Backing Up iPhone to Mac to Safely Store Your Data

Backing Up Iphone to Mac - There are a few simple reasons why backing up the iPhone to mac is important to do. Accidentally, our smartphones may be lost, damaged, or stolen. Whereas basically, our smartphones have valuable data in the form of photo files, videos, documents, or other types of files that will make us dizzy when we lose these data. If you are an iPhone user, you should be relieved because backing up files from iPhone is very easy. What are the ways to do it? Is it safe? Let’s read more.

Backing Up Iphone to Mac
Backing Up Iphone to Mac

A Guideline for Backing Up iPhone to Mac 

Backing up files is a very tedious job to do. But when we lose valuable files, for example on a deadline, surely this will be much more confusing. So, if you are someone who struggles with your iPhone every day to support your work, try regularly backing up your files.

iPhone users have two main options for backing up their data. Backing up iPhone to mac and backing up to iCloud are the choices you can do to save your data even for the older and unusable data. Below is a brief explanation of how you can complete this mission.

  1. Storing your data on Mac or personal computer. It is the first method you can try to make your data and file safer. Here are the ways to do so. Of course, you need to prepare the hardware for backing up the iPhone to Mac or personal computer. Connect your iPhone to the Mac then find your device through Finder. 
  2. You may be asked for the code for accessing your files. Follow the steps on the screen.
  3. Find your device on your Mac or computer.
  4. Please encrypt your data especially for finance or health matter data before transferring the data.
  5. Simply click the ‘back up now’ option and wait until all the transferring data have done. 

There are other methods you can try if you do not want to back up on a mac or computer. It is also simple and gives the files inside your iPhone more security. You can employ iCloud. The function of iCloud on the iPhone is to securely store important data and information on Apple's remote servers. This way, all your information is backed up to a secure location and synced between all your devices.

Backing up your information to iCloud has two benefits. If you lose an Apple device, the information you saved, you can then go to to retrieve this data or sign in with your Apple ID to recover all this data automatically on a new Apple device.

The iCloud functionality on the next iPhone is seamless and almost invisible. It was probably something that had been taken for granted. This is done for many stock Apple apps and even third-party apps that have been connected to iCloud.

  1. You will need a wireless connection or stronger internet services. Then, select and connect to the networks.
  2. Go to the setting menu then select your name (device) and click iCloud.
  3. Select iCloud back up and back up now.
  4. Never disconnect the wi-fi until all the process is done. Happy trying. 

More Ways to Back Up the iPhone Data

Performing backups on iPhone devices is very important to do regularly. Because we know when our iPhone has an error, forgets the password, and other things that require us to reset the iPhone. 

Well, for those of you who have trouble backing up your iPhone, here is another way about backing up data from your iPhone via iTunes. The steps below you can do manually yourself and self-taught. There are several easy steps you can do to back up the data using iTunes. 

  1. You will need the data cable to transfer the data, so prepare it first before connecting the computer with iTunes. 
  2. Go to file manager, then find the option of ‘device’
  3. Then, do the data back-up. Wait and check, this process may take more minutes based on how much data is transferred. 
  4. Do not close the tabs until all the processes are completed.

7 Reasons Why You Should Back Up the Data on Your iPhone

Photos, videos, and other types of files that we store on the device may be lost due to many factors. At times like that, then you will remain comfortable and calm if you have backed up the file beforehand. There are the reasons why you should make copies of the data or information you store.

  1. Minimize data loss due to faulty storage functions. All of these data storage media are susceptible to damage, so there is a possibility that the files or data lost or even damaged.
  2. So, as not to hamper your productivity when the lost data is needed again, then backing up is a mandatory thing that you must do. This is important to not waste your time redoing the thing.
  3. We know that our devices are also prone to viruses, which is why backing up data is the right choice.
  4. We never expect disaster therefore, we need to prepare for the worst possibility. In damaged conditions, the possibility to restore the data is very difficult.
  5. If the theft occurs and you've backed up your data, at least you can still access it and don't lose important data.
  6. Data backup is easy to do and there are many choices to store the backup data, both offline and online.

Therefore, doing a data backup is the best option. Before any damage and disaster occur, you should save important data or files to other storage media. If you have limited external storage, maybe you can back up data in cloud storage. If you are an iPhone user, you can take advantage of the iCloud application.

If you already have backup data, of course, you don't have to worry about losing data anymore. Backing up iPhone to mac is quite easy even if the data is lost, at least you have done a data backup so that you will get a sense of security and peace. Don’t forget to try!

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