Wi-Fi & iPhone: How to Set Wi-Fi Setting on iPhone

Wifi Setting on iPhone - For a new user of the iPhone who is wondering how to set Wi-Fi settings on the iPhone, good news for you, you can read the easy and fast to-do instructions below.

Wi-Fi Setting on iPhone
Wi-Fi Setting on iPhone

Wi-Fi Setting on iPhone

Here is what you have to do, follow the instructions step-by-step.

  1. Start from Home screen => Settings => Wi-Fi
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi => your iPhone will search for available Wi-Fi networks automatically
  3. Tap on the name of the Wi-Fi network you choose.
  4. Asked to enter the network’s password or agree to terms and conditions first before joining.
  5. Right after you successfully join the network, there will be a blue tick next to the network and also the connected Wi-Fi icon at the top right hand of your screen.
  6. You can contact the network administrator if you don’t know the password.

Easy enough, right? But what happened if your iPhone can’t connect to the network? Find out the answer below.

What to Do if Wi-Fi Setting on iPhone Can’t Connect?

Here are some tips if your iPhone can’t connect to the Wi-Fi network.

  1. Get help to connect iPhone to Wi-Fi
  2. Make sure the Wi-Fi router is active and you reach within its range.
  3. If you are too far away from the Wi-Fi router, you won’t be able to get the signal, so make sure you are within range.
  4. Make sure the Wi-Fi is active and you can see the network. Open Settings => Wi-Fi, make sure it’s active.
  5. Tap on the Wi-Fi network’s name you want to join => see next on the network’s name, if there is a blue tick, you are already joining that network.
  6. If you saw the Auto Join Disable under the Wi-Fi network’s name, tap to activate Auto Join.
  7. Insert the Wi-Fi password if requested.

Although you insert the right password, there might be a message saying “can’t get through to network” or “wrong password”. Then what should you do? You should restart the device and then insert the password again.

Several Issues Regarding Wi-Fi Setting on iPhone

If your iPhone detected issues regarding Wi-Fi connection, Wi-Fi suggestions will appear under the network’s name of the connected Wi-Fi. For example, you might see a “No Internet Connection” sign, tap on the Wi-Fi network for further information.

Here are some tips regarding issues of Wi-Fi Settings on iPhone

If you are faced with some issues when trying to connect Wi-Fi network, here are some tips to resolve them.

  1. Check on the network and cable, and make sure the router is active and connected to the modem.
  2. Restart, you have to try to restart your iPhone.
  3. Restart router and modem cable or DSL. how do restart them? Just unplug the cable and then plug it again after a few seconds. Check whether the issues are solved after restarting all the devices.
  4. If you are still can’t connect, then rearrange the Network Settings. How? If you are using iOS 15 or newer version: First tap Settings => General => Transfer or Rearrange [Device] => Restart => Restart Network. For you who use iOS 14 or older version, tap Settings => General => Restart => Restart Network.
  5. This will rearrange the previous Wi-Fi network and password, cellular settings, also VPN and APN settings.
  6. If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network but can’t online, try to use your Wi-Fi on other devices. If still can’t connect, there maybe there’s a problem with Wi-Fi services, call the cable or internet provider company for help.
  7. If you try to connect on another Wi-Fi network location and still can’t connect, or your iPhone can’t connect to a Wi-Fi network setting everywhere, then it’s time to call for the big gun help, call Apple.
  8. Update your Wi-Fi router with the newest firmware, and also make sure the router supports your iPhone. For further information, call the router producer.

Another Alternative to Wi-Fi Setting on iPhone: Using a personal Wi-Fi address on iPhone

Your device will use a different Media Access Control or MAC to identify itself in the Wi-Fi network. It’s one of the safety precautions to improve privacy. Unlike iPhone, a device usually uses the same Wi-Fi MAC at all networks, that way, the network provider will easily connect the address with the activity and location of that device. This action can be dangerous because you will be traced.

It already starts with iOS 14, your device will use a different MAC address that will only be used in each network.

Your device will change the personal Wi-Fi address if you come across some cases, like those mentioned below.

  1. Your device will use a different personal address when connected to a certain network if you delete all content and settings or rearrange network settings on that device.
  2. If your device never join a network within 6 weeks, your device will use a different personal address when connected to a certain network. 
  3. And if you set the device to forget a network, your iPhone will forget the personal address being used on that particular network.

Wi-Fi Setting on iPhone: Connect to Wi-Fi Network with Personal Address

Usually, a Wi-Fi network won’t interfere with how you join the network, including using a personal address. But if a certain network won’t allow you to join or won’t be allowed a network or internet access further after you join, you have to close your Address for that network. 

Wi-Fi Setting on iPhone: How to Turn On or Off Personal Address for Network

For your privacy, you have to turn on this option for all networks that supports it. Then how to turn on your iPhone's address? Follow these steps below.

  1. Open Settings app => tap on Wi-Fi
  2. After that, you should tap the info button which is next to the network
  3. Tap to turn on or turn off your address. If your device connects to a network without using a personal address, a privacy alert will explain why.

So how is this article? Has the information regarding the Wi-Fi Setting on iPhone improved your knowledge? If not yet, then find other sources to gain more info. Good luck!

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