3 Easy Ways on How to Take a Screenshot with iPhone XR and Its Features

How to Take a Screenshot with iPhone XR - Just bought an iPhone XR? Learn these 3 ways how to take a screenshot with iPhone XR. It’s a bit different from the usual iPhone. Why? Because it doesn’t have the Home button below the screen. So, ready to learn more? Read this article carefully.

How to Take a Screenshot with iPhone XR
How to Take a Screenshot with iPhone XR

3 Ways on How to Take a Screenshot with iPhone XR

Like iPhone X and XS, iPhone XR has different ways to take a screenshot than other iPhones. Do you want to know how? You can read the answer below.

  1. Press the volume button above and the button on the right altogether
  2. Tap screenshot preview on the left of the screen to edit and mark, or press a little longer to share them.
  3. Press the Done button on the right up of the screen, after that, you will be asked whether to save or delete the screenshot. Choose to save if you wanna keep them.

XR Features

Wanna know more about iPhone XR? Let’s break down its features, shall we?

It’s complete with exclusive wallpapers that you can choose from.

Wallpapers' colors match the iPhone, you can match them with all color variations.

You won’t find 3D Touch in this phone, they replaced it with Haptic Touch.

All you have to do is long-press the app you want to open.  The minus is you can't Haptic Touch the Home screen icons, so you have to go to the Control Center.

Available with six colorful and playful designs.

You can choose whether you want the yellow, white, black, coral, blue, or red color.

You will also find multi-sensors from iPhone XR

Sensors such as Face ID, Three-axis gyro, ambient light sensor, barometer, and proximity sensor. Cool, right?

Accessibility features can help those who have disabilities issues, such as built-in support for a vision for blind people, hearing for the deaf, and mobility also learning access.

Such features include voice control and voiceover, zoom and magnifier, TTY and RTT support, Type to Siri, Dictation, Closed Caption, Speak Screen, Back Tap, and Switch Control, and Assistive Touch.

  1. Meanwhile, for the Built-in App, there are photos, cameras, health, messages, phone, and FaceTime. Mail, Wallet, Safari, Siri, iTunes Store, App Store, News, Notes, Music, Maps, Calendar, Reminders Contacts, Books, Weather, Home, TV, clock, calculator, Voice Memos, Stocks, Compass, Watch, Podcasts, Find My, Tips, Translate, Measure, Settings, Files, and Shortcut. A lot, right?
  2. Besides, you also get free Apps from Apple, want to know what they are? Let's find out.

They are preinstalled apps, like Keynote, iMovie, Numbers, Clips, GarageBand, and Apple Store. The other are Trailers, Support, Store, iTunes Remote, and Clips.

iPhone XR and Environmental Friendly Features

Apple has designed the iPhone XR with some features to reduce environmental impact. What are they? They are mercury-free and arsenic-free display, PVC-free and Beryllium-free, Brominated flame-retardant-free, and a recyclable low-carbon aluminum. Cool, don't you think so?

Pros and Cons of iPhone XR

Now that we have already discussed how to take a screenshot with the iPhone XR, and all the features, let’s find more info surrounding the iPhone XR. like the pros and cons for example.


  1. The retro-stylish design is premium and impressive, made from glass that is framed with aluminum series 7000.
  2. The screen itself is completed with multitouch, anti-scratch, with an oleophobic cover to protect the screen and True-tone.
  3. Performa and super speed, how come? Because the iPhone XR is covered with these 2 things. Equipped with Apple chipset A12 Bionic with process technology 7 nm. Its CPU is also completed with ten inti processors
  4. In large memory, there are 3 options surrounding the internal memory. 64 GB ; 128 GB ; 256 GB
  5. Satisfying back camera with 12 MP resolution with opening 1,8 f and 26 mm lens.
  6. Dust and water-resistant.
  7. Face ID for full protection
  8. Powerful chipset, especially for games
  9. Long-lasting batteries
  10. The cheapest iPhone so far
  11. Security features are complete


  1. You can’t add external memories
  2. There is no jack 3,5mm
  3. No FM radio
  4. You can't remove the batteries
  5. No fingerprint option
  6. Ultra-Wide Lens isn’t available
  7. There is no charger when purchasing
  8. Still using LCD Panel

iPhone XR Body

With dimensions of 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm, the iPhone XR weight is just 194g or around 6.84 oz. made from glass front, glass back, both are Gorilla Glass, and also aluminum frame. It's only Single SIM, either Nano-SIM and/or eSIM. But there is also Dual SIM

iPhone Platform and Display

This stylish yet retro smartphone has a platform of iOS 12, you can upgrade it to iOS 15.4.1, with Apple A12 Bionic Chipset, and Hexa-core CPU, where there’s a 4x1.6 GHz Tempest plus 2x2.5 GHz Vortex. While the GPU is Apple GPU with 4-core graphics.

iPhone XR Camera

Its camera is 12 MP for the back camera with OIS, while the front camera is 7 MP. 

  • iPhone XR Connections
  • iPhone XR connections are LTE, NFC, Wi-Fiac, and Bluetooth 5.
  • There are also other features, such as GPS and Lightning

Sum Up 3 Easy Ways on How to Take a Screenshot with iPhone XR and Its Features

So how is it? Interested to buy one? Or do you already have your own? Whichever, it’s important to gather as much as everything so you can get the most from your smartphone, right?. if you are still considering buying, after reading this article, you should have some consideration that can make you want to buy it.

After learning about the three easy ways how to take a screenshot with iPhone XR, plus all its features, and pros and cons, you should have some idea about how good that smartphone is. Especially it’s considered the cheapest iPhone ever. Although it’s still above 10 million in Indonesia, it’s all worth it, considering all the features and designs, and capabilities. Not to mention it’s equipped with environmental-friendly features too. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and buy one for yourself. Don’t forget to choose the color that suits you the most. Happy buying!

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