What are the Steps on How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 12 Easily and Fast?

How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 12 - All types of smartphones commonly have a screenshot feature that is embedded directly on the smartphone without having to download additional applications. Moreover, for every Android phone, this feature can be used at any time in real-time. But sometimes, these built-in features don't have many features such as screenshots and adding text or editing it. It could be different based on the types and brands including how to take screenshot on iPhone 12 since it has a special operating system. 

How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 12
How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 12

When do I Need to Capture a Screenshot? 

When we are using our smartphones, we sometimes need to take a note of certain images, videos, or other related information. It would be confusing and complicated if we have to take the notebooks and pens and then take a note what the information we need. This will be inefficient.

Every smartphone has the feature to take screenshots. It is easy to apply since we just need to hold the combination of buttons or get it through the notification tab. So, if we as iPhone users, how to take the a screenshots on iPhone 12? 

A screenshot can be referred to as an action to capture and save a display on a gadget screen (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC) into a photo. In short, the meaning of a screenshot is to take a picture of the screen. Screenshot refers more to the activity or the action to take a screenshot.

So, what about screen captures? Capture is the result of the screenshot activity that we do on the gadget. In this case, the screen capture is a file in the form of a photo that we get after taking a screenshot. To make it easier, if the screenshot is an activity to capture the screen display into a photo, then screen capture is the result of the activity of capturing the screen image.

We can take screenshots on gadgets with the help of software in general. At the beginning of the emergence of smartphones, only a few brands provided the ability to take screenshots on mobile phones. As a result, many users choose to use third-party applications to be able to save the screen display into a photo.

But over time, the way to screenshot on a gadget to be able to get a screen capture has become easier to do. All smartphones now support this feature and users can access it easily. For example, on most Android smartphones, users can swipe 3 fingers simultaneously from the top of the screen to the bottom. Automatically, the screen display being shown will be saved as a photo. Is it easy, right?

How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone 12?

We know that iPhone 12 has several types included in this series. If we are talking about the ways to take the screenshot so the easiest way to take a screenshot on your iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max is through physical buttons or the Assistive Touch menu. If we are the new users, we could get as much as possible information about the item and the features inside our iPhone.

Even though they come with different specifications from each other, how to take screenshot on iPhone 12 models can be done using the same method. Here are more explanations for it.

Capturing Through the Physical Button

Similar to the previous series, you can use a combination of two physical buttons (power button + volume up button) to take screenshots on the iPhone 12 series. To do this, simply open the area of the screen that you want to screenshot then press the power button on the right side and the volume up button (+) on the left side of the device.

If successful, the screen will flash and a preview box appears on the lower left side. You can click the box to edit it. Usually, the result for screenshots we could find in our photo gallery or iCloud. Simply you can now share your screenshot result.

Using Assistive Touch Menu

In Assistive Touch there are many functions that you can use such as adding the volume up, reducing the volume down, locking the screen, rotating the screen, and taking a screenshot. You can use this feature if you often take screenshots. Below are the simple ways.

You are required to activate the feature first. First, go to the Settings menu > Accessibility > Touch > Select Assistive Touch click on the slide button next to the menu to activate it. It is easier to get things done with the assistance feature as in Google assistance.

After that, you just need to click the Customize Top Level Menu button, then specify one of the menus you want to change and select the Screenshot menu. Done, now every time you want to take a screenshot, just click the Assistive Touch button and select the Screenshot menu.

Managing Touch Feature in iPhone

If you want to capture the screen on the iPhone cooler and simpler, you can set the Touch feature on the iPhone. Here you can easily find the way how to take a screenshot on iPhone 12 by tapping the backdoor 2 times or 3 times depending on your choice.

To activate this feature, you can go to Settings>Accessibility>Touch>Tap Back>Please select whether you want to Double-Tap or Triple-Tap>Then select Screenshot in response.

Do I Need the Additional Screenshot Application for My iPhone 12?

The screenshot is an action that we often do. Not only on Android and Windows devices, but we can also take screenshots on your iPhone. It seems to become the basic smartphone user’s need. Just like on Android, you can take screenshots on your iPhone in various ways. Start with key combinations, use built-in features, or use third-party applications.

However, to just take a screenshot we don't need an additional application. Since with a combination of buttons or built-in features, it's more than enough. Not only screenshots, you could say that now almost all the latest mobile phones, both Android and iOS, also embed a screen recorder that can be used for your Youtuber tutorials or other video files.

In addition, if you are comfortable going with the downloaded apps, you can use additional applications to take screenshots on the iPhone. For example, if you want a long screenshot, you can look for an application in the App Store that can take long screenshots on the iPhone.

In conclusion, if only for screenshots or regular screenshots, using the three methods above on how to take a screenshot on iPhone 12 is more than enough mainly for you who rarely take screenshots. Those methods are highly recommended.

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