Accidentally Delete Your Messages? 4 Ways To Restore Them on iPhone

How to Restore Deleted Messages on an iPhone - We all receive some useless text messages every day. Because of this, most of us select multiple messages on the iPhone and accidentally delete them in one go. Although you can use an iCloud backup, Apple has not provided a simple way to recover deleted text messages on your iPhone. However, there are several ways on how to restore deleted messages on an iPhone

How to Restore Deleted Messages on an iPhone
 How to Restore Deleted Messages on an iPhone

To back up your data including text messages, Apple has enabled iPhone with iCloud integration. But retrieving texts from iCloud backup requires prior knowledge. There is also no standalone option provided by iPhone to restore deleted messages in just one go. 

Restore Deleted Messages With iCloud

Below are the steps you can take on how to restore deleted messages on an iPhone using iCloud backup. Before starting the process, it is important to point out that you will need to enable messages as part of your iCloud backup to restore your previous text messages from the cloud. 

  1. Go to settings then tap your Apple ID profile at the top
  2. Go to iCloud > manage storage > backup, then select the backup that was taken before the date you deleted the messages that you want to restore
  3. Scroll down to find the messages backup and make sure it displays with some data
  4. Reset your iPhone. This will delete all the saved data. So you should only proceed if you have them in your backup file containing deleted messages
  5. If you’re already sure, then go to settings > general >transfer or reset phone > erase all content and settings
  6. Your iPhone will reboot and take some time to return. It will ask if you want to restore from  a backup, you can select the correct backup from there

If you don’t want to delete all your content and data from your iPhone but want to restore messages stored in iCloud, you can retrieve them by signing in to Here are a few steps on how you can do it. So how to restore deleted messages on an iPhone using

  1. Sign in to with your Apple ID and password
  2. Open the text messages and search the one you want to restore. The text messages option will only be visible if you have enabled the backup for your texts. 
  3. Now you will be prompted to turn off messages backup by visiting iCloud settings after going to the settings with your Apple ID. You will see a list of content that’s backed up in iCloud. Just tap the messages there to disable text messages backup. 
  4. Next you will be prompted to download your text messages locally on your iPhone. Select, disable and download messages from the pop-up message. It will download all existing messages, including those you have deleted from your iPhone. 

However, it’s worth making sure that this option only works if your iPhone has not been backed up to iCloud recently. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the deleted messages as they are no longer available on and will be replaced with new texts you received on your iPhone. 

Apple provides 5GB of storage capacity on iCloud for free, but this capacity may not be enough for users with large iPhone data. If you need iCloud capacity expansion, you can buy the premium storage plan.

For users who don’t use iCloud, Apple allows backups via iTunes or Finder, depending on the operating system. You will have to physically connect your iPhone in this case. It’s also the same as iCloud method, it deletes existing content and data to allow you to restore older backups.

Using iTunes

Using iTunes to backup and restore your data or deleted text messages can save your internet bandwidth consumption. However, it’s worth noting you need iTunes on a Mac running Mojave, then you can connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes. To do this, you can follow these steps:

  1. Backup your data via iTunes first
  2. After deleting the messages, connect your computer vis USB cable
  3. Start iTunes. Select your device from the devices list. Sometimes you need to enter the sync menu item to connect your phone to a PC. But usually this step is rather skipped
  4. Go to the general tab
  5. Tap the restore iPhone button on the right side of the window
  6. Enter data with your Apple ID
  7. Select a copy of the backup information for recovery
  8. Wait until the process is complete. Once the process is done, your iPhone will reboot and all the data will be recovered

Restore Through Third Party Software

This method is an official way to restore your data on an iPhone. However, they don’t always work. Sometimes, while you are wondering how to recover deleted messages on an iPhone, users resort to the help of third party programs and applications. They allow you to return correspondence without much hassle. 

The recovery process with the help of third party software, boils down to these following steps:

  1. The selected program must be installed on the computer
  2. Connect your iPhone to PC using a special cable. When working with data recovery, you have to remove the SIM card from your phone
  3. Run the program and select the device on which the restore was performed. Go to the messages section. Mark the desired text messages and click the export button

Call Your Provider

Some phone providers keep records of all your text messages, not from a sinister point of view but from a security concern. However, this concept may sound scary, but if you have had the misfortune of recovering your text messages by various methods on how to restore deleted messages on iPhone, then as a last resort you can try to contact your provider, they might be in a position to fix it for you. Fast, simple, and reliable. The advantage of this method is that there is no need to backup the information.

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