6 Useful Photo Hacks for iPhone Users

Timer Photo on iPhone - iPhone is well known for its camera quality. It provides the best quality camera which enables the user to get a nice picture. But a high quality camera is not enough. You need some skills and tips to get a nice picture. Do you know the tips? Are you wondering is it about the timer photo on iPhone or something? Well, below are some useful tips for you. 

Timer Photo on iPhone
Timer Photo on iPhone

Clean the Lens

Cleansing the lens is the first step you need to do to get a clear picture. If the lens is dirty, you may get 'dirt' on your photo too. So, you should always clean the lens first. Use soft cloth to clean it. Clean it slowly or you may scratch the lens. 

Some people sometimes forget to do this step. It is too simple, but there are not so many people who remember it. Thus, you should never miss this step to get your best picture.  

Set the Focus

Focus is very important for taking photos. No matter what kind of camera you use, you should think of the focus. So, before using your camera, don't forget to set the focus first. If you don't set the focus, your main object will be blurry. It makes your photo less meaningful. A photo without meaning is like an ordinary and uninteresting picture.

Great photos are those which have stories inside. Thus, we need to focus so we can ‘tell’ the stories. Well, photo sometimes is also a media for storytelling. Have you ever heard proverb ‘a picture is worth a thousand words? It is the proof that pictures can represents a thousand of words.   

Don't Zoom the Object

To keep the picture focused, never zoom the object. If you zoom it, the quality will decrease. Low quality image is not worth it. It is not sharp since it is not clear. Whereas, the best photo is the clear one. So, you must not zoom the camera while taking pictures.

Lock Exposure

Tap your finger on the screen and keep it for a moment. Then, lock exposure feature will appear. It helps you to 'lock’ the object and reduce the noises. Noise is like some pixels that ruin the photo. In short, noise is a distortion that should be reduced. Hence, you need to lock the exposure to make your photo clearer. 

Noise is the photo ‘enemy’. You cannot get a good photo if there are still some noise in it. Well, noise is usually caused by the lack of light. The low light situation makes noises on your photos. So, try to take the photos in a place which provides sufficient light.

Use Timer 

If you are not able to hold your phone to take photos, you can use the timer. How to set timer photo on iPhone? Tap the clock icon and set the duration first. You can choose between 3 seconds or 10 seconds. Then, it's ready to take your picture. Well, if you have different series of iPhone, you may find differences in using the timer. You can check the differences below.

Timer Photo on iPhone 11 

  1. Open the camera first 
  2. Tap the chevron icon
  3. Tap the shutter timer icon
  4. Set the duration. There are two choices, 3 seconds and 10 seconds.
  5. The timer is ready to use

Timer Photo on iPhone 12 

  1. Tap your camera on the main screen
  2. Hold your phone in a landscape position
  3. Tap more options icon
  4. Tap timer icon
  5. Choose the duration. 
  6. Tap capture

How about the timer photo on iPhone 13?  

Well, it is similar to iPhone 12. You can follow the same steps

Using the timer helps you take photos when you are alone and you cannot tap the capture button by yourself. So, knowing how to set the timer will help you a lot.

Use the Burst Mode

Burst mode is suitable to take a photo of a moving object. By using burst mode, you can grab all the moments at once. You will get several photos in one shot. After that, you can choose the best one and delete the remaining. 

This burst mode is the best to use, for example when you are on a train. If you want to capture something outside, you can use this mode. Thus, you won’t miss any great moments even if you are inside the train.

Use the Grid Lines

Change your setting and enable the Grid. Grid is created of two vertical lines and two horizontal lines. These lines divide the screen into 9 squares.

The grid lines help you apply the rule of third. 'Rule of third' is a concept about the position of the object in the camera. Using rule of third makes your pictures look good. This rule is very common, especially for photographers. Thus, applying grid lines help you take pictures like a pro. 

Use the Auto HDR

HDR means High Dynamic Range. It is a feature of DSLR camera and smartphone camera. By using HDR mode, you can take a picture with a more dynamic and wide light range. Your picture will be much better if you use auto HDR.   

Well, those are the list of photo hacks of iPhone. You can still get the best photo even only by having timer photo on iPhone, or by the other hacks above. By using those hacks, you can be as good as those professionals. 

Try to upload your photos to social media too. There are many people who post their photos on their social media today. They become famous because of it. For your information, you are also able to earn money by uploading photos to the internet. You can sell your photo there. There are some platforms which need contribution from the internet users. If you contribute to the platform, you can earn some money.  Besides, if you want to be a photographer, you can use the platforms to create a portfolio. So, let's have a try! What are you waiting for?

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