One Plus 5T vs. iPhone X: Some Comparison Tests with Surprising Results

One Plus 5T vs iPhone X - In this technology era, many brands compete to prove which one among them is the best in the heart of customers. The developers put effort into creating and developing new features to make their products better and more sophisticated than others.

One Plus 5T vs. iPhone X
One Plus 5T vs. iPhone X

Talking about technology brands, our minds may come to some giant companies including Apple. Yes, for years, Apple has successfully sold its products even if their prices are above other products from other brands. Well, quality is indeed the key point to how the company can work that way. Besides, for many customers, there is such prestige if they can use Apple’s products.

But when it is claimed that the quality of Apple products is better than others, is that true that other brands really cannot pass the achievement of the American brand? Well, it may not be necessarily true. Apple through its products like iPhone, iPad, and others may be superior at some points. But on other points, other products can ve better.

At least, it is proven by Oneplus through one of its smartphone products One Plus 5T. When it is compared with the iPhone X, one of the most featured products from Apple, the result is quite surprising. Here are the explanations.

Oneplus 5T and Apple X’s OS

So, there is an observation conducted by a group of people by comparing 2 smartphone series, Oneplus 5T and Apple X. The experiment was intended to know which smartphone works faster.

Before the experiment, softwares of both smartphones were upgraded first. iPhone had been with iOS 11. Meanwhile, there was an attempt to upgrade the Oneplus’ OS to Oreo. However, the latest Android version had not yet been officially released at that time. Therefore, Oneplus 5T kept using Android 7.1.1 Nougat.

There were some apps and programs open to show the performances of both smartphones. The programs include cameras, social media, games, and RAM management programs. They used a timer and the results would be calculated to try to answer the question, which one the faster smartphone is.

Which one is faster?

The experiment was then conducted and it was also divided into some sessions. In the first session, both smartphones were placed face to face on the desk. Generally, iPhone X’s hardware has higher specifications compared with Oneplus 5T. Therefore, before treatment implementations, it is clear that iPhone X is the winner of the session.

In the second test or session, observers launched the cameras of both devices using the fastest methods they can do. It is by touching the camera icons when the screen is still locked. Those icons were opened by double-tapping. iPhone X slightly won the test with an insignificant difference, it is only for less than a half-second.

The third test or session was by opening an app without the app being activated in the background. Those apps included social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram and games like Angry Birds 2, Super Mario Run, and Sonic Dash.

The results are different. Some apps including Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube were faster when they were opened on the OnePlus 5T. Meanwhile, some other games like Angry Birds 2, Super Mario Run, and Sonic Dash were released on iPhone X.

In the third test, there was a conclusion made in which games with 3D graphics were better to open on iPhone X. It means that the product from iPhone could handle such a graphic better also. On the other hand, the OnePlus 5T was better in other apps even though they were quite heavy like those on popular social media.

Which one is better?

Generally, you can say that iPhone X is better than the OnePlus 5T. However, there are some points to highlight there. If you compare them per component, it is seen that iPhone X was not completely winning all the tests. iPhone, of course, has better hardware as well as specifications. The features applied are considered newer and more sophisticated than those in OnePlus 5T.

But something interesting here is that the OnePlus 5T has better RAM. You know, RAM is a very important component in a device since it is the primary tool to control the speed and performance. The RAM of the OnePlus 5T handles many apps well and there was no crash at all when the smartphone must open those apps together.

Aside from the speed matter, iPhone X is indeed unbeatable when you compare it with OnePlus 5T. All the software and hardware are high-end. But it is also reasonable by seeing the prices of both. OnePlus 5T is priced at only half of the price of the iPhone X. It is not an exaggeration to say that OnePlus 5T is worth buying.

Other Points to Compare

Speed is a very important thing if we talk about the performance of a smartphone. But sure, comparing 2 products should not be based on an indicator only. When talking about iPhone X and the OnePlus 5T, it seems that iPhone X wins the comparisons for indicators like the camera, processor, and other features. It should not be talked about anymore since Apple products are always designed to be more prestigious than its competitors.


Apple is one of the most famous technology brands in the world with many great products. Sure, this is something nobody can deny. And we must admit also that many of its products including the iPhone series have better performances than other products from its competitors.

However, at some points, certain products can pass their quality. The comparison between iPhone X and OnePlus 5T is one the proof. Although generally, iPhone X is still better, its speed is slower than OnePlus 5T mainly when running some conventional apps at once.

Indeed, when both smartphones are used to run games with high-quality 3D graphics, iPhone X is still the winner. But it also doesn’t remove the fact that the difference is really insignificant. Of course, seeing all aspects of the 2 smartphones, iPhone X is still far better. But it is also proof that the OnePlus 5T is worth having. So, are you interested to buy it?

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