4 Pro Tips on How to Turn Battery Percentage on iPhone 11

How to Turn Battery Percentage on iPhone 11 - If you have upgraded to iPhone 11, you might notice that this recent model from Apple doesn’t display the battery percentage in the status bar. It can be a little bit annoying for some iPhone users. Without the battery percentage, how do you know that your iPhone 11 needs to be charged? Fortunately, there are simple tricks you can do to check the remaining battery percentage of your device. Let’s take a look closer at the easy ways how to turn battery percentage on iPhone 11 here.

How to Turn Battery Percentage on iPhone 11
How to Turn Battery Percentage on iPhone 11

Turning on Battery Percentage on iPhone 11

Do you know that you can see battery percentage on iPhone 11 simply by using a single swipe? Yep. All you need to do is just place your finger on the status bar of your device. It is the location where the iPhone displays Wi-Fi, cellular, and battery icons. When you swipe your finger downward this battery icon, the device will instantly launch the Control Center. Here, you can find battery percentage information and display it. When you are using a certain app, this trick can also work on the home screen and lock screen.

Using a Widget to Show Battery Life on Home Screen

Aside from swiping downward the battery icon, you can also display the battery percentage of the iPhone 11 home screen by using a widget. Though you can’t see the battery percentage in the top right corner of your iPhone, you can still show the percentage simply by pinning a battery widget to your home screen.

In doing this trick, you need to press anywhere on the home screen of your iPhone and hold it for a second to access the edit mode. Then, make sure that you tap the plus (+) icon. It can be found in the top left corner of your device. After that, you can type “Batteries”. You can find the icon in the search box. Once you have done it, you need to continue the process by tapping the corresponding results. The next thing you should do is keep swiping until you find the widget that shows the battery percentage. Then, tap on “Press Widget” so that your iPhone can add the icon to your home screen.

The Battery Widget Is Not Displayed on the Lock Screen

What if you can’t see the battery widget on the lock screen of your iPhone 11? Well, to solve the issue, you can go to Settings. Then, proceed to Face ID & Passcode. If you have set your passcode, you just need to enter it. After that, make sure that you toggle on Today View on your iPhone. Once you have completed the steps, you can use your lock screen to see the battery widget on your device.

Ask Siri

If you have activated “Hey Siri” on your iPhone, you can also use this feature to help you turn the battery percentage of the device. All you need is to ask Siri and she will be listening. You can ask her about the current charge on your iPhone and she’ll tell you the remaining battery percentage of your device.

Improving the Battery Life of iPhone 11

Once you have found out the best ways how to turn the battery percentage on iPhone 11, it is time to see what you can do to improve the battery life. Generally speaking, users of this latest model of iPhone 11 can enjoy battery life for 8 to 10 hours of active use. But, the following tips can help you extend the running time of the device a little longer. 

Check App-by-App Battery Usage

You need to know your device keeps a list of the most power-consuming apps. To check the most egregious abusers of your iPhone battery, you can go to Settings > Battery. This will make it possible for you to find out a list of the apps that consume the most power of your iPhone in the last 24 hours and 7 days. You can also see how long each of these apps has run on your screen simply by tapping the small clock icon located on the right edge of the screen. With the information provided, you can limit the use of apps that consume the most power on your iPhone.

Reduce Screen Brightness

To improve the battery life of your iPhone, you can also lower the screen brightness of your device. In doing it, you can use the slider found in the Control Center. As an alternative, you can also activate the Auto-Brightness feature on your iPhone. This feature can help you adjust the screen level of your device on ambient light. 

However, keep in mind to enable this Auto-Brightness feature more at night than during the day. As an alternative, make sure to use this feature more when you are indoors than outdoors during the day. The reason behind it is that this Auto-Brightness feature keeps your screen at maximum brightness when you use it in brightly lit environments. In this way, it will drain the battery life of your iPhone quicker.

Use Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode is an old feature, but it comes with undeniable benefits. It allows you to lower or disable a wide range of features. These include “Hey Siri”, automatic downloads, email fetch, some visual effects, background app fresh, and more. Most of the time, iPhone 11 will offer to turn on the Low Power Mode feature for you when your battery remains 20%. However, you can also toggle the feature by heading to Settings > Battery. As an alternative, you can ask Siri to turn the feature on.

Limit Auto Downloads and Background App Refresh

Some apps will refresh their content if you allow them. This can still be done even if you are not using these apps for a while. In this way, you often find some of your apps have fresh content when you return to them. While this feature can save you from pulling down apps to refresh, it also drains your battery life quickly. Limiting your background app refresh and auto-download can help to improve your iPhone battery life. Just go to General and then to Background App Refresh. Then, turn the feature off entirely to save the battery.

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