experience battery problem in iPhone, you'd better find the solution here.

Battery Problem in iPhone
Battery Problem in iPhone

Rapid battery consumption

The first common problem is rapid battery consumption. The battery consumption can be affected because of some applications running in the background of the iPhone. Background activity will lead to more battery consumption on your phone. It could be the source of your iPhone's rapid battery drain. How to fix this problem? To fix this problem, you can use the solution below.

  1. You need to open the settings of your iPhone and then continue to the Battery tab. You will find a list of different apps that consume more battery power. If you find an app that consumes more battery, you can close or remove it.
  2. You can turn off the iPhone background app feature by going to Settings and then choosing the General tab. You can choose the turn-off option and then refresh the background app.
  3. You need to turn off the location service in the iPhone settings too

Your iPhone Getting Hot When You Charge 

Some iPhone users experience their iPhone getting hot when they charge their battery. The iPhone needs to cool down first before you can use it. For all of you who experience this problem, you can try this simple solution.

  1. When you charge your iPhone, you need to turn off all apps and stop doing activities. Some apps, such as gaming apps, Youtube apps, and Maps apps, will need extra battery consumption. It makes your battery and iPhone hot, and it may cause some serious problems.
  2. You need to turn off the mobile hotspot. It is also consuming more battery life. You can avoid using this mobile hotspot when you charge your iPhone.
  3. You need to check your charger. Please make sure that you only use the official charger from Apple. When you use another adapter, it may cause damage to your battery and also to your iPhone.

iPhone device shutting down with a low battery charge

When you experience your iPhone suddenly shutting down but there is some battery left in your iPhone device, you may fix this problem by following these simple steps.

You can do the simple procedure to complete battery calibration. You can start by draining your iPhone battery completely and shutting it off. Then, without using your iPhone, connect it to a charger and charge it to 100% before turning it on. 

You can try another option by updating your iPhone to the most recent version. Please go to "Settings" "General" and "Software Update" to see if you find any updates.

The battery life is inconsistent

Some iPhone consumers have stated that after updating their old iPhone to iOS 10, their battery has become extremely unpredictable, and they are experiencing numerous iPhone battery issues. The reason is an unstable iOS version. How to fix this problem?

  1. All you have to do to fix this problem is update your iPhone to a stable iOS firmware. You may update the firmware on your iPhone by selecting "Settings" then choose "General" and then "Software Update." You can upgrade iTunes manually if there is no change.
  2. If you still face the problem, you can factory reset your iPhone. To do a factory reset, you can go to "Settings", choose "General" and "Reset" and choose "Erase All Content and Settings" from the menu you find.

iPhone charging is extremely slow

Do you experience your iPhone battery charging for longer than before? The reason could be a hardware issue or a problem with the iOS version. Some iPhone users have claimed that charging their iPhone's battery completely usually needs more than 6 hours. If this is happening often, you need to consider using the suggestions below to solve the iPhone battery problem. You can fix the slowly charging battery by doing some ways including:

  1. Please make sure your lightning cord is in good working order. You can check this by connecting your iPhone to your pc and charging it. If your iPhone cord isn't charging properly, please change it.
  2. You can try another charger option by buying a 12W or 10W iPad charger and using it to charge your iPhone. Because Apple's charger included with the iPhone is a 5V charger, you will find a difference in charging speed.

Disable Your iPhone's Charging

Have you tried charging your iPhone but it isn't displaying any signs of doing so? There are a variety of causes for this iPhone battery problem. You need to take a look at the steps below to properly tackle this problem.

You can identify your charging adapter and USB cable for any signs of physical damage. The issue may be with your charger rather than the iPhone. If your charger is in great working order, there is a simple solution to this problem.

You can connect your iPhone to the wall charger and double-check that the charging wire is securely linked to the wall power outlet.

You can wait for half an hour for it to charge

There are some other common battery problems with the iPhone that you may experience. If you don’t find a solution to your battery problem, you can go to an Apple Service Center to get a solution for your battery problem. You may need to replace your battery with a new one when you don’t find a solution to the battery problem in iPhone.

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