Three Smart Ideas Texting a Gif iPhone

Texting a Gif iPhone - Texting a gift iPhone can be done easily. GIFs will add humor when you send text messages to your friends and family. GIFs will allow you to convey a thought, emotions, and also ideas in a much more fun way than an emoji. You can send GIFs and even create GIFs with your iPhone in an easy way. When you use an iPhone with iOS 10 or later, you will find an in-built GIF keyboard. This GIF keyboard is easy to use and you can use it to add GIFs in fast time. iPhone Text GIF is accessible from the GIF Keyboard. For all of you who use iPhones that don’t have a GIF keyboard, you don’t need to worry because you still can create and send GIFs by using third-party applications such as GIPHY. You can get the application in an easy way when you go to the app store. Here, you will find information on how to send a text with a GIF for iOS and also the android user. If you are interested in texting a gif iPhone can get the simple instruction to do it here.

Texting a Gif iPhone
Texting a Gif iPhone

Text a GIFT for iOS

You need to use iPhone text GIFs because it makes your texting activities fun. When you use an iPhone, you can choose two different ways to send iPhone GIF Text. First, you can use your iOS default keyboard and then simply search for your favorite GIF message that you like to send to other people. You can find this feature in iPhone with iOS 10 and more. You can do simple instructions to send GIFs with an in-built keyboard here.

  1. On your iPhone, you need to open iMessage
  2. You can search for the contact number of people to whom you want to send the GIF. If you don’t have a previous message then you need to check the top right corner and then write the name of the contact that you want to send the GIF.
  3. You need to click the image icon on the menu bar that you can find below your message. The image icon is made with a pink-colored circle.
  4. You need to click the icon, and then start to search for images that you like in the GIF library. In the GIF library, it will be easy to find the specific GIF that you like. You can find the most recently used and also popular GIF. You can search your GIF by typing the keyword. For example, you can type Grumpy GIF or Funny GIF. It depends on what you want.
  5. You need to scroll the screen to find more GIFs. When you have already found the best GIF that fits your message, you can click it, and then it will automatically be added to the message in the text field. When you like to remove the GIF, you can do it simply by hitting the x icon that you can find in the top right corner.
  6. You can start to send the icon. You need to find a blue arrow icon to send your GIF

It is so fun because you can also add comments or words to your GIF before you send it on your iMessage app. You can start to write under the GIF before clicking send. Using an in-built GIF keyboard is the simplest way to send GIFs using your iPhone.

Send GIF by Using Android Device

How about you use an android device? You don’t need to worry if you don’t have an iPhone and you use an Android device. You can also send GIFs in a straightforward manner. What you need to use is the Gboard keyboard. You can use Gboard on your device and then start to follow some steps here.

  1. You need to go to the Message app and then you can choose the text bubble icon to the entry and then the name of the person that you want to send a message to.
  2. You can continue by clicking start
  3. You need to search for the smiley icon on your keyboard and then start to swipe to browse all the GIFs and stickers that you like to add to your text.
  4. You can simply select the GIF by clicking on the Gif and then send the GIF to your message.

Send GIF Using Third-Party App

As is said above, when you use an iPhone but you don’t have a special keyboard to send your GIF you still can use a third-party app to help you send GIFs to other people. You just need to install some apps that will help you in sending GIFs to other people. You can choose GIPHY to help you. How to use a third-party app such as GIPHY on your iPhone. You need to download the app on the app store first. You need to store and then install it on your iPhone.

You can visit the third-party site to send GIFs from the website. For all of you who like to send GIFs by using an additional application on your iPhone, you just need to do some steps here.

  • First, you need to search for your desired GIF on the application or other GIF websites.
  • Second, you need to click on the GIF that you like to send in your text message.
  • Third, you can continue by pressing on the GIF and you will find the pop-up option. You can click to open it.
  • Fourth, you can start to launch the messages and then click the write icon to enter the name of the person that you want to text.
  • Fifth, you can continue by clicking on the text box
  • Sixth, you need to click again on the text box and then paste the it
  • Seventh, when you find a GIF, you can continue to paste
  • Eighth, you need to check the preview on the text box and simply send when you are ready to send your GIF to the contact that you want.

Convert and Create GIF

You can send Gif in many more ways. Today there are some GIF creators available in the market. You can get the free app and paid version. Today you can convert a video to GIF by using a special converter tool that you can find in the app store. You can make your GIF and you can customize the GIF that you like. You can add an animation effect, sound, and text to your GIF. It is fun to create your Gif and then send it to your friend using your iPhone. By using this app, it will be easy to create GIFs online and offline. It is time for texting a gif iPhone in your favorite ways.

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